Your 4th of July Checklist for Baby

Any first holiday with your baby is an exciting event to share together. As your baby gains more and more knowledge about the world through her experiences, she’ll come to realize the joy of celebrating holidays. This Independence Day show your baby the sights, sounds and wonders of freedom, fun and family. Here’s your 4th of July checklist for baby:

Music: You’ve probably noticed that your baby loves music and may like to shake instruments or bop along to a beat. Play patriotic tunes all day and share the sounds of freedom with your little love.

Your 4th of July Checklist for BabyToys: Bring out a few toy American flags, patriotic colored scarves, batons, pom-poms and streamers. Surround your baby with the colors of the holiday as she delights in new objects during play.

Crafts: Get your baby involved in a fun craft by using her handprint or footprint to make a star or American flag. You can also let your baby go wild with non-toxic finger paints to make a beautiful fireworks display on paper.

Parade: Check out a local parade with your baby. Most parades feature a variety of things babies love: music, color costumes, interesting vehicles, animals, balloons and friendly folks.

Water Play: Cool off on a hot summer’s holiday with water play. A plastic kiddie pool or water table is always fun but if you don’t have these items a small bin of water and some plastic toys, cups or balls to splash around will do the trick.

Food: If your baby is partaking in solids already, July 4th will offer new tastes and textures for her to enjoy. But only try one new food at a time to ensure your baby does not have an allergic reaction. For babies who are exclusively breastfed, they’ll enjoy the flavors of the holiday through your delicious breast milk.

Outfit: No first 4th of July is complete without your baby in an adorable outfit. Hats, headbands, tutus and bow ties are all perfect for the occasion, as is anything in patriotic colors or sprinkled with stars.

Fireworks: If your baby is a night owl and happens to be up when it’s dark enough for fireworks, let her enjoy the display. Because they are loud, some babies may be frightened by the explosive noises so be prepared and consider watching from indoors. If your baby is asleep already, it’s probably not worth it to wake her for the spectacle. There will be plenty of July 4ths for her to watch fireworks in the future.

We hope you and your little one enjoy your first Independence Day together using our 4th of July checklist for baby!