World Breastfeeding Week Recap…and Beyond

We want to thank all of our customers and fans for celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with us this year.  All of your support, attention, and effort brought life to this year’s theme, Breastfeeding and Work, Let’s Make it Work.  Together, we can make it work with advocacy, encouragement and a whole lot of support.

Breastfeeding is not a two-player sport, but rather takes the entire village, including the government, employers and individuals to constantly support the cause.  We salute all those who do, like our partners, the Best for Babes Foundation.  We’re thrilled to team up with Best for Babes on many of their initiatives.  We hope you caught their series of important breastfeeding and work questions on Facebook, and that you left comments to share with fellow breastfeeding supporters.  If you missed any, we’re recapping them below with some of our favorite responses.  Thanks to all you who participated!

WBW_Meme 1“Make sure your care providers are knowledgeable about paced feedings, so that your pumping output continues to meet baby’s needs. And maximise direct breastfeeding time outside of work hours – for me, this meant sleeping in close proximity and night nursing.” – Julia Ross

“Schedule pumping time in, don’t just hope it will happen.” – Amanda Hinkle

“Have a photo of your child where you can see it while pumping.” – Elizabeth Young


WBW_Meme 3“At a haunted house, in the ticket booth. A woman let me hide in there and pump while she sold tickets outside of the booth. It was 30 degrees outside lol but it worked!” – Nicole Davis

“Pumping at work as a newborn nursery nurse was kinda awkward when you’re with 6 babies that aren’t your own! Lined them up end to end in their little bassinets and pumped away! No trouble with let down though.” – Jacole Johnson

“Hand pumped my engorged breasts into medical gauze (not at all absorbent) in a first aid tent at a rock CONCERT.” – Victoria Leigh Honea


WBW_Meme 4

“Talk to then right away. I work in construction and brought it up to my formen and general formen and they both made me great about wanting to still work and nurse. They even offered the trailer for me to pump in and they would stand gaurd so the men didn’t walk in. I couldn’t have asked for better men. I told them at 3 months prego so they had time to prepare. They were great” – Seraph Millar

“To not be afraid. Have the pumping/nursing talk before hand so you both are on the same page. Make sure you both know the laws and are able to communicate with each other if needed” – Amanda Zwally


WBW_Meme 5

“My hubby was so amazing! He supported me and encouraged me the whole time. When I felt like giving up he was there convincing me to keep going.” – Cassie Healy

“My Facebook group grand junction breastfeeding” – Andromeda Marin Fouts

Thanks Angela Pennino for agreeing to help me get donated milk to a mommy in need!” – Danielle Louque Yenuganti

My wife was truly one of the best supporters during our breastfeeding journey. She helped and encouraged me when I was suffering from double breast mastitis and a completely clogged nipple. Thanks Kristen Ritter! I love you and couldn’t have done this without you.” – Lana Hendrickson-Ritter


World Breastfeeding Week 2015 may have officially come to an end, but the truth is, at Loving Moments we celebrate all year long.  Join us here on our blog and social media channels for a wealth of information about pregnancy, baby care and breastfeeding.  Cheers to the health of babies, mothers and communities everywhere!