Woodland Nurseries

Woodland nurseries are the hottest nursery trend of the year. This unisex theme is full of soothing sights and textures that can make your baby’s nursery feel vibrant, entertaining and cozy. Check out some of our best ideas for woodland nurseries.

Accent Walls: Woodland nurseries need trees or mountains, of course. If you’re bold and talented enough to paint one or more of the walls in your baby’s nursery, go for it! Otherwise consider using decals that you can peel off in a few years when you’re ready to make a change. Trees, leaves woodland creatures, mountains and teepees are all appropriate for the theme.

Alternatively, consider creating a textured accent wall with thick wall paper or by adding wood panels. This can be an exciting and eye-catching feature in your woodland nursery.

Wall Décor: When dressing your walls, select wall art that captures the essence of the woodlands. Pictures of foxes, moose, deer, bears, raccoons, rabbits and birds fit nicely. You can also hang wooden shelves and decorate with stuffed animals, baskets and trinkets.

Crib: Many shades of cribs work well in woodland nurseries including white, grey and brown. Select whichever one floats your boat. Add themed sheets. Remember, top sheets, comforters and pillows are not necessary until your baby is much older. If your crib converts to a toddler bed, you can purchase the full set of bedding now and save everything except for the bottom sheet for when your little one is older.

Mobile: A tree or twig mobile is the perfect addition to woodland nurseries. Hang it over your baby’s crib, changing table or both to captivate your baby’s attention.

Rug: Your nursery rug can be any shade that matches your woodland room. Green or brown shaggy rugs can resemble the forest floor. Or a chevron rug is representative of mountains and other shapes you might see in nature. If you prefer to add a pop of another color like pink or blue, that works too.

Woodland Nurseries_127363156Rocking Chair: A plush rocking chair is a necessity for your woodland nursery. Match pillows to your rug or curtains to tie the look together.

Teepee: Everyone knows that the woods are a great place for camping. Add a teepee to your baby’s woodland nursery as a fun play space that can evolve as your baby matures. At first it can be used for tummy time, then for building blocks and eventually as a reading nook.

Woodland nurseries are a great way to stimulate your baby’s love of nature in a fun and cozy way!