Why Men Should Care about Breastfeeding

Why Men Should Care about BreastfeedingBreastfeeding may occur between a mom and a baby, but its relevance and benefit in our society goes well beyond the two participants. Men may not partake in breastfeeding first hand, but men should care about breastfeeding a great deal because it affects their lives almost as much as moms and babies.

Breastfeeding is far more than a two-person sport. It’s a natural and life-changing form or nourishment that every woman has the right to offer her baby. Everyone – regardless of gender or being a parent – should respect and uphold that right not only because it’s as normal as eating a sandwich or slurping down a smoothie, but also because breastfeeding benefits everyone in the community.

It may seem that men are distant from breastfeeding. Perhaps at one point that was true, although it should never have been the case. Now, we know more and we know better. Men should care about breastfeeding because it’s good for their babies, their wives, their families, their sisters, their daughters, their co-workers, their employees, and the list could go on. Breastfeeding touches every aspect of the community from healthcare to economics. These are people issues, not just concerns for mothers with babies.

In the beautiful cycle of health and wellbeing, breastfeeding makes babies healthier, stronger, smarter and more accomplished, according to many studies. Babies who are not sick very often take less of a toll on the healthcare system and healthcare expenses for their families, and in general, are lower. Mothers and fathers of babies who are healthier are healthier themselves and miss less work and can be more productive in society because of it.

Babies who grow up to be better behaved, smarter and more accomplished are dynamic and helpful members of communities. They achieve more and contribute in positive ways. Ultimately this creates a more financially stable, creative, collaborative and accepting environment for everyone.

In most states women have the right to breastfeed anywhere at any time, despite the countless stories about women being asked to leave public places for breastfeeding openly. Why Men Should Care about BreastfeedingThis lack of understanding of the rights of women to breastfeed and the ignorance about how breastfeeding benefits everyone sets breastfeeding back each time it occurs.

Breastfeeding support can come from anywhere. Certainly it should come from medical experts who know the recommendations and research behind the incredible health benefits of breastfeeding for moms and babies. And it should come from any father, family member or friend who wants the best for the new baby in their lives.

But beyond being a direct relative of a baby, men should care about breastfeeding to support a healthier and more productive community, to support the rights of women and children, and to uphold the moral value that a baby who needs to eat – a basic need – should be allowed to do so anywhere at any time.

Breastfeeding is a human cause. It saves lives, it changes lives and it uplifts lives. That means men, women, children, employers, government officials, friends, family, and everyone in society should support this vital health movement.

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