Why Kids Are Worst When Mom is Around

When you became a mom you may not have been completely informed of your job description. It’s hard to cover 18+ years of 24/7 parenting responsibilities. One of the most shocking and hard-to-understand roles of being a mom is the dumping ground you become for their emotions, and many other things as well. Today we’re exploring why kids are worst when mom is around.

Why Kids Are Worst When Mom is AroundDoes this sound familiar: You are excited to pick up your baby/toddler/children from daycare/preschool/school or return home after the babysitter/nanny/grandparents have been watching your kiddos. As you kneel down with outstretched arms and a huge smile waiting for that moment you’ve longed for all day – a warm hug, kiss from your kids, the simple words “oh mommy, I missed you!” – you are unexpectedly met with a full-on meltdown of tears, kicks, nasty attitudes and maybe even the release of  bowels. What happened?!?!

Your caregivers (and even dad sometimes) say they were perfect angels until you showed up. Surely they must be lying. This doesn’t just happen out of the blue, does it?

Moms around the world experience this phenomenon to be true but still wonder why kids are worst when mom is around. The answer is rather simple and, although often an unpleasant experience, should be flattering.

You are the safety zone, the one comfortable spot in this great big world where your kids can release it all. Every emotion, every moment of fear, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, excitement and more, is also vomited on you the moment your kids see you after being away.

While you are grateful that your kids were well-behaved for your caregivers, it feels painful in the moment. All you want is happiness as you reunite and finally get to spend time together. When it is marked with utter disaster you can’t help but feel sad, disappointed and unsure if you should ever leave your kids again.

You should. You should go to work, or volunteer, or get your hair cut or have a date with your husband when you need it. Your kids need to experience a range of emotions as uncomfortable as they may be for everyone. This is how to raise emotionally intelligent people. Be their safe space. Absorb their every emotion. Let them know it is OK. All the while, take peace in the fact that you are the only one in the world they trust enough with these raw feelings.

By now you’ve probably witnessed the extreme highs and the extreme lows of your children’s behavior. Lucky for you, that is one of the phenomenal gifts of being a mom. Yes, you have to deal with all the deplorable tantrums, inexplicable quirks and ridiculous messes you never would have imagined possible. But then you get to see your children in their shiniest moments of brilliants, creativity, silliness, curiosity and kindness – the ones you wish that you could broadcast to world…except no, you want to hold them in your heart as your own special secret.

While you hold your breath through your children’s thunderstorms, soak up their rainbows. These are the true moments of parenting when your kids are sharing their souls with the one they love most.

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