When do Babies Start Teething?


When do Babies Start Teething?Have you been wondering when your little one’s teeth will start to show?

It is not well known that tooth buds actually begin developing in the womb, although your child’s teeth won’t begin to sprout through the gums until some months after birth. Generally (but not in every case) the bottom two middle teeth will be the first to break through, followed by the top two middle teeth.


Children that develop early may see the emergence of their first tooth around 3 months, but most will begin teething from month 4 to month 7. By their third birthday they should have all twenty baby teeth! Don’t panic if they don’t come in straight – they will eventually be replaced by their permanent teeth, around age six.


The sprouting of your baby’s first tooth is an exciting and memorable time so make sure you take all kinds of adorable pictures and mark the date to look back with them and smile (with all of their permanent teeth!)