Ways to Embrace Winter Weather with a Baby

Ways to Embrace Winter Weather with a BabyYour mom might have warned you not to play outdoors in the cold but now we know that kids need fresh air, exercise and freedom even when it’s chilly out. Today we’re helping you embrace winter weather with a baby so you both enjoy the season and stay safe.

Playing outside during a blizzard or when it’s well below freezing may not be the best idea, but a gentle breeze and a few snowflakes shouldn’t deter you from some winter fun outside. In fact, getting some fresh air may help your baby. Most of us tend to stay inside where the air is dry during the winter, which can wreak havoc on a baby’s sensitive skin. Also, germs re-circulate indoors, especially in public spaces or childcare facilities.

Going outside in the wintertime with your baby just takes a few safety measures. Babies under six months of age have a hard time regulating their temperatures and like us, they lose heat through their heads. Therefore, dress your baby in several warm layers and always put on a winter hat. Children 12 months or older should be dressed in the same number of layers you would wear comfortably outside.

Be sure to protect your baby’s hands and feet too. Warm gloves, socks and shoes are in order for outdoor play. Once your baby is walking, waterproof shoes are best for snowy weather and rain.

Stepping outside for a few 15-20 minutes play sessions is ideal when it is cold. Your little one can enjoy the freedom to explore without getting too chilly. Once you come inside, dry off and warm up immediately.

Blue lips or paleness of the ears, fingertips and nose are signs that your baby is too cold. You may have overdone it on the layers if your baby starts sweating or breaks out in a heat rash on her chest.

Ways to Embrace Winter Weather with a BabyMake the most of your outdoor time by embracing the season. Make piles of twigs, pinecones and acorns. Build with the snow or lie in it to make snow angels. Watch your breath in the cold air. Feel the wind dance in your hair. These are wonderful sensory activities for your baby during wintertime outings.

If solids are already on the menu, embrace winter weather with your baby by trying new seasonal foods like pureed or clear-broth soups, roasted vegetables and warm hearty whole grains.

At nighttime, keep it safe in your baby’s crib. It’s tempting to cover your baby with a warm blanket but adding anything to the sleep setting increases risk of SIDS. Instead, dress your baby in warm pajamas with feet or add socks. Put your baby in a sleep sack if you think she may need extra warmth.

Embrace winter weather with your baby but play it safe as well. Enjoy this wondrous season and many more to come!

Sources: Parents and CNN