Valentine’s Day Gifts for New Moms who Need a Break

There’s no doubt that as a new mom you could use a break. Between breastfeeding around the clock, learning to care for your baby and trying to maintain other aspects of your life, it’s about time for a mommy time out. Luckily, we have some Valentine’s Day gifts for moms who need a break and they have your name on them!

Today we’re inspiring you with ideas for yourself (or to nudge your special someone(s) to give you) as gifts for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for New Moms who Need a BreakA Bath Tray: Whether you’re a regular bath-taker or a bath is a once-in-awhile luxury, you will love having a bath tray to hold your essential items like scented candles, a cell phone playing the latest and greatest YouTube videos and a cup of warm lactation tea. Even if you only take a bath on Valentine’s Day, this is the bath accessory you need.

Leisure Bras: Perhaps you’ve never worn leisure bras before becoming a mom but now is the absolute best time to start. Leisure bras keep your heavier-than-usual breasts supported day or night so you can relax in comfort and breastfeed anytime your baby is ready. They are so comfy you’ll forget you’re even wearing a bra.

A Blow-Out Gift Card: This blow out is all about your hair, not your baby’s diaper! That greasy messy ponytail with dried spit-up in it is all well and good for your baby, but you may want to spruce yourself up for an outing sometime soon. With a blow-out you can feel like a glam mom if only for a few days while it lasts. (And maybe you can catch a few zzz’s in the beauty chair too!)

An Essential Oil Diffuser: Everything in the world is better when you’re surrounded by lovely scents. Skip the chemical-laden fragrances and stick to natural essential oils that can help you relax and create a scintillating experience.

A Pair of Slippers: With a little one around you may be more careful about wearing shoes indoors. A pair of snuggly, chic slippers will keep your feet cozy and your floors cleaner at all times.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: When daddy takes over for a few hours between feedings and it’s your turn for a break, you must have noise-cancelling headphones to escape into a peaceful, quiet place. Plus, you’ll love having them when you finally get a child-free vacation.

A Top Quality Skincare Kit: New moms don’t get the opportunity to pamper themselves very often but with a gift set of top quality skincare products you can extend your Valentine’s Day gift for at least a few months. Complete with a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizers, toner and eye cream, you’ll feel like you’re in your old skin again in no time.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day gifts for new moms who need a break…a.k.a. YOU!

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