Tracking Ovulation Calendars With Mobile Apps

Tracking Ovulation Calendars With Mobile AppsWant a restaurant recommendation? There’s an app for that. Looking for the best price on a pair of shoes? There are many, many apps for that. But what about your fertility cycle—do you track your monthly cycle with a mobile app? With the rise in mobile pregnancy communities, developers have released a number of mobile applications that claim to help women get pregnant.

Fertility calendar apps primarily track a woman’s ovulation cycle. By recording details about your menstrual cycle and other health-related information the app calculates optimal times a user can get pregnant. Conversely, the app can also act as a form of birth control. For women planning on getting pregnant, fertility calendar apps can be helpful for getting the hang of tracking ovulation.

Some app creators claim that fertility apps can even boost a couple’s intimacy. By demystifying a woman’s ovulation cycle, a couple can focus more on the excitement of trying to get pregnant rather than frustrated or confused by baby-less attempts. Of course, fertility awareness apps do not guarantee pregnancy for every couple, but they do provide knowledge that might make getting pregnant easier. They’ve also been known to help couples push to find fertility answers outside of what’s tracked on the app.

What do you think, moms-to-be? Did you use any fertility calendar apps? Let us know in the comments.