The Healthy Way to Gain Weight during Pregnancy

The Healthy Way to Gain Weight during PregnancyMost women have no problem at all gaining weight during their pregnancies. Yet, there are those who struggle to put on the pounds they need in order for their baby to be healthy and strong at delivery. On average, normal weight women need to gain 25-35 pounds, overweight women should only gain 15-25, and women who are underweight should gain around 28-40 pounds. Women who are not able to gain the appropriate weight are putting their babies at high risk of many problems, including being born prematurely or suffering growth restriction in the uterus. To keep moms on track during their pregnancy doctors say they should be consuming an extra 300 calories a day. However, this does not mean junk food and other processed foods are the way to go. Today we are going to discuss three ways to gain healthy weight during your pregnancy to secure yours and your baby’s wellbeing:


  1. Eat More and More Often

If you’re struggling to eat those extra 300 calories, a great way to help is by eating five to six small meals a day rather than 3 large meals. You might think you’re eating all the time, but in fact, eating more meals a day can actually help you eat more and help you gain the necessary weight you need for pregnancy. Pre-pack your meals once a week to help keep your organized and prepared. Make sure to keep snacks on hand, especially at work, or in the car. Eating six small meals a day will boost your calorie intake and keep you at a healthy weight.

  1. Eat High Calorie Foods

Eat foods that pack a punch. You want to find foods that are healthy and nutritional for your body, and if you’re underweight, look for foods high in calorie intake. Foods high in protein, such as cheese, nuts, and hard boiled eggs are great snack options, and easy to prepare. Protein shakes are another great option when you’d rather drink your food rather than eat. They are perfect in the morning when you’re getting ready for work or for a meal when you get home. They are quick and easy to make, and their effective. However, don’t put too much emphasis on liquid shakes because your body needs wholefoods to digest and process. Another idea, if approved by your doctor, is to try supplements. Adding protein powder or carb powder to your cereal or yogurt is tasty and will give you the calories you need.

  1. Find a Diet that Works for You

It’s always great to try new and healthy foods, but make sure you consult your doctor before trying something you’re unsure of, especially while you’re pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you’re having trouble gaining the appropriate weight. They will know just how you can put on the calories, and which foods to eat and stay away from.