The Diaper Change: Tips to Make Diaper Changes Easier

The Diaper Change: Tips to Make Diaper Changes EasierThe diaper change is one of the less-than-pleasant realities of being a new mom. It’s probably not so bad most of the time. But when you enter a diaper blowout phase or get sprayed with urine a time or two, you may start to dread the process. A fussy or squirmy baby only makes things worse.

You’ve probably got the diaper change basics under control. Your diaper changing station is set up with all the supplies you need. You’ve determined the right size diaper. You wash your hands before and after changing your baby. And you discard of soiled diapers in the least offensive manner possible.

But the diaper change can still be a difficult scene. Here are some expert tips to make diaper changes easier:

Special Toys

Distraction is the name of the game when babies get fussy during diaper changes. Reserve special toys for the diaper change so you know your baby will be engaged, if only for the few minutes you need to do the deed. When you see she’s getting tired of the toys, switch them out for something better.

Special Songs

Sing a special song your baby loves during diaper changes only. If you can’t find one, write one yourself – about diaper changing of course. This can be something silly your baby looks forward to during diaper changes.

Make it Positive

When you have the dreaded face of a parent about to change a diaper, it’s hard for your baby to get excited about the proposition. Rather, be positive about the diaper change so your baby can mimic your good mood.

Change the Scenery

Perhaps a new environment is what you need to keep diaper changes more peaceful. Take it down to the floor or in another room if necessary. Always ensure your baby’s safety by never taking your hand off of her if she’s above ground level.

Offer Participation and Choices

For older babies, involve them in the process by letting them pull wipes from the box and select a diaper or clothes for the day. These small elements of participation and control can make your baby feel good about the diaper change and the role she has played in it.


It’s tempting to hold your breath and get through the diaper change as quickly as possible. But sometimes it’s nice to connect with your little one when you have the moment and proximity. Look her in the eyes and tell her a story. Tickle her precious skin. Give her kisses on her belly. Rub her nose with yours. Anything that helps your baby remain calm and feel your love is a great way to connect during a diaper change, and it may just keep her calm and engaged long enough for you to get the job done.

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