The Deets on Dads in Honor of Father’s Day

Deets on Dads in Honor of Fathers DayWe’re honoring dads this Father’s Day with some really great research on the guys that we love. Fatherhood has changed greatly over the past 50 years and we like what we see. More involvement from fathers than ever before offers many amazing benefits for children including better behavior, more self-confidence, academic success and more. Find out the deets on dads as you celebrate your awesome man this Father’s Day.

According to research studies, science, polls and census reports:

  • There are over 70 million dads in the U.S. and approximately 2 million of them are stay-at-home dads.
  • As of 2015, 66% of households in the U.S. had dual incomes. That means more than half of all dads are not the only breadwinners in the family.
  • Traditional familial roles are merging as dads are taking on more household and childcare responsibilities and moms are working more.
  • Dads struggle with work-life balance and nearly half of them wish to spend more time with their children even though they say they spend as much time or more with their kids than their own parents spent with them.
  • Common traits among “great dads” include:
    • Being a father brings them greater satisfaction in life and is part of their identity
    • Hard work inside and outside the home is their responsibility
    • Fathers consistently play with and teach their children
    • Discipline is an important aspect of parenting
    • Dads offer a sense of humor to the family
    • They demonstrate respect for women
    • Dads show compassion for their children and others
  • Taking at least a week off to spend time with a newborn creates a stronger relationship between fathers and their children for their entire lives.
  • Babies, toddlers and preschoolers who spend time with their fathers have better language development.
  • Kids gain these emotional and behavioral advantages from involved fathers:
    • Greater psychological well-being
    • Less likelihood to do drugs
    • Decreased risk of anxiety and sadness
    • More sexually responsible as teens and adults
    • Better parenting in adulthood
  • Academically, a dad’s consistent involvement with their kids yields these results:
    • Greater academic achievement and likelihood to get A’s
    • Advancement to higher levels in academia
    • More enjoyment of school
    • Increased likelihood to be economically self-sufficient later in life
    • Less delinquency from school

We wish you and your family – especially the dads – a Happy Father’s Day!

Sources: Pew Research, Aha Parenting, National Center for Fathering, The Good Men Project, and National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse