The Advantages of a Padded Nursing Bra

To your baby you represent everything that is soft, comfortable, safe, secure and loving. When it comes to nursing bras, you deserve all of these same features. And that’s exactly what you get in a Loving Moments padded nursing bra. Today we’re sharing the advantages of a padded nursing bra.

The Advantages of a Padded Nursing BraA Padded Nursing Bra is Comfortable

Couldn’t we all use a little extra cushion? Comfort is essential when you’re a breastfeeding mom and the softness of a padded nursing bra adds the cushiony comfort you need and deserve. When combined with the other signature comfort features of our Loving Moments nursing bras, you’ll find whole new meaning behind the term comfort bras.

A Padded Nursing Bra Can Soothe Sensitive Breasts

Sore nipples and tender breasts are sometimes the unfortunate reality of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy hormones often irritate breasts and early breastfeeding or developmental changes in your baby (like budding teeth) can lead to sore nipples. These times call for nothing but softness against your sensitive breasts, which a padded nursing bra can offer.

A Padded Nursing Bra Gives You a Beautiful Natural Shape

Even when you’re nursing, you’ll want a gorgeous curved silhouette to make you look and few great. Padding helps smooth out imperfections and create a look that is most flattering to your figure.

A Padded Nursing Bra Offers Modesty

Thanks to our baby’s awesome stimulation and suckling, breastfeeding often leaves nipples erect for minutes to hours after feeding. A padded nursing bra offers modesty by hiding erect nipples to avoid embarrassment.

A Padded Nursing Bra can Minimize the Appearance of Breast Size Differences

Milk fluctuations are also normal during breastfeeding, which can leave breasts looking a bit lopsided. Plus, some babies have a breast preference where one breast is always drained and the other is fuller. A padded nursing bra can balance your look to avoid a noticeable difference in breast size.

A Padded Nursing Bra Prevents Embarrassing Leakage

When it’s close to feeding or pumping times (and sometimes even when it’s not) your breasts may leak milk. A padded nursing bra can prevent such embarrassments because it absorbs leaked milk before it reaches your shirt.

A Padded Nursing Bra Adds Extra Support

Padding not only cushions your breasts, it also helps support them. That’s why Loving Moments offers padding in several types of nursing bras including padded nursing sports bras, padded underwire nursing bras and padded wireless nursing bras. The lift you’ll get from padding and other strategic features of our nursing bras offers extra support for your breasts at a time when you need it most.

What’s your favorite feature of a padded nursing bra?