Benefits of Baby Yoga

Stretching and movement is extremely important for both men and women. Just like adults, babies need movement as well to build strength and development. One way to do this is through yoga and building strength within their bodies to promote muscle development along with other beneficial simulations.

The practice of yoga is practiced all around the world and has been known to be extremely beneficial because it builds a healthy body and wellbeing. While this has helped many adults, studios have been popping up that cater towards baby yoga. Today we are sharing five reasons why baby yoga is beneficial:


  1. Promotes Digestion: When a baby practices yoga with their mothers they are able to do specific movements that aid towards their digestion. Yoga promotes regular bowl movements and lessens the chance of your baby becoming constipated. Regular knee movements and stretches will release tension in your baby’s stomach which will give them relief from gas and any other troubles.
  2. Stimulates Muscle and Nerve Development: Through yoga babies can become more aware of their bodies, specifically their arms and legs because they will be strengthening their muscles. Yoga also promotes upper body and neck strength. This can be done when you lay your baby on their tummies and they are more prone to trying to lift their head to see what is going on. These movements will further flexibility and balance as well. In addition, yoga stimulates a baby’s senses once they become more aware of their bodies and their movements.
  3. Reduces Stress: Because yoga is a calming exercise it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. This is true for babies as well. When stress and anxiety are reduced in your baby they often times will have a more restful behavior, which can lead to better and longer sleep.
  4. Creates a Stronger Bond between Parents and their Babies: Parents can become more in tune with their baby’s needs when they practice yoga or daily movements with their child. Yoga promotes confidence in parents and gives them more self-assurance when handling their baby. Yoga also encourages play and interaction between baby and parent. When a parent is more confident they are able to recognize their child’s needs and wants.
  5. Promotes Socialization for both Mothers and Babies: Baby yoga isn’t just relaxing it can also be fun and promote socialization for moms and babies. When moms participate in classes they can meet other moms, and babies can become accustomed to seeing other children and people.


Breastfeeding and a Baby’s Stomach

A women’s breastmilk has been feeding babies for many years. After the formula industry took off, mothers turned to bottle feeding because it seemed to save time and energy. However, after some time and research numerous health problems began to rise, such as child obesity, infections, food allergies, and issues with immune systems. Poor immune systems is one of the biggest problems we face today because babies are not getting the proper essentials they need during infancy to grow up strong and healthy.


Today we are going to discuss the benefits breastmilk has on a baby’ stomach:


If you are unaware, your gut is almost 70% of your immune system, which means your gut plays a significant role in your health and well-being. When a baby is born, and before they reach the age of six months, they have immature digestive systems, and their gastrointestinal tract does not produce the enzymes they need to protect their stomach. They are completely dependent on their nutrition they receive during this short period of their lives. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months after birth because breastmilk contains the specific nutrition and enzymes a baby needs to proper gut development.

While breastmilk contains specific enzymes your baby needs for gut development and immune protection, such as sIgA, amylase, and lipase, it also contains proteins and other good bacteria which help protect your baby from the dangers in the environment. These elements are crucial for your baby’s gut health because their stomach is then able to gather good bacteria to line their guts before bad bacteria can get in and potentially cause harm.

One of the best antibodies in breastmilk is sIgA, which is a passive form of antibody protection that lines the GI tract. SIgA also plays a key role in protecting susceptible areas such as the oral cavity and lungs, and it even helps us as we get older from forms of illness and stress. SIgA is a primary gut immune defense, and when disturbed our bodies become more prone to reactions associated with IgE, an inflammatory reaction, and IgG, which can result in sickness, food allergies, and other sensitivities.

Breastfeeding also helps with digestion. A baby who breastfeeds is able to digest their food a lot faster than a baby who is fed formula because breastmilk is easier on the stomach. Furthermore, breastfeed babies have also been known to have a more acidic stomach. This is why formula fed babies become constipated more often, and why their stools tend to be denser.


Developing a strong gut health is important for everyone, but especially babies because they are more prone to illnesses earlier in their lives. When babies are breastfeed they are able to obtain all the necessary enzymes and good bacteria they need to help ward off disease and potential harm, unlike formula that doesn’t have sIgA which is detrimental during the first few months.


The Healthy Way to Gain Weight during Pregnancy

The Healthy Way to Gain Weight during PregnancyMost women have no problem at all gaining weight during their pregnancies. Yet, there are those who struggle to put on the pounds they need in order for their baby to be healthy and strong at delivery. On average, normal weight women need to gain 25-35 pounds, overweight women should only gain 15-25, and women who are underweight should gain around 28-40 pounds. Women who are not able to gain the appropriate weight are putting their babies at high risk of many problems, including being born prematurely or suffering growth restriction in the uterus. To keep moms on track during their pregnancy doctors say they should be consuming an extra 300 calories a day. However, this does not mean junk food and other processed foods are the way to go. Today we are going to discuss three ways to gain healthy weight during your pregnancy to secure yours and your baby’s wellbeing:


  1. Eat More and More Often

If you’re struggling to eat those extra 300 calories, a great way to help is by eating five to six small meals a day rather than 3 large meals. You might think you’re eating all the time, but in fact, eating more meals a day can actually help you eat more and help you gain the necessary weight you need for pregnancy. Pre-pack your meals once a week to help keep your organized and prepared. Make sure to keep snacks on hand, especially at work, or in the car. Eating six small meals a day will boost your calorie intake and keep you at a healthy weight.

  1. Eat High Calorie Foods

Eat foods that pack a punch. You want to find foods that are healthy and nutritional for your body, and if you’re underweight, look for foods high in calorie intake. Foods high in protein, such as cheese, nuts, and hard boiled eggs are great snack options, and easy to prepare. Protein shakes are another great option when you’d rather drink your food rather than eat. They are perfect in the morning when you’re getting ready for work or for a meal when you get home. They are quick and easy to make, and their effective. However, don’t put too much emphasis on liquid shakes because your body needs wholefoods to digest and process. Another idea, if approved by your doctor, is to try supplements. Adding protein powder or carb powder to your cereal or yogurt is tasty and will give you the calories you need.

  1. Find a Diet that Works for You

It’s always great to try new and healthy foods, but make sure you consult your doctor before trying something you’re unsure of, especially while you’re pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you’re having trouble gaining the appropriate weight. They will know just how you can put on the calories, and which foods to eat and stay away from.



Capturing Your Baby’s First Year with Breastfeeding Photography

Capturing Your Baby's First Year with Breastfeeding PhotographyAlthough some women may feel uncomfortable in this situation, breastfeeding photography is beginning to be a big trend in today’s world. Campaigns, such as “Free the Nipple,” are emerging and getting much public attention. More and more women are embracing their bodies and their motherly abilities to feed their children, and while it might have been something labeled as “inappropriate” before, you will now find many women not being ashamed of breastfeeding out in public.

Artistically, breastfeeding photography can be such a beautiful thing which captures the act of love, and a precious moment shared between a mother and her baby. Today, we are going to focus on how to capture there moments during your baby’s first year:

There are many things to consider before trying to take photos of yourself breastfeeding your new little one. Because your baby is still so small and fairly new to your world, they might not be able to catch on to the whole art of breastfeeding. Before you try snapping a photo, remember to be patient and not try and force your baby onto your nipple. Time will come when they become pros. Other things to consider are your poses, clothing options, and what you believe to be explicit. Many women might be a little uncomfortable showing off their entire breast, where others don’t. Clothing and appearance is entirely up to you. A cute idea is to match a color scheme with your baby. An example of this could be a white onesie for your baby and a simple white tee for you.

If you’re choosing to hire a photographer you might be thinking about going somewhere to take the photos. You might choose a park as a location for a nice outdoor setting, or maybe you want to be a little more personal and have them take place in the comfort of your own home. For newborn photos you might find it easier to take them in your home. It gives you a little more privacy and comfortability, especially for your baby. If you are having someone else take your photos don’t forget to have fun! If you’re nervous try focusing solely on your baby and let the photographer get their best shots. Rocking, singing, and smiling are great ways to engage both you and your baby into the photos.

A great way to tell if breastfeeding photography is right for you is to first test it out. Practice in the mirror by posing with your baby. Documenting your breastfeeding experience with your little one is a beautiful thing and if you feel comfortable embracing then do it!



Welcome World Breastfeeding Week!

Welcome World Breastfeeding Week!

WIC counselor from Tawas City, MI sharing a precious, breastfeeding moment with her baby.

The annual World Breastfeeding Week started this past Saturday, August 1st! The world celebration of breastfeeding has occurred every year since 1991, when the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) was formed. This week long event encourages women to embrace their motherly attributes and praise their abilities to give their children the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong!

We’ve all heard about the benefits breastfeeding has for both mom and baby, but did you know breast milk is constantly changing to meet the needs of our children? Researchers and moms are continuously finding ways breastfeeding is better and better, and how it out wins formula every single time. Breast milk gives our children the best possible nutrients and protection. Moms who breastfeed are shown to have lower risks of cancers, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc., and babies who drink breast milk are given immediate and long term protection and have a lower risk of infections, obesity, and cancers. What’s even more amazing about the power of breast milk is it can alter its self to meet a baby’s needs. When a baby breastfeeds their saliva communicates with the mother’s body and their breast milk can give the baby anything they need at that time. If they are sick the milk will produce extra antibodies and antioxidants to help them recover and feel better. Same goes if the mother is sick!

During this week, August 1st to the 7th, organizations such as, La Leche League and WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) are hosting special events for breastfeeding moms and their babies. This year’s theme: Breastfeeding at Work: Let’s Make it Work! will be all about women who want to continue breastfeeding while they pursue their careers. A few spotlighted events are Camden County, NJ, who will be hosting their “Big Latch On” affair where global counts of mothers simultaneously nurse their babies for one minute, and in Caldwell, ID where the Southwest District Health WIC has their “Latch On” event, which this year will be a full day of giving breastfeeding mom’s tips on how to tie both breastfeeding and work together!


Find your local chapter near you and checkout all the excitement going on this week and celebrate breastfeeding as it should be: loving, nurturing, and supportive!



Tips for Maternity Swimwear

Tips for Maternity SwimwearIf your pregnancy falls during the hot summer months you’re more than likely going to want a bathing suit in order to cool off, but if you’re like most women you might feel a little intimidated by how much your body has changed since last bikini season. Whether you’re in your first trimester or your last, showing off your baby bump is nothing to be ashamed of! There are millions of different types of swimwear to boost your confidence and to help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy. Today we are going to share a few awesome and beautiful styling tips for when you’re picking out your maternity swimsuit!

One Piece

A traditional one piece is great for those looking for a lot of coverage and modesty. A cute one piece can look great on any body type and there are hundreds of different styles to choose from. If you’re looking to accentuate your baby bump, but also want something that will make you look slimmer, a ruched or wrapped bathing suit will do just the thing! The texture from these two will hug your waist and create the perfect bump you’re looking for to show off that cute baby belly of yours while it also creates a slim and chic looking figure! Patterns and colors are great for any bathing suit, but you need to be careful with the one piece. Big poka dots and a thick stripe pattern may make you look bigger than what you really are. If you are going to a pool party or a BBQ this summer, and it’s bathing suit optional, try something fun and grab a one piece with some stylish straps. A few options are a halter top, spaghetti straps, one shoulder strap, or no straps at all!


If you’re still looking for some coverage, but don’t mind showing off your cute bump, a tankini is the perfect option for you! What makes a tankini so great are the bottoms because while you’re stuck with your one piece you can change it up with your tankini! It’s fun to mix and match colors and patterns with clothing, but it’s even better with swimwear. Instead of a basic bikini bottom try out a ruffled bikini or boyshort to spice up your swimwear look. You can do the same with your top. Change it up! Ruched tankini tops work wonderful as well by slimming your shape and showing off your bump. You can also choose the level of modesty you want with your top. There are tons of chic full coverage tops to pick from or try a cute ruffled bikini cup top too.

Two Piece

A two piece bikini is super adorable on a pregnant woman! If you think you’re showing off too much, but still want to rock a two piece at the pool, try a fringe bikini. A fringe top is really cute and it will hang over the top of your belly to hide a little skin. Another option is to choose a sporty look by picking a bikini top with a racer back with either a full chest that will cover your entire chest and neck area, or a half chest top where only your breasts are covered. Full coverage tops are definitely styling this summer so if you’re looking for something less sporty and chic you will most certainly find what you are looking for! And don’t forget about your bottoms! The bottoms to your two piece can be just as fun as the bottoms to your tankini!


Whether you choose between a one piece bikini or a two piece the most important thing to remember is if you are comfortable or not. If you’re uncomfortable in a two piece don’t buy a two piece. Dress for your body and your comfort level! Finding the best option for you is your best bet for staying cool this summer!




Cute Maternity Styles for the Summer

Cute Maternity Styles for the SummerDuring pregnancy many women struggle with self-confidence as their bodies grow and their clothes begin shrink. Finding the right clothes to fit your figure that are both comfortable and cute can seem hard to find. Choosing the comfy route is not necessarily the wrong choice because after all, wearing clothes that fit you comfortably is extremely important during your pregnancy. Wearing tight and restricting clothing is definitely something to avoid. But if you’re sweats and yoga pants are always your go to outfits than there is no wonder why you feel uneasy in a pair of jeans and a tank top.

First things first, learn to love and show off your growing belly! That baby in there is definitely something to be excited about and dressing your baby bump can be fun! Put down the sweats and baggy clothes that make you look bigger than what you really are, and dress yourself to feel beautiful and confident! Have fun with your pregnancy and embrace your beautiful growing body while you try out some of our must-have outfits and accessories for your maternity this summer!


Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts are always something fun to wear in the summer, and they are even better when you’re pregnant! Dresses and skirts allow you to breathe and they are not restricting and your legs are free. Especially during those hot and sticky summer months you might begin to notice you feel a little warmer now that you’re carrying. These fashion favorites will keep you cool and they will also fit and look super cute with your baby bump! Try to find dresses that have an empire waist band to accentuate your bump and show off your figure. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, midi skirts, and t-shirt dresses are perfect picks for this summer.


Belts are great accessories to pair with loose dresses, skirts, tunics, and cardigans to give you a little shape and highlight your baby bump. They are also great when you’re trying to create that empire waist look like we talked about above.  Try tying together with a skirt above your belly or below your belly with a tight tee will add some extra flare to your wardrobe. Nothing is better than having fun with your clothes! Belts do more than show off your cute pregnant figure, but they can also be tied and layered to create that fashion pop you want in your everyday style. For the summer try an assortment of colors. Neutral colors are always great, but don’t be afraid to be bold and try different prints or fun pastel and neon colors too. You can wear these looks even after your pregnancy as well!


A vest is an awesome accessory that can be worn during any season and with almost every outfit. For the summer try something light like a plain jean vest. The simplicity of the jean vest will work great over a maxi dress or paired with a cute top and shorts. If you’re feeling a little more daring then try a vest that has a little color or texture. Fur vests were such a hit in the fall and winter, but who said they can’t be rocked on those cool summer days?


Light and airy kimonos and shawls will be your favorite pick for summer. Both of these picks are great for layering tanks and tops under because they are flowy and comfortable. Stay away from shawls that are too thick because they will be too hot and heavy in the heat. Belts look great with these two, but if you’re looking for a comfort you won’t go wrong with throwing on one of these with a simple tee!

Leggings/JeggingsCute Maternity Styles for the Summer

Leggings and jeggings are comfortable and easy when you’re trying to pull something together fast. They can be worn with every single accessory above, and on those lazy days they will be an upgrade from your yoga pants and sweats. Comfort is your number one priority while you’re pregnant and matching any top with a pair of leggings will keep you cool while giving you the ability to move around the way you’d like. This summer try out the basic black leggings for a simple every day look or try something a little out of your comfort zone and have some fun with a tribal or animal print jegging! Try out our Loving Moments Maternity Leggings!




World Breastfeeding Week 2015: Let’s Make it Work!

How are you spending your week of August 1st through the 7th? Join us in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, an annual week-long event that engages women from all around the world with breastfeeding news, support, and community building. This year marks the 24th year for the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, the founding group and champions of moms and babies across the globe. This year’s initiative is “Breastfeeding at Work: Let’s Make it Work!” in remembrance of the 1993 theme: “Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative.”World Breastfeeding Week 2015: Let's Make it Work!


In 1992, The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action founded World Breastfeeding Week to bring awareness to deadly infant diseases, fight world hunger, and overall promote breastfeeding worldwide. The World Health Organization and UNICEF joined as partners with the WABA and together they formed the WBW celebration as way to remind mothers, doctors, and family members that breastfeeding an infant yields the best, most cost-effective nutritional diet available. Mothers receive countless health benefits from breastfeeding as well. In 2007, the CDC reported that only 11.3 percent of new mothers exclusively breastfed their child for the first 6 months. In an effort to raise awareness and extend breastfeeding beyond a week or two, the WABA and partners tirelessly champion breastfeeding support so mothers and babies can benefit from the guidance they need for successful nursing.

This year as we follow the 1993 theme, “Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative,” which sadly is still a struggle many women face today, we spread the word and encourage employers and the general public to stop criticizing women for nursing in public but instead embrace the healthy and natural process of breastfeeding. If you would like to help spread the word you can find countless La Leche chapters across the nation hosting Latch On events, and WIC offices are always opening their doors to new mothers facing breastfeeding troubles. Look at your local chapters and see how you can volunteer or participate. Leading Lady/ Loving Moments by Leading Lady is donating nursing bras to WIC offices around the country so nursing moms get the support they need for successful, comfortable breastfeeding. Join the conversation on our Facebook page and share your stories with moms just like you!



Finding Time to be a Fit Mom

What to do about Stretch Marks

Every mom knows squeezing in the time for a workout can be, needless to say, almost impossible. If you’re the type to get up at 5 a.m., or sooner, than I solute you not be like the most of us who love every second of extra sleep we can get. It’s hard balancing cleaning the house, work, packing school lunches, making dinner, and at least getting in thirty minutes of cardio into your day. Many of us have good intentions and pump ourselves up all morning and into our day at work and then when we get home we realize there is no food in the fridge or one of the kids is bored and continues to nag you until bedtime. Do you see where I’m getting at? Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and when you think you’re going to be good and workout once you get home it just doesn’t seem to happen. However, when we keep pushing your workouts aside your health is also being pushed aside as well.

Yes, you’ve heard all about how incorporating fitness into your daily routine is great for your health. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, etc. But what about time? Isn’t that the biggest issue? Well we’re here to help! Today we are not only going to talk about the importance of living a fit and healthy life, but also the efficient way to incorporate workouts into your routine.

To be fit, but more importantly, healthy, you have to want it. Plain and simple. There are thousands and thousands of articles out there that have wonderful workout and diet plans that can fit perfectly into your daily life, but you will never be able to fully stick with it unless you are determined for life. Note that I didn’t say for the week, or for the month, or for the year, but for LIFE. Being healthy is a life decision that you cannot just change after you’re workout plan is finished. You have to want it for life, for your health, for your family, and for yourself. You can do it.

Being a fit mom takes time and energy. It starts off with eating healthier and taking care of your body and mind so in return you have more energy and feel more positive. You’ll need to control your cravings and stay away from eating large amounts of sweets and fried food throughout the week. These changes will not be easy at first. You will give up every now and then, binge eat, and feel sorry for yourself, but that’s okay because you’re human. The real bravery and courage comes from not backing down and admitting to your mistakes and encouraging yourself not to give up again. You can do it. Every mom can be the fit mom she wants to be.

Once you’ve decided this is what you really want you’ll need to set goals. Start doing small at-home workouts in the morning when you wake up and once you get home from work. These could be anywhere from 5-20 minutes long.



Morning Workout                                                                 Afternoon Workout

10 Push Ups                                                                            1 Min Plank

10 Calf Raises                                                                         15 Pushups

20 Jumping Jacks                                                                    30 Mountain Climbers

20 Squats                                                                                1 Min Plank

1 Min Plank

If you set goals for yourself and really push yourself to meet them, you’ll have no problem with finding time during your day to workout. You’ll realize you’re able to do more, lift more weight, run longer, etc. If time is still an issue, try getting your whole family involved in the new healthy lifestyle. One idea is to trade time with your husband or partner so one can watch the kids while the other does their workout. Another is to try and get up a little earlier and do a workout video, go for a run, or a bike ride. It’s easier to do this with a partner so encourage your significant other to do it with you.

A few major issues women have when they begin working out are not feeling confident in themselves or feeling guilty for taking away time from their family to workout. If you’re not feeling confident in your skin this is exactly the reason why you should start living a healthier life style. You’ll be a stronger and happier you once you love the skin your in. At first working out will be intimidating, especially if you going to the gym or taking classes. This feeling will pass but it will take some time. Don’t give up just because you see another women who might have a better body than yours or who can lift more weights than you because just remember that’s not how she has always looked or how much she could lift. Everyone starts off somewhere. A great way to feel better about yourself is to join a women’s group fitness class. Women who empower one another to make themselves feel great is an amazing experience. You’ll gain new friends and you’ll all be working towards a similar goal while you motivate each other on the way!

If you’re feeling guilty about wanting to workout, don’t. Taking the time to do something for yourself is not selfish at all. Everyone needs a hobby and their own personal space sometimes. Taking an hour or more out of your day to help improve your health is definitely not something you should feel guilty about. Your family should be there to encourage you and support your journey to be a healthier you. Once you get there you’ll find you’ll be able to spend even more time with them once you have more energy and a better attitude!

Finding time to workout has many elements you’ll need to overcome. You need to want it and be determined to meet goals and know this isn’t a temporary decision, but a life changing one. It’s okay to make mistakes and cheat every once in a while, and try not to be self-conscious or intimidated at the gym. Everyone has to start somewhere. You can do it if you set your mind to it. Every mom is capable and deserving of reaching her goal weight and happiness.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is becoming the new must-have for moms and babies! Due to its unique richness of fatty acids it’s proven to be one of the best superfoods. Just like breast milk, coconut oil contains lauric acid, a healthy saturated fat, and with that comes many positive health benefits including better brain function, weight loss, and protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. People who eat a lot of coconut during their lives are considered to be some of the healthiest people on the planet!

Coconut oil has even better benefits for breastfeeding moms and their babies. Feeding your child coconut oil can help their bodies grow up healthy and strong. It can help get rid of lice, ease the pain and itching of bug bites, it’s great for controlling wild hair, particularly curly hair, and it’s perfect to put in the tub for calming bath time. Here are five different ways moms and their babies can benefit from using coconut oil on a daily basis:

For Moms

  1. Breastfeeding Moms: Coconut oil is the best solution for mom’s cracked or sore nipples from breastfeeding. It can be used as a lubricant during breast pumping, and as an anti-itch cream while your belly grows during pregnancy. You can also increase your milk supply by ingesting coconut oil a few times a day.
  2. Beauty: Coconut oil will be your new best friend! Not only can it get rid of your unwanted acne, it’s the perfect moisturizer for your hair and body, a great makeup remover, and it can also help with the appearance of wrinkles! Plus, you can use it as a substitute for regular shaving cream and make your legs feel extra soft and sexy.
  3. Skin: Coconut oil has deep moisturizing abilities so it’s great for eczema and psoriasis along with reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
  4. Cooking: Not only can cooking with coconut oil give you amazing nutrients, but it also brings a delicious Mediterranean style. And because coconut oil is a natural energizer you will feel fuller longer and will always be ready to take on the day!
  5. Immune System: Consuming coconut oil helps your body numerously. It’s great for people with digestive problems, and it helps control bad bacteria to help women who struggle from yeast infections. Coconut oil also relieves heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, and it has anti-viral properties so it’s great for healing scrapes, bruises, and burns without contracting infections.

For Babies

  1. Pain Reliever: Teething can be a very painful process for your baby. Wipe some coconut oil on their gums to relieve the pain.
  2. Skin: Coconut oil is really great for cradle cap and strengthening your baby’s soft spot. It also will warm and turn into a liquid when rubbing it together with your hands so it’s perfect for infant massages, sunscreen, and works well with baby acne.
  3. Immune System: Coconut oil has anti-bacterial, anti-itch, and anti-inflammatory properties and can help with baby allergies, reducing fever, soothing chicken pox, constipation, and getting rid of Thrush.
  4. Diaper Changing: Coconut oil is great for soothing diaper rash and getting rid of stubborn meconium your baby might have during the first few days.
  5. Cooking: Feeding your baby coconut oil will broaden their tasting experience by trying new flavors. It’s also rich in lauric acid just like breast milk so it’s super healthy!

You will love the health benefits coconut oil will give you and your baby! If you’re concerned about allergies or your baby ingesting coconut oil, or other products, make sure to always speak with your doctor or lactation consultant before trying new foods. Also, before you go out and buy coconut oil make sure you are educated on what kind to purchase. Extra virgin coconut oil is all natural and contains no preservatives or harmful ingredients; therefore it’s the best one to buy!