5 Things about Parenting that are Easier than You Thought

5 Things about Parenting that are Easier than You ThoughtParenting is hard, no one denies that. And in some respects, parenting gets harder as your children get older. As they say, “little kids, little problems – big kids, big problems.” But in the moment of new motherhood, it can feel quite challenging and even lonely. However, there are some things about parenting that are easier than you thought, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised that something is actually easier than expected. Sometimes when you set the bar low, it’s easier to exceed expectations while other times even a high bar is met with simplicity. Today we’re sharing some of the most common things about parenting that are easier than you thought.

Love & Nurture

Love for your children is universal for all moms. Even mothers who found it difficult to bond with their babies right away are eventually filled with love. The way moms show love and nurture may vary but it is usually easier than you thought to find those things. Whether it is through breastfeeding, lullabies, reading, babywearing or spending all day every day together, the ways you love and nurture your baby probably came about fairly naturally.

Sleep Deprivation

Hopped up on hormones and adrenaline, somehow your amazing new mom body learns to cope with very little sleep. Perhaps it was the training you went through in pregnancy when you just couldn’t get comfortable at night. Maybe it’s simply the pull of motherhood that allows you to function on sleep deprivation. Somehow you manage. And when you look back on what you accomplish in a day – breastfeeding, caring for your little one’s every need, and keeping yourself energized for the job – you can feel really incredible that you did it despite lack of sleep.

Maternal Instinct & Reading Your Baby’s Cues

A mother’s intuition is not a switch that turns on but one day early in motherhood you realize you have it. Your aptitude to know what is best for your baby is a tribute to your innate instinct and your keen ability to read your baby’s cues. Before motherhood you may have looked at a fussy baby and wondered how you would ever figure out how to soothe one of your own. Now you handle it like a pro because you have learned your baby and together you make a great pair.


The thought of stinky diapers prior to motherhood may have grossed you out but you’ve likely quickly learned that diapers are not a big deal. In the scheme of things that are difficult about parenting, diapers are actually on the easier end than most. Sure, you’ll have occasional leaks and blowouts, all at the most inopportune times. But you’ll learn to deal with it and move on.

Adding a Family Member

Every perspective mom has an ideal of what her life will be like with a baby but the reality is usually not exactly as imagined. Slowly you ease into having a new family member – whether it’s your first born or your fifth – and you can’t imagine life without each of your children. You will make a lot of sacrifices and your new life may not resemble your old one very much. But you develop a new normal and one filled with a lot of love for each member of your family.

Do you agree with these things about parenting that are easier than you thought?