Pregnancy Dreams Part 2

If you’re having strange dreams during pregnancy, you’re in good company. Many moms-to-be report bizarre dreams and nightmares during their 9+ months of pregnancy. As we discussed earlier this week, the imaginative scenarios that arise in your dreams are thanks to a combination of hormones and emotions that are swirling around in your body and psyche. Questions about your labor and delivery process, ability to be a parent and even characteristics of your baby may rear their head in your pregnancy dreams. Today we’re helping you interpret some common themes in your pregnancy dreams.

Pregnancy Dreams about Childbirth

Pregnancy Dreams Part 2Although your birthing dreams may be traumatic or have you giving birth to non-human animals or inanimate objects, dreaming about childbirth actually means you’re excited about the arrival of your baby. It is normal to have anxiety over the labor and delivery process because there are many unknowns and some of it may be out of your control. Pregnancy dreams about giving birth to anything other than a human baby are just representative of your baby and your feelings of nurture toward your little bundle of joy.

Pregnancy Dreams about Harming or Forgetting your Baby

It seems horrible that you would even dream about harming or forgetting your baby but these dreams are actually quite common and normal. Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility – probably the biggest role of your life. You may not feel prepared for the job and that can be reflected in dreams about leaving your baby somewhere or not being able to protect your baby from danger. Recognizing these fears may help you come to terms with feelings of not being ready for motherhood and may even up your game in preparing for the arrival of your baby.

Pregnancy Dreams about your Baby’s Gender

Your baby’s gender is probably top-of-mind for you during pregnancy. Even if you opt to find out the sex of your baby, the weeks leading up to the gender reveal can provoke pregnancy dreams about your baby boy or girl. As much as you may wish you could dream up your baby’s sex, it’s just not possible. You’ll have to wait for your blood work, ultrasound or delivery to know for sure.

Pregnancy Dreams about Conception

Metaphorical and realistic dreams about conception are common during pregnancy. Sometimes these dreams manifest as planting or burrowing in the earth or they may become sexual in nature. This is your subconscious helping you connect to your baby and form an early bond as she grows and develops in your womb.

Pregnancy Dreams about Water

Whether you’re pregnant or not, dreams about water are usually a reflection your own feelings. If the water is pure and clear, you’re feeling optimistic and confident about your life. Murky water may represent feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Water dreams during pregnancy often occur in the first trimester as the amniotic sac fills with fluids.

Pregnancy Dreams about Being Trapped

Dreams of entrapment may have dual meaning. First, it can help a mom-to-be emphasize with her baby who is “trapped” in the womb. Also, it may represent an expectant mom’s feelings of losing freedom as she enters this new phase in her life.

Pregnancy dreams are fascinating and can help you acknowledge and manage feelings of fear, anxiety, inadequacy and doubt. If you experience pregnancy dreams, take some time to understand the emotions behind them. It may help clear your mind and enter motherhood with excitement and fresh perspective.

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Pregnancy Dreams Part 1

Whether we remember them or not, we all dream. When you’re pregnant, your dreams may feel like they are on overdrive, thanks to the whirlwind of hormones and emotions that being a new parent conjures up. Pregnancy dreams – and often nightmares – can paint a picture of how new moms are feeling, even if she isn’t outwardly expressing herself during waking hours. Today we’re examining the meaning behind common pregnancy dreams.

When you’re expecting you may feel like you’re having more dreams than usual. That’s probably not true, but because pregnancy dreams are so vivid and sometimes troublesome, you may be more likely to remember them. Plus, when your dreams are scary, you may wake up more frequently, which also helps you remember your most recent dreams.

Pregnancy Dreams Part 1Hormones, stress and a range of emotions are probably the culprit of your strange pregnancy dreams. As with any dreams, they are provoked by something in your subconscious. Moms-to-be certainly have a lot of mixed feelings floating around and many of them debut in the form of pregnancy dreams. When you dream about turmoil and conflict, it is most likely representative of the internal and external changes you’re feeling as you enter a new stage in your life. After all, having a baby truly changes everything, from your relationship with your spouse and friends, to your job and your own identity.

Psychologist Alan Slegel studied pregnancy dreams in the 1970s and concluded that the seemingly bizarre imaginative dreams of moms-to-be were helpful in preparing them for motherhood. Not only do pregnancy dreams help expectant mothers release their fears, they also help mothers accept their new role as parents. More recent studies showed there may be a strong correlation between pregnancy dreams and shorter labor and less postpartum depression. Perhaps coping with feelings in dreams eases anxiety in the long run.

Many pregnant women question their ability to be a mother after experiencing pregnancy dreams. They wonder if the horrible things their imagination dreamed up are a sign of things to come. Fortunately, that’s not true at all so you can rest assured your mothering skills are not based on your subconscious dreams.

Many pregnant women claim to have dreams pertaining to similar in topics.  These are often about the labor and delivery process or taking care of a new baby. Later this week we’re sharing what the experts say these pregnancy dreams are all about.

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