Gobble gobble! Today’s Thanksgiving and that means all the turkey, stuffing and love a happy home could ask for. But with all the decoration, cooking and socializing, most people forget how this wonderful holiday came to be.

This year, take the time to brush up on your Thanksgiving facts and even teach some to your little ones!


Facts of the First Thanksgiving

Duck Hunting

Waterfowl was plentiful around the settlement of the Pilgrims and, because of this, duck hunting was very common. Duck was most likely the main course of the first Thanksgiving, not turkey.



While the women would pluck and roast the ducks their husbands hunted and brought home, their children would most likely be helping by grinding fresh corn into samp, a corn-based oatmeal.


King Massasoit

The Plymouth Pilgrims would never have survived without the Wampanoag and their King, Massasoit, so it is only appropriate that they joined the Pilgrims for their feast!


Wampanoag Gifts

The Wampanoag brought numerous previously hunted deer to the feast, helping the already bountiful plenty!


The Weeklong Feast

The feast of 1621 was not a single gathering and sit-down meal. Instead, it was a weeklong event of meals inside and outdoors! Sometimes the Wampanoag and Pilgrims ate together, sometimes they ate separately. But, no matter the situation, all were thankful for their health, their families, and their new friendships.


This Thanksgiving, think back on our wonderful history and be thankful for its passing. Without it, we may not have this joyful, loving day!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!