Breastfeeding Tips for Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the weather is cold all you may want to do is snuggle up with your baby to keep both of you warm. If that sounds like you, then breastfeeding is the perfect wintertime warm-up! Today we’re sharing breastfeeding tips for winter:

Breastfeeding Tip #1: Warm Your Baby with Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most amazing substance on the planet. It has the unique ability to change temperature based on your baby’s specific needs during a feeding time. So when it’s cold outside and your baby needs heat, breastfeeding offers the perfect warm beverage.

Breastfeeding Tips for WinterBreastfeeding Tip #2: Skin-to-Skin

When you’re breastfeeding during wintertime, try for as much skin-to-skin as possible. In addition to the warmth of your breast milk, your body temperature will also help warm your baby. Plus your baby will be calmer and sync to your body’s rhythm through more skin-to-skin time and you can help regulate your baby’s heartbeat to improve heat-producing circulation.

Breastfeeding Tip #3: Heal Your Baby with Breast Milk

If your baby does catch a cold during the winter months, the very best therapy may be your breast milk. Packed with hundreds of nutrients and vital antibodies, breast milk helps keep babies healthier, both in the short and long term. Also, breast milk can help heal topically when applied to dry skin or dabbed in the nasal or ear cavities to clear congestion.

Breastfeeding Tip #4: Layer with Nursing Tanks

Even when you’re bundled in sweaters and coats, layer your outfits with a nursing tank underneath for easy breastfeeding access. This way you can simply flip up your warm layers, unclasp your nursing tank and you’re ready to feed whenever your baby says it’s time. This will save you much hassle when you’re dressed for winter weather.

Breastfeeding Tip #5: Use a Breathable Nursing Cover

Protect your baby from the cold air with a breathable nursing cover. Research shows that trapping your baby with a blanket in a small confined space (like car seat carrier, stroller or while breastfeeding) can be a suffocation hazard and causes babies to re-breathe harmful carbon dioxide. Instead use a lightweight nursing cover that allows air to flow freely while still reducing exposure to harsh temperatures. Our Loving Moments nursing cover doubles as a scarf so it’s perfect for wintertime nursing on-the-go.

Breastfeeding Tip #6: Breastfeed More Often

As if you need another excuse to cuddle with your little one, breastfeeding is just the best bonding activity when it’s cold outside. You can breastfeed in your warm bed, wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace, or cozied-up into your rocking chair. It feels so good to breastfeed when it’s cold outside so do it as often as your baby desires.

We hope you have a magnificent winter filled with lots and lots of breastfeeding!

Seamless Nursing Cami

As the song and saying goes, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” And as a pregnant and nursing mom you know the motto still applies. But moms can’t have fun unless they look good and feel good. Looking good and feeling good – about how you look and how comfortable you are – have never been easier than with our Loving Moments Seamless Nursing Cami.

Seamless Nursing Cami

A basic maternity or nursing cami is essential for all expectant and new moms. Regardless of the weather, a nursing cami helps ensure you’re always comfortable and always ready to breastfeed once your little one arrives. Our Seamless Nursing Cami features an inner sling and underbust zones for extra breast support and is so comfortable you may never wear anything else before or after your baby!

During pregnancy your tops may start to feel snug at the bust and belly at some point in your first trimester or early in your second trimester. That’s the ideal time to look for comfortable wardrobe options that transition from maternity to nursing like our Seamless Nursing Cami. This silky smooth top stretches to accommodate your growing breasts and belly. Then when your baby arrives, this incredible nursing cami offers the flexibility your body needs as your breasts continue to change with milk production.

The flattering cut and smoothing fabric will keep you tucked and stylish throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. During both of these periods it is not unusual for moms to have hormonal hot flashes or break out in a sweat no matter what time of day or season it may be. When you’re wearing our Seamless Nursing Cami as a stand-alone top or a layering piece, you’re always prepared for those unexpected moments when you just need to cool down. The lightweight fabric allows you to breathe while still maintaining stretchy support for your bump and breasts.

Girls just can’t have fun if they don’t look good and feel good. And we know you just wanna have fun during pregnancy and with your new bundle of joy. Get comfortable, stay supported, and have fun in our Seamless Nursing Cami!

Breastfeeding 101: Why Nursing Bras are Important

Breastfeeding 101: Why Nursing Bras are ImportantLoving Moments by Leading Lady is dedicated to promoting breastfeeding because of the nutritional benefits baby receives from a mother’s milk—there’s plenty of research information to confirm the old saying “breast is best.” Breastfeeding takes practice though, and many new moms report feelings of frustration while trying to successfully nurse for the first attempts. We asked Jennifer, a registered Breastfeeding Peer Counselor from Arkansas, to provide some advice for new and expecting moms who have never breastfed before. Jennifer works in a Health Clinic that serves moms from all walks of life and has also nursed each of her own five children. Here’s why Jennifer recommends that all breastfeeding moms try nursing bras and nursing tanks instead of using pre-pregnancy bras:

Nursing bras help to promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby by offering easy breast access not found with regular bras. Nursing bras also provide necessary support without restricting milk supply. In my opinion, nursing bras also offer the added benefit of helping new moms with self-esteem; most pre-pregnancy bras will not fit properly right away after giving birth. If a new mom wears a properly fitted nursing bra she will have less back pain as well. I prefer wearing nursing tanks when I’m breastfeeding because they layer well with other tops and sweaters. Also, nursing tanks allow me to nurse discreetly regardless if I’m at home or out with my baby.

Still on the fence about trying a nursing bra? We encourage you to try one of Loving Moments’ comfortable, stylish and affordable nursing bra options. You’ll love the support and simple one-hand nursing clasps on some of our everyday bra styles that were designed to keep moms comfortable and make breastfeeding a breeze. Shop our new Maternity to Nursing Collection only at WalMart and

Breastfeeding in Public: Eliminating the Stigma + Tips for Avoiding Uncomfortable Moments

Without fail, every year around the holidays, we hear news of discrimination against breastfeeding in public.  Whether it is a major retailer or restaurant that asks a mother to leave or cover up, or harassments from an unknowledgeable public, it will inevitably happen again this year.  Why the ignorance?  Why the obsession with how someone else nurtures their baby?  Why the intolerance?

We may never know the answer to those questions but the truth is, breastfeeding in public is not against the law in any U.S. state so you cannot get into legal trouble for doing it.  In fact, it is one of the most natural things a mother can do for her baby.  But still, many moms face criticism, ostracism and are made to feel uncomfortable.

Breastfeeding in PublicAs more people learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, our society will hopefully become more tolerant.  Global and national educational initiatives such as World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month are designed not only to assist mothers in getting more information about feeding their children, but also to enlighten the public and inspire acceptance.  You, too can play a part by spreading the word about the positive effects of breastfeeding.

If breastfeeding in public is not part of your daily routine, you may be reluctant to do it.  But when your baby is hungry and you’re out-and-about with your family during the holidays, necessity may require a feeding in public.  Obviously exposing yourself publicly is not a common practice, but when your breasts are a source of food for your baby, it may be impossible to avoid.  Remind yourself of just that: your breasts are a source of nutrients for your baby, the best source in fact.  It may help alleviate some of the embarrassment.

You can always bring a nursing cover or find a private lounge to breastfeed, whenever possible.  Dress for simple nursing by wearing easy-to-lift or button-down tops, many of which can act as a cover-up as well.  A nursing bra or nursing cami always comes in handy, too!  Many people find that bringing a friend along, perhaps an experienced mom, can boost their confidence.  Chat and make eye contact while nursing to draw attention away from the feeding.  Chances are, most people won’t even notice what you are doing.

If you do get some unwelcome comments, make a choice to be the bigger person.  Ignore them, smile or caress your baby instead.  And if you are asked to leave an establishment, look into informing corporate headquarters.  As in most cases when breastfeeding moms are harassed, companies and the media side with the mother.  It’s important for companies to know what is happening at a local level so they can correct it and help inform their employees to support moms and babies.

On the flip side, if people smile at you or give you encouragement, thank them for their kindness.  Moms and breastfeeding advocates should support one another on their mission for healthy babies, healthy mommies and healthy families.

Happy holidays and happy breastfeeding!

Traveling with a Baby: The Nursing Mom’s Holiday Travel Checklist

Whether you’re headed to grandma’s for the holidays or taking a much-needed family vacation, you may have some anxiety over traveling with a baby, especially while breastfeeding.  As you have discovered already, the key to any outing with a baby is preparation.  And an extended trip needs just a little more than your average stocked diaper bag. To ease your mind, we’ve put together a checklist of some essential travel items you’ll need for your upcoming holiday trip:

Nursing CamiComfort is the first step to stress-free travel.  Whether by land, road or sea, it’s important that mom and baby are both comfortable while traveling.  Be sure to wear something with easy access for breastfeeding, such as a button down blouse with a nursing tank top underneath.  Bring lots of nursing bras that are both comfortable and functional to wear throughout your trip.  We hope you won’t be doing laundry as often as you would at home, so bring extras in case of spit-up.  Also make sure baby is comfortable on travel days.  A simple bodysuit with extra blankets and sweaters will allow you to layer according to the temperature throughout your trip.

Cover up if that makes you feel better about breastfeeding in public.  If you prefer discretion while you breastfeed, bring a nursing cover or use your baby’s blanket to drape over your chest while nursing.  Try to find a quiet corner for feeding, either at an airport terminal or by staying in your car in a parking lot.

Bring your breast pump, just in case.  Your baby’s schedule may go astray while traveling, especially if there is a time change.  Your breasts, however, may not adjust immediately.  With your breast pump and any necessary attachments (shields, cleansers, cooler for transporting milk, bottles, etc…), you can pump if baby isn’t ready to eat when your milk is ready.  Also, expressing milk might give you time to sneak away with your partner while the grandparents have some bonding time with baby.

Traveling while breastfeedingBreast milk is an approved liquid for air travel.  We recommend bringing some expressed milk in case your baby is too distracted to nurse.  Although you can bring more than the usual 3 oz. of liquid, be prepared for your milk to be inspected.  Also, if you’re travel includes a flight, the sucking motion of nursing or taking a bottle during take-off and landing can help your baby’s ears adjust to changes in pressure.

Hydrate at every opportunity.  Breastfeeding is naturally dehydrating, yet you need plenty of water (and other sustenance) to produce milk.  Also, air travel and high altitudes may cause dehydration so drink extra water and snack often.

Act like you’re on vacation — because you are!  Babies are more adaptable than we think, and sometimes more adaptable than we are.  As long as your baby responds well, be flexible with her schedule.  Traveling with a baby is exciting yet tiring for everyone, so try to relax and let your baby tell you what she needs and when.  If you’re not accustomed to breastfeeding in public and you get intimidated, remember, you’re doing one of the most natural acts on the planet.  Also, don’t get caught up on simulating your at-home breastfeeding environment.  You can find a comfy chair almost anywhere in the world so take advantage of the change of scenery and let your baby explore something new.  But do bring a few familiar toys and blankets to give your baby a sense of security.  Between that, and being in your arms, she’s sure to enjoy the sights and sounds she experiences along your travels.

We wish you safe travels, happy breastfeeding and warm holiday wishes this season!

Baby Halloween Costumes: Tricks for Making Halloween a Treat for Baby and You

Baby Halloween costumes might be the most exciting part of Halloween for any family with a new little pumpkin.  It’s practically a new parent’s right of passage to dress their baby in the most adorable costume imaginable, and take oodles of pictures, too. But keep in mind that, unlike a baby doll, your baby is quiet sensitive and may not always cooperate with your best laid plans.

We’re breaking down some of the most important parts of baby’s first Halloween to help get your creative juices flowing, and to keep baby – and you – happy and festive.

Baby Halloween Costumes

Stuck on which precious costume to choose?  Why not pick something you can use again, such as a baby t-shirt featuring your favorite sports team.  Your baby can be a player or a cheerleader with just a few reusable accessories.  Or keep it simple and let the t-shirt do the talking by selecting a top with a character, graphic or funny slogan printed on it.

If you’re headed to a party with family or friends, dress the little ones up together for awesome pictures.  Pick a theme, such as Old MacDonald’s Farm, and let each baby be a different farm animal – cow, horse, chicken, pig, etc…  And all the adults can be farmers!  Another fun theme can be a fruits and vegetables, with the babies dressed as strawberries, bananas, watermelon, carrots and pea pods.  They will look deliciously adorable!

Whichever way you go, be sure baby is comfortable in soft fabrics and dressed appropriately for the weather.  And if baby rejects the costume altogether, it probably isn’t worth a power struggle.  There will be many more Halloween costumes in the future.

Spook-Free Environment

While your baby may not be able to tell you, babies are aware of new environments, sights and sounds.  Baby can easily get spooked if something feels awry, so be conscious of exploring your Halloween scenery together, showing baby that it is all for fun.  Babies want to feel safe so don’t take your little one into a space that is extremely dark, with frightful decorations and scary noises.  Save the ghosts and goblins for the older kids and make Halloween a sweet holiday this year.

Taking in the new and interesting environment requires a lot of energy for processing, and baby may get fussy or tire easily.  Try to stick to baby’s sleep schedule so your baby isn’t crabby the day after Halloween.

Breastfeeding on Halloween

Loving Moments Nursing BrasPlan when and where you’ll breastfeed in advance.  It’s ok to adjust feeding schedules by a few minutes throughout the day to make it convenient to go out later.  If you’re headed to a gathering, ask for a quiet spot away from the excitement to nurse so baby can get a good feeding without being distracted.  As we all know, a well-fed baby is always happier!  Be sure to wear your Loving Moments nursing bras or our super-simple nursing tank under your costume to make nursing on-the-go easy.

Limit alcohol intake this year while you are nursing.  Get a recommendation from your pediatrician as to whether or not you can drink and how much is safe.  Also be conscious of your sugar intake on Halloween.  What you eat is passed along to your baby through your breast milk.  If you get a sugar high, baby may be bouncing off the walls too.

Have a wonderful and sweet Halloween!   We hope you’ll share your “Loving Moments” Halloween pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Maternity Bras and When to Buy a Nursing Bra

Maternity Bras and Nursing BrasPurchasing maternity bras and deciding when to buy a nursing bra will depend on your body and your personal comfort level.  As you know firsthand, so much changes in your life during pregnancy.  That includes your body and your breasts.

Did you know that your breasts may be able to produce milk as soon as your second trimester?  Yup, that’s right.  Your breasts may be ultra-sensitive and will expand throughout pregnancy due to hormones,  and to help you prepare for the influx of milk.  Maternity bras, specifically soft, stretchy styles, are terrific for pregnancy.  They will keep you comfortable and help you transition to nursing when your little one arrives.

You’ll know it’s time buy a nursing bra as soon as your current bras feel tight.  A properly fitting bra is important to keep your breast healthy.  We recommend starting with a bra that is breathable and has a little give-and-take as your breasts continue to fluctuate until your milk supply stabilizes.  Fortunately, our nursing bras are designed to support heavier breasts during this time in your life.  Most of our nursing bras also feature an inner sling and thick straps to lift and provide extra support for your best breast health.

Leisure BrasLeisure bras are also great maternity bras and nursing bras because they are designed for ultimate comfort with padded straps and front clasps to make it very easy to feed or to wear while sleeping.  And nursing camis are also a great choice during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  They have built-in shelf bras and can be worn day or night, as a stand-alone top or under layers.

Listen to your body.  Most women transition to nursing bras by the third trimester.  Try a few styles to find your best fit and level of comfort.  And be sure to bring them with you to the hospital – you will need them right away!

Happy Breastfeeding!

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!

Nursing Essentials for Summer

Nursing Essentials for Summer

Whether you typically feed your baby at home or on-the-go like Danah during a tournament, you need a wardrobe with quick and easy access for nursing and pumping. That does not, however, mean that you have to give up on style. The Loving Moments by Leading Lady style team has put together what we call the stylish mom’s nursing essentials – key pieces that look great, and won’t take 10 minutes to get out of when your baby wants to eat.

Nursing Bras: It is vital to wear a supportive nursing bra at all times, and it can be pretty. Be sure to consider your daily activities when selecting your nursing bras. Various bras are designed for different functions, from everyday, sport, leisure and special occasions. Not only are nursing bras easy and functional, most quality nursing bras are made of breathable, soft fabrics that are comfortable to sensitive breasts.

nursing essentials for summerNursing Cami: While most tops specifically designed for nursing are no simpler than regular shirts, a nursing cami is the exception. Much like a nursing bra, the straps feature clasps that collapse the front, allowing easy access to your breasts and also keeping your belly covered. Nursing camis are terrific as stand-alone tops for day or night, or undershirts for sweaters and cardigans.

Button-Front Tops: Button down shirts are an easy nursing choice because you can access just the area that needs exposure. Pair one of this season’s button down looks with a Loving Moments nursing bralette to add a hint of lace, and you’re in business.

T-Shirts and Sweaters: If you plan to nurse in a regular tee or sweater, select something that is not too tight. If your shirt is loose and has some stretch, you can easily lift it for nursing and drape it over your breast and the baby for discretion. Pair it with a great t-shirt nursing bra.

Wrap Dresses and Tops: If you like to “dress” it up, select wrap dresses. You can easily slip down each side of the top of the dress for nursing without having to remove the entire garment as you would for back or side zip dresses. Wrap tops with a nursing tank underneath are another great option.

Flowing Blouses: This season’s airy styles make great nursing tops because they can be easily lifted up for nursing access.

Have a wonderful and fashionable spring & summer!