Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras – Twice as Nice

At Loving Moments, we know moms want a good value without sacrificing essential comfort and fit. That’s why we offer quality nursing bras at a great price, like our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras. These super soft bras are incredible for nursing while also saving you money.

We get it…you’re working hard to provide the best for your family. That’s why you decided to breastfeed, so you can nurture your baby with the best first food on the planet. Plus, you don’t have tons of time to waste on products that are uncomfortable or play the “game” of price shopping. You want the best deal without the fuss to make your life easier so you can focus on what really matters – your family. Our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bra set is exactly what nursing moms need.

Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras – Twice as Nice

The soft, breathable fabric feels great on your breasts, especially in your early nursing days. The double-lined cups stretch comfortably to accommodate fluctuations in your breast size and the adjustable straps help ensure a great fit. The flirty lace design and color and print options make this bra fun and feminine because we know you want to look as good as you feel in your nursing bras.

And then comes the value. Two for one is only a fabulous buy if the price isn’t inflated per item. With our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bra set, you’re getting a fantastic low price every day. We know babies are expensive and, while you want quality baby care items, cost is a factor. Breastfeeding is an excellent way to save money and there is no need to eat up that savings with expensive nursing bras. Instead, getting a 2-pack helps your bottom line.

Here’s what moms are saying about our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras:

AMAZNG! They are prob the most comfortable bra I have EVER worn…Do not even have my newborn here yet and I am wearing them, because they are THAT comfortable and feels like I am not even wearing anything.” by HCarter09 on

Awesome design, super soft and comfortable. I can finally breathe in these. They are comfortable, stretchable and so so soft.” by Heartsponge on

Never been so comfortable. These bras are so comfortable, I often forget I’m wearing them. I’m a D cup even without milk and they support very well, but are still so flexible and soft. The straps stay put which is a big must for me.” by Mom2Noemie on

Great fit and comfort. These were great!! They fit perfectly and have the perfect support. I have naturally large breasts anyway and it’s hard to find something that is cute and comfortable. I wear mine everyday!” by kv89 on

With our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras, you’re getting exceptional comfort, fit and value. Or as we say, twice as nice and can’t beat the price!

Spring Nursing Bras

Spring is the time for fun prints, lots of color and flirty styles.  As you’re putting together your spring wardrobe, you’ll want to carry these playful trends throughout your intimates as well.  At Loving Moments our philosophy is that moms deserve the same great comfort and style in their nursing bras as they enjoyed in their regular bras.  With our vast nursing bra collection, every new mom has that opportunity.  Whether you prefer basic designs in classic colors or sassy and loud colors and prints, we’ve got everything you need to complete your nursing bra wardrobe this spring.


L347-PinkGingham-165x218The hot prints and colors for this spring include gingham, polka dots, florals and pastels.  Loving Moments offers each of these in our cotton softcup two-pack nursing bra.  This comfortable cotton bra could not be cuter and more functional.  The one-handed nursing clasps easily unfold for simple breastfeeding, and the inner sling gives you all day breast support.  Available in pink gingham, blue floral, pink dot and blue dot, each is sold as a two-pack with a matching complimentary solid color bra.  This unprecedented value, along with comfort and style, makes our cotton softcup nursing bra a double must-have piece in your spring nursing bra wardrobe.


L348Still looking for more fun colors and patterns?  We’ve got them in our shirred front bralette nursing bra.  This uber comfy bra is designed for day and night wear, which is essential for those middle-of-the-night feedings.  This bralette offers full coverage for your breasts with lots of support as milk fluctuates.  Breathable cotton with a dab of spandex gives it a slight stretch while remaining soft on your skin.  And the shirred front feature brings a fun and form-fitting twist.  This bralette-style nursing bra is available in springtime patterns such as orange daisy, rose gold and wine medallion, plus trendy neutrals including black with tan dots, black zebra and heather grey stripes.


L346If you prefer just the basics, Loving Moments has three perfect bras for you this spring.  First, our molded wirefree nursing bra in nude is adorable, sexy, lightweight and just what you need under your spring nursing wardrobe.  The thin straps pair nicely with tank tops and sleeveless shirts and the lace trim gives it a beautiful feminine touch.  If you are used to an underwire bra, our molded underwire nursing bra is a great choice for you, especially if you need more support and structure for your breasts.  With the right fit, underwire can help lift and protect heavy breasts from sagging and becoming uncomfortable throughout the day.  Last, but not least, our active nursing bra is terrific for enjoying more dynamic activities this season.  Walking, hiking and biking are all fun outdoor experiences you can share with your baby.  Make sure you are prepared to breastfeed on-the-go in our super supportive active nursing bra in nude, black, grey or white.


Make sure your entire wardrobe, including intimates, is ready for the season.  With a few playful prints and colors, you can be dressed from head to toe in fun spring nursing attire.  Your spring nursing bras are waiting for you at Walmart and  We’ll see you there!

5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your exercise goals will naturally change.  You’re now less concerned about your slim and trim bikini bod, and more interested in strengthening your body for the demands of pregnancy.  Many women use pregnancy as an excuse not to exercise.  As tired as you may be, prenatal exercise is important for your health and that of your baby.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 to 6 times a week.  And you don’t have to wimp out either.  Moderate to intense exercise is perfectly fine during pregnancy as long as you build up gradually, don’t exceed a heart rate of 160 bmp and practice prenatal fitness safety.

Today we’re starting our two-part core series with 5 reasons to strengthen your core during pregnancy.  Later this week we’ll share five fabulous exercises that will help you do it.

  • 5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core during Pregnancy

    Get Your Own Back: Your core is not just your abdominal area.  The core refers to the entire mid-section that extends from your abs to your back.  As your bump grows during pregnancy, you’ll have to call on your back for support and balance.  Hormones during pregnancy often loosen the joints and ligaments around the spine and can cause an exaggerated spinal curve in the low back.  A strong spine and back muscles will also ensure you have good posture, even as your belly extends.  The extra back strength will come in handy later when you’re carrying around your baby once she arrives.

  • Take Some of the Labor out of Labor: Core exercises help you labor easier in a variety of ways.  First, you’ll be more flexible and have better joint mobility, allowing you to use a variety of birthing positions with ease.  The pelvic floor muscles benefit greatly as your baby drops lower later in pregnancy and is eventually pushed through the birth canal.  Having control over your pelvic floor will make pushing easier during delivery.
  • Hold It Together: Pregnancy can contribute to abdominal separation due to the onslaught of new hormones.  This is when the two parts of the rectus abdominus muscles detach from one another due to weakening or softening of the vertical seam.  Abdominal separation causes the pelvic wall to tilt and no longer helps support the spine, leading to back pain.  And as we already discussed, a strong back is vital during pregnancy.
  • Recover Faster after Childbirth: You’ve probably heard that when you’re in better shape prior to pregnancy, it’s easier to regain fitness afterwards.  The same theory applies during pregnancy.  If you keep your muscles strong, you’ll have an easier time recovering after childbirth and returning to your pre-pregnancy body.  Many women neglect the core out of fear that they will hurt their baby and because it’s hard to see results since you won’t necessarily notice toning like you once did.  But with safe exercises – like those we will share later this week – you can feel better and get back in shape quickly and healthily after your baby is born.
  • Sports BraYou Get to Wear Cute Active-wear Maternity Bras: Pregnant women deserve to look great in whatever they wear and that includes your active-wear maternity bras.  The best maternity bras are those that you can wear well after pregnancy, which means they will be functional for breastfeeding as well.  Our Loving Moments collection features several adorably comfortable active-wear bras for your core-strengthening workouts, like our sports bra with adjustable side bands, our cotton blend supportive active wirefree nursing or our stretchable breathable seamless bralette.

We hope these five reasons are enough to convince you to strengthen your core during pregnancy.  Stay tuned later this week for five core-boosting exercises to keep you strong for pregnancy and beyond.

14 Ways to Wear Maternity Leggings this Fall

Maternity leggings are quite possibly the most versatile piece in every expecting and new moms’ wardrobe.  They are so comfortable, so soft and so easy to wear, they are perfect for just about any occasion.  Don’t believe us?  Check out these 14 ways you can wear Loving Moments maternity leggings this fall:

14 Ways to Wear Maternity Leggings this Fall

Baby Shower:  You’ll definitely be the subject of lots of pictures at your baby shower so you’ll want to look cute and trendy.  Usually the guest of honor sits in front of friends to open gifts.  If you plan to wear a dress for your fall-time baby shower, adding maternity leggings is a smart idea.  Keep it looking snazzy in pumps or some feminine flats.

Strike a Pose:  The super stretchy cotton/spandex blend of your Loving Moments maternity leggings will give you the flexibility to strike any yoga pose your body can handle.  On top, go for our crossover active-wear shirt, which also stretches and allows maximum mobility during yoga.  Pre-natal yoga is an excellent source of exercise to keep muscles strong and toned during pregnancy.  It also teaches breathing techniques and will power that may come in handy during labor, delivery and beyond.

Carpool Line:  Baseball cap – check!  Hubby’s oversized t-shirt – check!  Maternity leggings – check!  Flip flops – check!  You are ready to take your older kids to school!

Gabbing with Girlfriends:  Lunching with your lady friends can still be fashionable during pregnancy.  Pair your Loving Moments maternity leggings with a belted empire waist top and colorful wedges for a super chic look.  Don’t forget to add a few pieces of fun jewelry too.

No One is Looking:  As hormones surge during and after pregnancy, hot flashes are normal.  When you’re home alone, what could be more comfy than your snuggly maternity leggings and our crossover cotton maternity bra?  Seriously, no one is looking and if you’ve already had your baby, feedings will be a snap.

Pre- & Post-Natal Power Walking:  If your doctor says you’re fit for some physical activity, walking is one of the best things you can do before and after your baby is born.  It’s pretty low impact but can be aerobic and keeps the blood flowing throughout your body.  Lace up your sneakers and get moving with maternity leggings and our crossover active-wear top.

Baby’s Coming:  When you feel the signs that your baby is about to make her debut, nothing could be easier than to slip on a pair of maternity leggings, grab your bag and head straight for the hospital.  Trust us, at that point, any top and shoes will do.

Bringing Baby Home:  No need to pack tons of clothes for your hospital stay.  Your maternity leggings are so versatile, you can wear them post-partum too.  Loving Moments’ maternity leggings feature an inner adjustable band that cinches in after your baby is born to fit comfortably both before and after your baby arrives.  Bring a cute top to wear home because you’ll probably want to take some commemorative photos to mark the occasion.

Baby Registry Mission:  Picking out all the gear and adorable items you want for your baby can be a marathon process.  Stay comfy in maternity leggings, a breezy blouse, an open cardigan and some cozy riding boots.  Ready…Set…Register!

Rainy Day:  Nothing could be more uncomfortable than a pregnant lady in wet maternity jeans.  Instead grab your maternity leggings, galoshes and raincoat to keep dry on a rainy day.  If your raincoat doesn’t fit, borrow your husband’s.  He’ll probably relinquish it for the cause.

Sweet Dreams:  Catching some zzz’s is sacred during your last few months of pregnancy and first few months with baby.  Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes to bed.  Yes, maternity leggings are great pajama pants, especially in the cooler nights of fall.  Wear them with Loving Moments nursing cami to be ready for middle-of-the-night feedings once your baby arrives.

Date Night:  You’ll want to get in as many date nights as you can before baby arrives.  Pair your maternity leggings with some knee-high boots and a shimmery maternity top.  Add some big earrings or a chunky necklace to feel super glam.  Combined with your natural pregnancy glow, you’re sure to capture your love’s heart all over again.

Lazy Sunday:  Lounging at home for a television marathon or cozying up with a good book at your corner coffee shop?  Keep it cool and casual in your maternity leggings, oversized sweatshirt and trendy sneakers.

Nesting:  You are not alone if you are frantically cleaning your house and organizing every last inch of your nursery.  It’s natural for expectant moms to want to get their lives in order before baby comes.  Remember, play it safe.  No harsh chemicals or paints and no high ladders.  Otherwise, nest away in your comfy maternity leggings and “bun in the oven” t-shirt.

Fall Maternity-to-Nursing Wardrobe Essentials

As we head into Labor Day weekend, it’s time to think about fall.  In the past when the cooler weather sets in, you probably pulled out your storage bins of sweaters and long pants to transition your wardrobe.  But when you’re pregnant or nursing, you’ll need a different plan.  And with the change of a season, you have the opportunity to define your own style, whether you’re in maternity clothes or nursing-friendly attire.

Maternity Leggings During pregnancy, strutting around in maxi dresses and maternity shorts felt great in the sweltering summer heat, but now that fall is around the corner, you’ll need to cover up a bit more.  The number one fall wardrobe essential for expecting moms is maternity leggings.  Stretchy and comfortable, stylish and functional, maternity leggings are heaven to a moms-to-be’s body.  Loving Moments’ maternity leggings feature a unique adjustable waist band that grows with you as you progress through pregnancy and cinches back down after your little one arrives.

Maternity leggings are ideal for fall and winter because you can pair them with almost any top.  Perhaps a three-quarter length maternity blouse in the fall, or try them with an oversized sweater in the winter.  You can also dress up or dress down your maternity leggings.  Heading out to a prenatal yoga class?  Maternity leggings allow maximum flexibility and comfort.  Choose an equally stretchy active-wear top and you’ll arrive at Namaste in no time. Trying to look maternity chic at your college reunion?  Pop on your maternity leggings and some hot tall boots, along with a splashy blouse and trendy jewelry and classmates will be uber impressed.

L317-Gray-prod-pageFor pregnant and nursing moms, layering is crucial.  With hormonal fluctuations and everyone’s thermostat being set to different temperatures, you’ll want to layer your fall wardrobe to ensure you stay comfortable indoors and out.  The best way to start is with a maternity-to-nursing tank top.  Ours offers a very flattering silhouette, with an empire waist and a stretch lace neckline.  It’s made of soft, breathable cotton and has adjustable straps.  But the best part is the super-supportive inner bra with slings and nursing clasps.  When breasts are sensitive during pregnancy and early nursing days, a built-in bra is a dream come true.

Layer your maternity cami or nursing tank top under cardigans, button down blouses or other short or long sleeved shirts.  We know from experience, having this cooler option under your outerwear can be extremely helpful.  Plus, when you’re breastfeeding, a nursing cami will allow easy access for feedings.  With our fitted waist cami nursing tank, you can stay cool and comfortable during pregnancy and be ready to nurse once the baby arrives.  The cute style with lace detail makes it a fashionable choice for many occasions.

L347Our final wardrobe essential is a tip that we believe is true for all women everywhere, pregnant, nursing or not.  Be sure to wear comfortable bras that fit and support your body.  Unfortunately you’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling of a bra that pinches in the back or slips off the shoulder.  When you’re pregnant you certainly don’t need one more thing to make you uncomfortable.  And when you’re nursing, you need extra support for your breasts.  It’s also important be prepared for size fluctuations as your milk production settles.  Expecting and new moms both may experience breast sensitivity so maternity bras and nursing bras made of soft, stretchy fabrics are ideal.  As you progress through pregnancy, your breasts will likely change and grow.  That’s a good time to fit yourself for new bras and nursing bras are the smartest choice so you’re ready for baby.

As you’re preparing your fall wardrobe, make sure you have the three maternity and nursing wardrobe essentials:  maternity leggings, a nursing tank top and comfortable bras.  With these three basic pieces you can build outfits to represent your personal fall style.

Maternity Clothes and Nursing Bras: Loving Moments New Maternity to Nursing Collection

Maternity clothes and nursing bras are now more comfortable, stylish and affordable than ever!

Leisure Sleep BraLoving Moments by Leading Lady recently launched our Maternity to Nursing collection, which features maternity and nursing intimates designed just for an expectant and new mom’s changing shape.  Comfort is the #1 priority in our new line, and we’ve baked in support and style because every new mom, whether she’s still proudly showing off her bump or has recently welcomed her bundle of joy, should look and feel amazing.

Shopping for comfortable maternity clothes that are flexible and functional throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding may have been a less than beautiful in the past.  Well not anymore!  Loving Moments by Leading Lady’s Maternity to Nursing collection is available where moms shop, at Wal-Mart and  This line is not only convenient, but we’re making maternity fashion and nursing bras affordable for all moms, too!

We’ve designed the Maternity to Nursing collection with five essential wardrobe pieces that are simple perfection during pregnancy and breastfeeding:  maternity leggings, a nursing sports bra, a sleep and leisure bra, an active-wear maternity and nursing top and an adjustable maternity support band.  Each piece is made from soft, breathable fabrics that will expand and adjust as you enter each stage of pregnancy and then begin nursing.  Much like your own body is adapting to many changes, our Maternity to Nursing line will follow your lead to help you nurture your baby every step of the way.

As you are preparing for your baby to arrive, you’re probably banking tons of information about breastfeeding to put to good use after your baby arrives.  So you already know that nursing bras are vital for convenient nursing.  But your breasts change throughout pregnancy, too.  It is common for breasts to be extremely sensitive as your hormone levels increase and for breasts expand as they are making room for milk production.  This is just one reason why we’ve designed Maternity to Nursing bras that adjust with you, in the most comfortable way possible.

Maternity TopWe recommend switching to versatile maternity and nursing bras as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable in your regular bras.  Our nursing sports bra and sleep leisure nursing bra, as well as our active-wear top with built-in nursing bra, are perfect transitional pieces because they offer extra space for the most comfortable fit during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  They can also help you stay active and supported as your breasts get heavier.  The maternity and nursing top can be paired with any bottoms, from your favorite maternity jeans, to your coziest pajama bottoms.  We’re positive our leisure bra will be your go-to choice day and night when you need support and relief.  And our innovative nursing sports bra will make getting dressed, working out and nursing a cinch.

Maternity LeggingsWhen it comes to maternity clothes, maternity leggings should be the staple pant in every expectant mom’s wardrobe.  Unlike other brands, our leggings have a no-slip design crucial for moms on-the-go.  These leggings expand beautifully as your belly grows, and adjust as your tummy shrinks post-partum.  Pair these leggings with almost any top – T-shirts, sweaters, dresses and our active-wear Maternity to Nursing top – to be the stylish mom on the block.  We also recommend our adjustable maternity support band with our leggings or any other maternity-wear to support your belly and back during pregnancy and post-partum.

If you’re looking for comfort and style, Loving Moments by Leading Lady is your new destination for maternity clothes and nursing bras.  Join us in simplifying your life by purchasing at your local WalMart or buy online at

Congratulations, new mamas!

Maternity Bras and When to Buy a Nursing Bra

Maternity Bras and Nursing BrasPurchasing maternity bras and deciding when to buy a nursing bra will depend on your body and your personal comfort level.  As you know firsthand, so much changes in your life during pregnancy.  That includes your body and your breasts.

Did you know that your breasts may be able to produce milk as soon as your second trimester?  Yup, that’s right.  Your breasts may be ultra-sensitive and will expand throughout pregnancy due to hormones,  and to help you prepare for the influx of milk.  Maternity bras, specifically soft, stretchy styles, are terrific for pregnancy.  They will keep you comfortable and help you transition to nursing when your little one arrives.

You’ll know it’s time buy a nursing bra as soon as your current bras feel tight.  A properly fitting bra is important to keep your breast healthy.  We recommend starting with a bra that is breathable and has a little give-and-take as your breasts continue to fluctuate until your milk supply stabilizes.  Fortunately, our nursing bras are designed to support heavier breasts during this time in your life.  Most of our nursing bras also feature an inner sling and thick straps to lift and provide extra support for your best breast health.

Leisure BrasLeisure bras are also great maternity bras and nursing bras because they are designed for ultimate comfort with padded straps and front clasps to make it very easy to feed or to wear while sleeping.  And nursing camis are also a great choice during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  They have built-in shelf bras and can be worn day or night, as a stand-alone top or under layers.

Listen to your body.  Most women transition to nursing bras by the third trimester.  Try a few styles to find your best fit and level of comfort.  And be sure to bring them with you to the hospital – you will need them right away!

Happy Breastfeeding!

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!

Nursing Bra Fit Tips

Nursing Bra Fit TipsFind Your Ideal Nursing Bra Fit with Loving Moments

Congratulations on your new baby! Whether you are expecting or already experiencing the joys of your little one, you are surely making many changes in your life…and your body. It is normal for breasts to be sensitive and change shapes and sizes throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your breasts need comfort and support now more than ever so it is important to know how to fit yourself and what to look for in a nursing bra. We’ve put together some basic nursing bra fit tips as a guide:

1) Begin shopping for nursing bras in your third trimester of pregnancy.
• When your current bra pinches or feels too tight, it is time to shop.
• Towards the end of your pregnancy and into your early nursing days, stretchy nursing bra styles with some give-and-take and nursing camis, are a good option.

2) You should be fitted for nursing bras, just as you would for all of your other bras. Your size will fluctuate over the first few months of nursing.
• We suggest you re-measure yourself about 4 weeks after delivery, once your milk levels stabilize. Your bra size may very well have changed.
• At this time, you will likely be ready to transition from more flexible nursing bras into more structured bras.
• Loving Moments by Leading Lady has created a handy bra size calculator on our website to help you determine how to measure your bra size. Many styles come with a bra size chart to easily find your accurate bra sizing. You can also try on Loving Moments by Leading Lady nursing bras at your nearest WalMart to try on a variety of bra sizes until you find your best fit.

3) A proper fitting bra will allow your breasts to sit upright and centered on your chest, and the straps will remain in place while you are moving. Wearing the right bra size is vital for maintaining good breast health and preventing plugged ducts.

4) We recommend beginning with three nursing bras or camis: One to wear, one in the wash, and one in the drawer. Bring them with you to the hospital. You will need them right away!

5) Remember to replace your nursing bras if they have lost their shape or no longer fit. We recommend purchasing a new bra every six months.

Nursing Bra Styles

When selecting nursing bras, keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Look for a style that matches your lifestyle. If you are on-the-go, select a supportive active nursing bra. If you are often in professional environments, molded, padded styles will provide clean lines and complement business attire.

2) Size fluctuations vary so look for nursing bras that will work with the ebb-and-flow of milk supply. Styles with 4 hook & eye closures in the back and adjustable straps allow for greater size differentiations.

3) Don’t be afraid to try an underwire bra if that is the style you find most supportive. When you wear the correct bra size, a properly fitting underwire bra does not restrict milk supply.

4) Your breasts and nipples will be sensitive, especially in the first few weeks. Select nursing bras made of soft, breathable fabrics that will feel comforting to your skin. An irritating fabric on an already sore nipple can be extremely painful.

5) Before nursing, sleeping in a bra may be a foreign concept. But when you begin breastfeeding, your breasts will need to be supported constantly. Sleep bras, leisure bras, or nursing camis are made of soft, stretchable fabrics that will keep you supported from morning until night, and make night time feedings easier.

6) Your breasts may leak in-between feedings. This is very common and some women choose to wear nursing pads or select lined bra styles to prevent breast milk from seeping through their shirt.