Thanksgiving Movies for Kids

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember why we have so much to be thankful for. This year get the family together and watch a few classics to remind us what this holiday is really about. Below we have the top Thanksgiving movies for the whole family to enjoy!




Pocahontas: This 90’s film is definitely on the list of Disney classics. We all know the story of Pocahontas and John Smith as a loving and good-hearted movie. As a great Thanksgiving movie, share this one with the kids and learn what compassion is really about!

The Blind Side: Life changes for the best for a young African American boy and a wealthy family living in Tennessee. This extraordinary movie tells the story of family, acceptance, and the importance of following your dreams. It’s definitely on the list of Thanksgiving movies for kids and the whole family.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Charlie Brown is in many of our childhood memories. This Thanksgiving watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and share the laughter, humorous bickering, and a delicious Thanksgiving meal with Charlie Brown and the kids!

Mouse on the Mayflower: This film follows the smallest pilgrim on the Mayflower, a mouse! When the Mayflower falls into trouble due to a storm, Willum, the mouse must help save the day and the future of Thanksgiving!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Steve Martin and John Candy are a hit in “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!” As Martin’s character tries to get home in time for Thanksgiving dinner he runs into Del Griffith, John Candy’s character, who is an obnoxious and funny man who offers Martin a ride. Their journey home is nothing far from entertaining.





A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving: In a collection of memorable adventures, Winnie the Pooh and his friends try to find the right ingredients to help Rabbit make the best Thanksgiving dinner!

Dutch: Dutch is a classic 90’s film where Ed O’Neil plays Dutch, a guy who is trying to get to know his girlfriend’s son. He decides to pick to boy up from school in Atlanta and drive the two of them to Chicago for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course the boy is handful and their cross-country journey takes them through plenty of humorous and unplanned adventures. It’s a cute and heartwarming film that will teach your child about appreciation and caring.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration: Alvin and his gang sure know how to have a good time and ruffle a few feathers. In “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration,” Alvin invites the family over for Thanksgiving dinner to show off in a play he is trying out for. As things take a turn for the unexpected, Alvin gets himself in something we all know he will: trouble!

Curly Sue: An orphan and a drifter make the perfect pair to scam money out of random strangers. Both Bill Dancer (James Belushi) and Curly Sue (Alisan Porter) take on their biggest conquest yet, which is to scam a wealthy lawyer (Kelly Lynch). While Bill and Curley Sue think they are about to win the jackpot they come to realize money isn’t everything.

Miracle on 34th Street: While this might be a Christmas favorite, “Miracle of 34th Street” opens up with the Thanksgiving Day Parade where Kris Kringle takes over the position of the tipsy Santa Claus. A perfect kids movie, learn what the holidays should really be about: family.



Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Get ready for turkey and stuffing! It’s that time of year again, and we are getting our kitchens ready for Thanksgiving dinner. While you might have your hands full with preparing a meal for the whole family you might want to think about activities to keep the kids busy and their fingers out of the mashed potatoes!

Check out these great Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for both the kids and the whole family:

Pumpkin Carving: Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to let all those pumpkins go to waste! While kids have so much fun carving pumpkins before trick-or-treating, why not do it again for Thanksgiving? This is such a great craft to keep the kids busy while you’re preparing dinner! Set up a station either in the house, in the garage, or outside. Make sure to lay down plenty of newspaper and have enough utensils for everyone. Once the carving is finished you can invite the whole family outside and light up their creations!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: This is a great activity for the kids to do outside on Thanksgiving! Tiny pumpkins will work perfectly for this, or you can have the kids do some arts and crafts and make their own items for the scavenger hunt. The parents can set them up all around the yard and then the kids can find them!

Indian Corn Crafts: Indian Corn is definitely a fall accessory. The cob is covered with beautiful colors that instantly remind us of autumn. This Thanksgiving get the kids together and try crafts with the corn! Lay out some paint and paper and have the kids’ role the corn into the paint and make creative stamp and roll art! If this idea is too messy try using just the paint and the eraser end of a pencil to make the effect of the corn on the paper.

 Turkey Trot: Turkey Trots are becoming more popular. Look them up in your area and take the family along!

 Capture the Flag: This can be a game that includes everyone! Pick teams and set up your flags. The winners get an extra slice of pumpkin pie at dinner!

 Pumpkin Prints: This is another awesome craft you can use your pumpkins for. Cut up pieces of pumpkins and use the chunks to make stamps. You will need to help the younger ones because using a knife can be dangerous, but once they have their stamps they can make a colorful creation!

 Football: Who said football is just for boys? This Thanksgiving, rally up the family for some good old fashion touch football before dinner!

 Board Games: Board games are a great way to bring the whole family together to do something fun. Set up the living room with a bunch of board games for the kids to play. When you’re finished with the meal you can join them!

 Leaf Crafts: While there are a few leaves still in the trees find a few of your favorites to make crafts with. The kids can do leaf rubbings, make reefs, or even a center piece for Thanksgiving Dinner.

 Thank You Cards: It’s always important to remember what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s about giving thanks and remembering to cherish one another. This is something the whole family can do together. Write thank you cards to each other explaining what you are thankful for.

DIY Family Halloween Costumes

DIY Family Halloween CostumesOrganizing Halloween costumes for yourself and toddlers can be a little hectic. Not to mention the cost of some costumes can be little absurd. If you’d rather do something a little more fun, creative, and cost effective we have a few ideas for you! These days movies and television stars are plastered everywhere from back to school folders, notebooks, and your child’s book bags to clothing and even sometimes the noodles of Kraft Mac n Cheese. It’s easy to find a popular kid’s show to get some inspiration for this year’s Halloween.

Today we are sharing 8 DIY popular ideas for your family’s Halloween costumes:

Minions from Despicable Me: This has been such a popular idea this year! Everything from dressing up your dog to your babies has been all over the web and we are loving it! To master this look all you need are some boxes and paint. Paint up your boxes to create your minions and then all you’ll need are black pants to complete this awesome Halloween look!

The Walking Dead: Dress the whole family up as your favorite Walking Dead characters! This can either be as zombies or as one of the main characters such as Rick or Carl. Either one can be assembled with old clothes and fake blood!

Frozen: Right now it’s every little girl’s dream to be Princess Anna or Queen Elsa. Get the whole family on board and dress up like the whole crew of Frozen. If you have a little boy they can join too as either Kistoff or Olaf! There are lots of ways to make these outfits with fabric and other materials. Checkout tutorials on YouTube!

Your Favorite Board Game: Whether your family is into Clue, Monopoly, or another board game, you can create awesome Halloween costumes to depict your family’s favorite games! Just like the minions idea, all you’ll need is some cardboard and paint. This is a great way for the whole family to get involved and create their own creative board game costume!

Star Wars: With the new movie and video game about to release it’s no wonder this idea is so popular for Halloween! For R2-D2 you can create your costume out of a box, and if you have a little girl who wants to dress up as Princess Leah a white robe will do the trick.

Goosebumps: Goosebumps is another series that will be expecting a new movie! With all the different monsters and characters it might be a little difficult picking your inspiration, but creating your outfit will be a lot of fun!

The Avengers: Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? This year make your own Avengers’ costumes with things lying around your home.

Lego Movie: The Lego Movie is another 2015 favorite! A large amount of cardboard will be needed!



Tips for Decorating the Nursery

Tips for Decorating the Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a very exciting thing to do as parents. From all the things you may want, from cute baby products to toys and what color paints to use, the finished project might be your dream nursery or something way over budget. If this is your first baby, planning the nursery can be a big deal. You want the room to be special and a place that is calm and relaxing for their first few years. If this is your second or third you might be thinking even though you want the room to be special and unique, time will come when it’s time to repaint and replace the decorations again.

Today we are sharing helpful and fun options to help you plan for your nursery:


Start Early

You’re going to love yourself a hundred times more if you listen to this advice. Organization is key and getting your ducks in a row before your baby arrives will help you immensely later on. There is nothing wrong with wanting to plan ahead, and when it comes to the nursery, it’s one of the first things you will want done. Soon after you find out about your pregnancy it’s a good idea to start making a list of possible items you will need. For example, a crib, a changing station, a rocking chair, etc. You might get many of your must-haves at your baby shower, but having a list will allow you to cross things off and see what you have left.

The Right Room and Space

Picking the right room is crucial for yourself and your baby. Choose a room close to your bedroom so late night breastfeeding will be easy. Also, picking a room with enough space for a crib and a rocking chair is important too. Make sure to measure the room ahead of time to make sure the crib and other furniture fit so you know what to look for before you buy.

Be Unique and Mix and Match

Have fun! Mix and match and be unique with your baby’s nursery. Load it with family pictures, cute and funny signs and paintings, add some color and some life to this little room. You’ll be spending so much time in this space watching your baby grow from their first few days to their first few years!

Following the Trend

Maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a theme for your baby’s nursery?  Looking at different nursery ideas is a great way to help! Here are a few of the most popular baby nursery designs we absolutely love:

-French Vintage


-Soft and calm earth tones, green being a favorite

-Modern with modern furniture

-Gender Neutral

-Wallpaper is back!

-Gold Metallic

-Artsy with fun pictures and collages

Using an Object to Create a Masterpiece

A lot of parents find objects, such as pillows, lamps, a picture, or a piece of art they absolutely love and feel inspired by. This is a great way to get some inspiration if you are having trouble deciding which colors or design you want to choose for you baby’s nursery. Maybe you have an old family antique or a frame holding a family picture that could be used to gather some creativeness. Designing your nursery around something unique will be something you can really appreciate as you share the precious moments with your newborn in the special room you made for them.

The “Let’s be realistic” Approach

If you plan on having more than one child, or if you do already and you know the ropes on decorating a baby nursery, you understand a room will eventually be changed from a “baby” room and into a “young adult” room. Your once perfect little nursery you spent months planning and then hours of painting and decorating will soon enough be changed again and again as your baby grows into an adolescent and then into a young adult. If you’re taking the realistic approach you’re probably thinking about making the nursery into a multipurpose room where it’s easy to change with your child’s transformations. You can still make a fun and special room for your little one, but the trick is to be smart about it. Instead of painting the walls a crazy pop color try something a little more neutral and safe. You can then grab some fun a colorful accents, such as the crib, pictures, pillows, and other accessories to jazz up the room. Stay away from things like decorative wallpaper and anything else that’s permanent or going to be a pain to remove. However, a great idea, and something your child will love as an adolescent and even as a young adult is chalk wallpaper. They will be able to draw on the walls and decorate it anyway they’d like!


The most important lesson to take away from this is to have fun! This is a room your baby will grow up in, and making it special from the beginning will make the experience of being a parent so much fun. Remember to plan ahead and be realistic with your goals. Your baby is going to love you know matter how much their crib cost. There are always fun ways to decorate your nursery whether you’re on a budget or not, but having the something special to bring your baby home to is all that matters!



Labor Day 2015: Family Activities

Every year, the first Monday of September is often celebrated with family get togethers, barbeques, laughter, great food, and every so often, fireworks! With all the excitement, and gratitude given to those who work in our country, there is also the headache that comes from all the running around: Labor Day Sales, crowded grocery stores, traffic, etc. If you’re looking for a change this Labor Day, checkout some of the fun ideas we’ve come up with you and the kids will love!

Picnic at the Park

Skip the big parties this year, and enjoy some time with the family at the park! Grab your picnic basket, a blanket, and the kids and appreciate a day of family fun. Bring along a Frisbee, a baseball and some gloves, and a kite is the weather permits, and play catch with the whole family. A picnic at the park is a great option if you’re in the need for a fun and relaxing day.

Backyard Fun

Turn your backyard into a waterpark and campground! If the weather is nice pull out the Slip’N Slide and sprinkler and splash around with the kids. When the days over, set up a tent and make a fire to roast hot dogs and s’mores. If you want to bring it up a level, set up a projector and watch a movie under the stars.


Put on your comfy shoes and head over to your local park or nature reserve for a fun hike with the family! Bring along a nature book and teach the kids about the different plants and wildlife you see. A hiking trip has endless possibilities.


If you want to celebrate your Labor Day Weekend doing something different, think about volunteering in your community. Checkout local soup kitchens, food banks, animal shelters, or religious organizations that need your help. Volunteering is a great way to teach your kids the importance of giving back!

End of the Summer Family Vacation/Staycation

End of the Summer Family Vacation/StaycationThe end of the summer is the perfect time to plan a short family vacation before the kids head back to school. Before the hustle and bustle of homework and scheduling dinner around sports practices and clarinet recitals, make a plan to get in some much needed family time. While traveling long distances might not be in your budget, try searching for short distance destinations your family will enjoy. Local beaches, lakes, cities, and even your own backyard can offer an endless amount of family fun you’ve never even thought possible!

Today we have four ideas that will be fun for the whole family, and easy on your wallet:


City Trips

If you live by a major city you are right next to countless opportunities your whole family can enjoy. Urban life can be full of awesome places to take the kids, such as Art and History museums, parks, lakes, and amazing restaurants. If you’re able to take a whole weekend trip find fun things to do for free in your city. There are always fun things to do when you’re on a budget. Some other ideas to do are spend the day shopping around downtown, checkout local bakeries and tea shops, take a walk around the park playing catch or throwing a Frisbee, or take a history lesson at a museum. If you’re looking for something for you and your partner to enjoy, and your children are old enough to stay by themselves for a few hours, checkout your hotel to see if they have a spa! A city is a great place for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. A perfect idea, to get the kids feel involved, is to have them pick out where they want to go. Have them pick out their favorite shops and restaurants and plan to go there. A fun idea is to create a scavenger hunt! Make a list of things you want to see or find while in the city. The whole family will have a hoot, and it will be something you’ll remember for a long time!


Camping Trips

A camping trip is a great idea to spend some quality time with your family. It’s also fairly cheap! If you’re looking into local campsites or even destinations a little further from your home, most places only charge $30 or less for a lot. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, and live close to a national park, you can always go off on your own, but be careful to make sure there aren’t any fees or restrictions before you set up camp. Spending time outdoors with the family is a great opportunity to bond with your kids, and get a little more in touch with nature and away from all electronics! Camping can involve many activities depending on where you set up camp. If you’re in a national park you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, learning about different rocks and plants, and a number of other fun things! If you’re near a lake you have the option of swimming and laying out in the sun. A camping trip is the best excuse to lay back and relax while teaching your kids how to make the best s’mores around the campfire.


Lake/Ocean Trips

If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean or even by a major lake, your family weekend trip is as simple as when! Take your kids to the beach and relax before school starts and indulge in the nice weather, great food, and amazing atmosphere these two options have to offer. There are numerous fun things to do with the kids when you live close to water. Take them fishing, have a cookout on the beach with a fire, swim, parasailing is available everywhere by the ocean, and it’s always fun to do a little shopping at the endless beachy shops near the boardwalks. You can stay in a hotel, rent out an RV, camp, or simply do a day trip. Whatever you choose you and your family will have a blast!


Staycation at Home

If you don’t have time to get out of the house for the weekend, and you want to save your money for a longer vacation, there are plenty of fun things to do with the kids at home. Instead of going camping make your backyard a campground! Set up a tent, build a fire, cook hot dogs and pizzas, roast s’mores, and have a good time with the kids! They will have a blast staying up late with you and laying under the stars. If you want to do something a little more special, look up how to build a teepee and a movie projector on Pinterest. You will find hundreds of easy step by step instructions on how to do this, and it will be something you can pack away and bring out again! If you’re looking to do a little swimming and splashing around turn your yard into a water park. Grab yourself some water balloons, squirt guns, and a tarp and you will find yourself and the kids having the best time while cooling off in the summer sun.



Life as a Single Parent

Life as a Single ParentFor whatever reason, you find yourself taking on the roles of being both mom and dad to your child. It can be a challenging position to overtake, especially if you are your only support system. Being a single parent, nonetheless, married and having the support of the other parent, means you must put your needs aside, and put all your efforts towards giving your child the best possible life you can offer them. We are in no way saying spend every penny you have to make them happy, but instead shower them with love and compassion as those are two very important qualities to instill on their cute little brains.

Life is notorious for throwing us curve-balls, and if you find yourself being the only outlet and means to your child’s future, the feeling can be extremely overwhelming. Although your responsibilities may have doubled, and the journey that awaits you will have its bumps, remember that when life gives us a curve-ball there is always a possibility of a grand slam. Today we are going to share some helpful tips to overcome some of the obstacles single parents may face:

Tip #1: “A Bad Attitude Won’t Get You Anyway!”

Being a single parent won’t be easy. It’s a constant emotional roller coaster that will have you at times so exhausted you might not know what to do. Take a breath, count to ten, and know everything is going to be okay! Even though you’re the head of the house and the one making all the decisions just remember that even though you might be alone raising your child, it’s still an awesome experience teaching and watching them grow up. Keeping a good attitude will not only keep you from feeling stressed, but it will also help improve your child’s attitude as well. When they see mommy happy, they will be happy.

A huge helpful hint is to never talk about your ex in a negative manner. A positive attitude is a healthy attitude, and something you should model for your child. If they occasionally bring up the missing parent try and keep it short and simple. Don’t dwell on the past and crush your child’s persona of their parents. Even though it might hurt you, you’re child had nothing to do with the past and whatever decision was made. Talking bad about your ex in front of your child is irresponsible and nothing good will come out of it.

Tip #2: Learn to Multi-task

You’ll become a pro at multitasking in no time. Learning how to make dinner, pack school lunches, and settle a meltdown will be so much easier to tackle in time. The key to this is practice. Learn how to practice patience and find the best ways to handle certain situations, like your child not wanting to eat what you made for breakfast when you have to get ready for work and ironing to get done. Make a schedule and a routine for them to follow daily. This way you’re always prepared and they always know what to expect.

Don’t burn yourself out with a million projects. Get done what you need to get done and then move onto another. Things will be a little difficult at first when your child is a baby and a toddler, but once they get a little older, and can take care of themselves things will get better. A fun thing to do when you have a bunch on your plate, and your child is having a meltdown, is to try and come up with a game to keep them preoccupied. For instance, if you’re folding laundry or making dinner try involving them into the process. Talk about shapes and colors and different foods. This will make things go a little smoother.

Tip #3: Find a Work Schedule that Works for You and Your Family

If you have a family member or friend who is able to pick up your child from daycare, school, sports practices, etc. that’s awesome! But if you’re not so lucky, try talking to your boss about a different work schedule. If you’re able to come in an hour earlier, work on your lunch break, or maybe take some of your work home with you, don’t be afraid to ask. Your child is your main priority and nine times out of ten your boss will understand.

Tip #4: Somethings You Can’t Control

Although you’ve mastered to ease the meltdowns and have finally found a schedule that works for everyone, realize not everything can be controlled with effort. Extra expenses are going to come up when your child is in school and they need field trip forms signed, sports registration payed for, camps, etc. Child support will help with the basic necessities, but much will come from you. Don’t stress yourself out over the little things. Learn to live within your means. Life will be a lot more comfortable and happy that way.

If your ex neglects your child remember it is their loss, not yours! Again, don’t stress over things you cannot change. Giving your child with love and stability is the best thing you can do for them. One day they will recognize your efforts and what is really right in the end.

Tip #5: Be Proud of Yourself!

Last but not least, don’t forget to be proud of all your accomplishments. While it can be a stressful road raising your child all by yourself, trust that you are giving it your all as a parent. Being a single parent isn’t an easy task, and at times you may be the only one there to give yourself a high-five when you’ve mastered a milestone with your child. Be proud when you reach limits you didn’t think possible because you will get there. When you believe you can achieve.



World Breastfeeding Week 2015: Let’s Make it Work!

How are you spending your week of August 1st through the 7th? Join us in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, an annual week-long event that engages women from all around the world with breastfeeding news, support, and community building. This year marks the 24th year for the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, the founding group and champions of moms and babies across the globe. This year’s initiative is “Breastfeeding at Work: Let’s Make it Work!” in remembrance of the 1993 theme: “Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative.”World Breastfeeding Week 2015: Let's Make it Work!


In 1992, The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action founded World Breastfeeding Week to bring awareness to deadly infant diseases, fight world hunger, and overall promote breastfeeding worldwide. The World Health Organization and UNICEF joined as partners with the WABA and together they formed the WBW celebration as way to remind mothers, doctors, and family members that breastfeeding an infant yields the best, most cost-effective nutritional diet available. Mothers receive countless health benefits from breastfeeding as well. In 2007, the CDC reported that only 11.3 percent of new mothers exclusively breastfed their child for the first 6 months. In an effort to raise awareness and extend breastfeeding beyond a week or two, the WABA and partners tirelessly champion breastfeeding support so mothers and babies can benefit from the guidance they need for successful nursing.

This year as we follow the 1993 theme, “Mother-Friendly Workplace Initiative,” which sadly is still a struggle many women face today, we spread the word and encourage employers and the general public to stop criticizing women for nursing in public but instead embrace the healthy and natural process of breastfeeding. If you would like to help spread the word you can find countless La Leche chapters across the nation hosting Latch On events, and WIC offices are always opening their doors to new mothers facing breastfeeding troubles. Look at your local chapters and see how you can volunteer or participate. Leading Lady/ Loving Moments by Leading Lady is donating nursing bras to WIC offices around the country so nursing moms get the support they need for successful, comfortable breastfeeding. Join the conversation on our Facebook page and share your stories with moms just like you!



Finding Time to be a Fit Mom

What to do about Stretch Marks

Every mom knows squeezing in the time for a workout can be, needless to say, almost impossible. If you’re the type to get up at 5 a.m., or sooner, than I solute you not be like the most of us who love every second of extra sleep we can get. It’s hard balancing cleaning the house, work, packing school lunches, making dinner, and at least getting in thirty minutes of cardio into your day. Many of us have good intentions and pump ourselves up all morning and into our day at work and then when we get home we realize there is no food in the fridge or one of the kids is bored and continues to nag you until bedtime. Do you see where I’m getting at? Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and when you think you’re going to be good and workout once you get home it just doesn’t seem to happen. However, when we keep pushing your workouts aside your health is also being pushed aside as well.

Yes, you’ve heard all about how incorporating fitness into your daily routine is great for your health. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, etc. But what about time? Isn’t that the biggest issue? Well we’re here to help! Today we are not only going to talk about the importance of living a fit and healthy life, but also the efficient way to incorporate workouts into your routine.

To be fit, but more importantly, healthy, you have to want it. Plain and simple. There are thousands and thousands of articles out there that have wonderful workout and diet plans that can fit perfectly into your daily life, but you will never be able to fully stick with it unless you are determined for life. Note that I didn’t say for the week, or for the month, or for the year, but for LIFE. Being healthy is a life decision that you cannot just change after you’re workout plan is finished. You have to want it for life, for your health, for your family, and for yourself. You can do it.

Being a fit mom takes time and energy. It starts off with eating healthier and taking care of your body and mind so in return you have more energy and feel more positive. You’ll need to control your cravings and stay away from eating large amounts of sweets and fried food throughout the week. These changes will not be easy at first. You will give up every now and then, binge eat, and feel sorry for yourself, but that’s okay because you’re human. The real bravery and courage comes from not backing down and admitting to your mistakes and encouraging yourself not to give up again. You can do it. Every mom can be the fit mom she wants to be.

Once you’ve decided this is what you really want you’ll need to set goals. Start doing small at-home workouts in the morning when you wake up and once you get home from work. These could be anywhere from 5-20 minutes long.



Morning Workout                                                                 Afternoon Workout

10 Push Ups                                                                            1 Min Plank

10 Calf Raises                                                                         15 Pushups

20 Jumping Jacks                                                                    30 Mountain Climbers

20 Squats                                                                                1 Min Plank

1 Min Plank

If you set goals for yourself and really push yourself to meet them, you’ll have no problem with finding time during your day to workout. You’ll realize you’re able to do more, lift more weight, run longer, etc. If time is still an issue, try getting your whole family involved in the new healthy lifestyle. One idea is to trade time with your husband or partner so one can watch the kids while the other does their workout. Another is to try and get up a little earlier and do a workout video, go for a run, or a bike ride. It’s easier to do this with a partner so encourage your significant other to do it with you.

A few major issues women have when they begin working out are not feeling confident in themselves or feeling guilty for taking away time from their family to workout. If you’re not feeling confident in your skin this is exactly the reason why you should start living a healthier life style. You’ll be a stronger and happier you once you love the skin your in. At first working out will be intimidating, especially if you going to the gym or taking classes. This feeling will pass but it will take some time. Don’t give up just because you see another women who might have a better body than yours or who can lift more weights than you because just remember that’s not how she has always looked or how much she could lift. Everyone starts off somewhere. A great way to feel better about yourself is to join a women’s group fitness class. Women who empower one another to make themselves feel great is an amazing experience. You’ll gain new friends and you’ll all be working towards a similar goal while you motivate each other on the way!

If you’re feeling guilty about wanting to workout, don’t. Taking the time to do something for yourself is not selfish at all. Everyone needs a hobby and their own personal space sometimes. Taking an hour or more out of your day to help improve your health is definitely not something you should feel guilty about. Your family should be there to encourage you and support your journey to be a healthier you. Once you get there you’ll find you’ll be able to spend even more time with them once you have more energy and a better attitude!

Finding time to workout has many elements you’ll need to overcome. You need to want it and be determined to meet goals and know this isn’t a temporary decision, but a life changing one. It’s okay to make mistakes and cheat every once in a while, and try not to be self-conscious or intimidated at the gym. Everyone has to start somewhere. You can do it if you set your mind to it. Every mom is capable and deserving of reaching her goal weight and happiness.



Gobble gobble! Today’s Thanksgiving and that means all the turkey, stuffing and love a happy home could ask for. But with all the decoration, cooking and socializing, most people forget how this wonderful holiday came to be.

This year, take the time to brush up on your Thanksgiving facts and even teach some to your little ones!


Facts of the First Thanksgiving

Duck Hunting

Waterfowl was plentiful around the settlement of the Pilgrims and, because of this, duck hunting was very common. Duck was most likely the main course of the first Thanksgiving, not turkey.



While the women would pluck and roast the ducks their husbands hunted and brought home, their children would most likely be helping by grinding fresh corn into samp, a corn-based oatmeal.


King Massasoit

The Plymouth Pilgrims would never have survived without the Wampanoag and their King, Massasoit, so it is only appropriate that they joined the Pilgrims for their feast!


Wampanoag Gifts

The Wampanoag brought numerous previously hunted deer to the feast, helping the already bountiful plenty!


The Weeklong Feast

The feast of 1621 was not a single gathering and sit-down meal. Instead, it was a weeklong event of meals inside and outdoors! Sometimes the Wampanoag and Pilgrims ate together, sometimes they ate separately. But, no matter the situation, all were thankful for their health, their families, and their new friendships.


This Thanksgiving, think back on our wonderful history and be thankful for its passing. Without it, we may not have this joyful, loving day!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!