Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Your mom resume of skills and talents is probably as long as your laundry list of chores. You’re a mom who wears so many hats and is everything to your family. That’s why you need a nursing bra that can be everything you need to thrive in your day. With comfort, support, style, sophistication and functionality, our Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is the bra that does it all, just like you.

Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Cozy Comfort

You are and always will be comfort to your family. You can get that same comfort in our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. Silky to the touch, your skin will love slipping on this bra every day. Plus the comfort band is just what new moms need – breathable stretchability and adjustability to keep you comfortable even with your changing size.

Serious Support

The comfort band on our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is also highly supportive. Along with adjustable straps and an inner cotton blend sling, your breasts will remain lifted and supported in this rock star bra. In addition, the molded cup shape contours and gently supports your breasts. Don’t be fooled into believing a cute bra cannot be supportive because this bra is equal parts stylish and supportive.

Class with Sass

Let’s face it, moms want to feel good about the way they look. You will feel like a million bucks in this adorable Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. The lace trim lines the shape of your breasts with the perfect balance of sweet and sexy. The thin straps make this a great choice under a variety of tops, including sleeveless dresses. Feminine and flirty, this nursing bra brings elegance to accessibility.

Here’s the word on the street – a.k.a. Walmart.com – about our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra:

This is it…Looked all over! Bought and sent back numerous brands. This bra has GREAT support, awesome shape, is super comfortable during the end of pregnancy and while nursing. It didn’t cause any rubbing/pain. A year later, still nursing, I swear by this bra! It allowed for growth!…It stretches enough yet still holds everything securely in place. The lace trim btw, makes you feel like you’re not a frump! 🙂 Buy it. You won’t regret it. Anyway, it really does look great under clothes, I can wear it with every outfit (even low cut shirts) it REALLY supports and I can’t say enough good things about this bra. It took years before I found one that I love.” by JKBY on Walmart.com

My favorite nursing bra!…Been through several nursing bras and camis, both with and without underwire through two children. So far, this is my favorite style…The fabric is comfortable and washes well in a normal cycle. I hang dry just to be safe and after a few weeks and lots of wear they’re all still in great shape. Lace border and satiny material makes it feel just pretty enough, unlike some of my other dowdy and impractical nursing bras. Best of all this bra provides easy access for nursing. I can clip and unclip one handed easily and in a hurry. For the price I’m very happy.” by BlackBeret on Walmart.com

“Comfortable Bra!… The material is so soft and this bra also gives support and won’t let your boobs sag. If your looking for a cute, comfortable, true to the size bra this is it!” by chickidy on Walmart.com

8 Reasons You Need Easy-to-Use Nursing Bras this Spring

Spring is the time to get out and enjoy beautiful weather and new activities.  When you’re breastfeeding, simplicity and functionality are essential for enjoying springtime with your baby.  Forget the hassle of trying to make-do with your regular bras.  Head to Walmart or Walmart.com for Loving Moments’ easy-to-use nursing bras this spring.

Still not convinced you need easy-to-use nursing bras in your bra wardrobe?  Here are 8 reasons you do:

Reason #1:  Nursing bras are a snap…literally. 

The drop-down cups on our nursing bras have one-handed snap clasps that are a cinch to use.  Lifting your whole bra or having to remove your bra to breastfeed isn’t necessary with this simple feature.

Reason #2:  Nursing bras offer great support. 

When you’re breastfeeding your breasts may be larger and heavier than usual.  A supportive nursing bra is vital to keeping your breasts lifted to avoid uncomfortable sagging and tension across your shoulders and back.

L347-Pink-Gingham-prod-page_230x303Reason #3:  Nursing bras are super comfortable. 

Not only do they give you that great support we just mentioned, but they are also designed for a mother’s ultimate comfort with features like lightly padded cups and straps and delightful fabrics.

Reason #4:  Nursing bras offer flexibility for your changing breasts. 

With multiple hook-and-eye closures, adjustable straps and fabric blends that include slightly stretchy spandex, nursing bras adapt to your milk fluctuations throughout the day and over the course of your breastfeeding journey.

Reason #5:  Nursing bras look great under your clothes. 

You may feel your breasts aren’t their normal shape and probably not their normal size.  A properly fitting contoured nursing bra ensures a beautiful silhouette for your favorite springtime outfits.

Reason #6:  Nursing bras are offered in styles for every occasion. 

The bra you wear to work is probably not the one you want to wear to the gym or on a swanky night out.  Nursing bras come in a variety of styles to meet your lifestyle needs for every activity, day and night.

Reason #7:  Nursing bras are made of soft, breathable fabrics. 

Spring calls for easy breezing clothes and that includes your bras.  Don’t get caught in the heat in heavy bra materials that trap moisture and itch.  Select nursing bras with flexible light fabrics that will keep you cool and dry this spring.

Reason #8:  Nursing bras are stylish.  No really, they are!

New moms want to wear the same stylish bras while breastfeeding that they did pre-baby.  That’s why we offer a variety of styles, colors and patterns that suit every mama’s tastes and keeps her looking chic, sweet, cute and sassy.

We hope now you are convinced that easy-to-use nursing bras are the right choice for spring.  Head on over to Walmart or Walmart.com for our complete Loving Moments collection.

Spring Nursing Bras

Spring is the time for fun prints, lots of color and flirty styles.  As you’re putting together your spring wardrobe, you’ll want to carry these playful trends throughout your intimates as well.  At Loving Moments our philosophy is that moms deserve the same great comfort and style in their nursing bras as they enjoyed in their regular bras.  With our vast nursing bra collection, every new mom has that opportunity.  Whether you prefer basic designs in classic colors or sassy and loud colors and prints, we’ve got everything you need to complete your nursing bra wardrobe this spring.


L347-PinkGingham-165x218The hot prints and colors for this spring include gingham, polka dots, florals and pastels.  Loving Moments offers each of these in our cotton softcup two-pack nursing bra.  This comfortable cotton bra could not be cuter and more functional.  The one-handed nursing clasps easily unfold for simple breastfeeding, and the inner sling gives you all day breast support.  Available in pink gingham, blue floral, pink dot and blue dot, each is sold as a two-pack with a matching complimentary solid color bra.  This unprecedented value, along with comfort and style, makes our cotton softcup nursing bra a double must-have piece in your spring nursing bra wardrobe.


L348Still looking for more fun colors and patterns?  We’ve got them in our shirred front bralette nursing bra.  This uber comfy bra is designed for day and night wear, which is essential for those middle-of-the-night feedings.  This bralette offers full coverage for your breasts with lots of support as milk fluctuates.  Breathable cotton with a dab of spandex gives it a slight stretch while remaining soft on your skin.  And the shirred front feature brings a fun and form-fitting twist.  This bralette-style nursing bra is available in springtime patterns such as orange daisy, rose gold and wine medallion, plus trendy neutrals including black with tan dots, black zebra and heather grey stripes.


L346If you prefer just the basics, Loving Moments has three perfect bras for you this spring.  First, our molded wirefree nursing bra in nude is adorable, sexy, lightweight and just what you need under your spring nursing wardrobe.  The thin straps pair nicely with tank tops and sleeveless shirts and the lace trim gives it a beautiful feminine touch.  If you are used to an underwire bra, our molded underwire nursing bra is a great choice for you, especially if you need more support and structure for your breasts.  With the right fit, underwire can help lift and protect heavy breasts from sagging and becoming uncomfortable throughout the day.  Last, but not least, our active nursing bra is terrific for enjoying more dynamic activities this season.  Walking, hiking and biking are all fun outdoor experiences you can share with your baby.  Make sure you are prepared to breastfeed on-the-go in our super supportive active nursing bra in nude, black, grey or white.


Make sure your entire wardrobe, including intimates, is ready for the season.  With a few playful prints and colors, you can be dressed from head to toe in fun spring nursing attire.  Your spring nursing bras are waiting for you at Walmart and Walmart.com.  We’ll see you there!