Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Child’s Classroom Celebration

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Child’s Classroom CelebrationDo you have a child celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom this year? While there are certainly cartoon and movie-themed Valentine’s Day cards you could purchase for his or her classmates, there are at-home craft options that are fun for you and your child to make together. Without breaking the bank or requiring hours of your time, here are a few Valentine’s Day craft ideas that your child and his or her classmates will be sure to love.

The Write Idea

Sure, giving out candy is the most popular option for a Valentine’s Day gift exchange. Why not explore other small gift options that are practical and fun for schoolchildren? Buy a pack of Valentine’s pencils or pens and some craft paper. You and your child will have fun cutting out hearts together for decoration. Make two small slits (one at the top and one at the bottom) in each paper heart so you can slide a pencil or pen through. What a cute, functional Valentine!

Stuck on You

What does your child like most? Animals, bugs, or even race cars? Visit your local craft shop or dollar store and pick up a few packs of inexpensive stickers that express your child’s hobby. While you cut out the cards (heart shapes are easiest) have your child decorate with stickers and colored markers. Homemade gifts are often more special because they are from the heart and your child’s classmates are sure to adore their hand-crafted cards.

 A Sweet Treat

Bake a pan of Rice Krispy treats with added heart or Valentine’s themed sprinkles. Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter (inexpensive molds are found in craft or other retail stores) and carefully cut out as many heart treats are needed. Make sure that you cut the treats out before they harden completely to make it a little easier. Let your child write each classmate’s name on the outside of a plastic food bag and decorate with markers or stickers.


Happy Valentine’s Day, moms!