Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Your mom resume of skills and talents is probably as long as your laundry list of chores. You’re a mom who wears so many hats and is everything to your family. That’s why you need a nursing bra that can be everything you need to thrive in your day. With comfort, support, style, sophistication and functionality, our Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is the bra that does it all, just like you.

Loving Moments Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra that Does it All

Cozy Comfort

You are and always will be comfort to your family. You can get that same comfort in our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. Silky to the touch, your skin will love slipping on this bra every day. Plus the comfort band is just what new moms need – breathable stretchability and adjustability to keep you comfortable even with your changing size.

Serious Support

The comfort band on our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra is also highly supportive. Along with adjustable straps and an inner cotton blend sling, your breasts will remain lifted and supported in this rock star bra. In addition, the molded cup shape contours and gently supports your breasts. Don’t be fooled into believing a cute bra cannot be supportive because this bra is equal parts stylish and supportive.

Class with Sass

Let’s face it, moms want to feel good about the way they look. You will feel like a million bucks in this adorable Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra. The lace trim lines the shape of your breasts with the perfect balance of sweet and sexy. The thin straps make this a great choice under a variety of tops, including sleeveless dresses. Feminine and flirty, this nursing bra brings elegance to accessibility.

Here’s the word on the street – a.k.a. Walmart.com – about our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra:

This is it…Looked all over! Bought and sent back numerous brands. This bra has GREAT support, awesome shape, is super comfortable during the end of pregnancy and while nursing. It didn’t cause any rubbing/pain. A year later, still nursing, I swear by this bra! It allowed for growth!…It stretches enough yet still holds everything securely in place. The lace trim btw, makes you feel like you’re not a frump! 🙂 Buy it. You won’t regret it. Anyway, it really does look great under clothes, I can wear it with every outfit (even low cut shirts) it REALLY supports and I can’t say enough good things about this bra. It took years before I found one that I love.” by JKBY on Walmart.com

My favorite nursing bra!…Been through several nursing bras and camis, both with and without underwire through two children. So far, this is my favorite style…The fabric is comfortable and washes well in a normal cycle. I hang dry just to be safe and after a few weeks and lots of wear they’re all still in great shape. Lace border and satiny material makes it feel just pretty enough, unlike some of my other dowdy and impractical nursing bras. Best of all this bra provides easy access for nursing. I can clip and unclip one handed easily and in a hurry. For the price I’m very happy.” by BlackBeret on Walmart.com

“Comfortable Bra!… The material is so soft and this bra also gives support and won’t let your boobs sag. If your looking for a cute, comfortable, true to the size bra this is it!” by chickidy on Walmart.com

Loving Moments Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra: Cute & Comfy, a Winning Combo

Remember your favorite bra that you wore before you had a baby? It was soft, comfortable, sassy and molded right to your body. Stop missing that bra RIGHT NOW because we have it in a nursing bra version. Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra is everything you had in your pre-baby bras, now with convenience for breastfeeding.

Loving Moments Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra: Cute & Comfy, a Winning Combo

Let’s break down what you love about your regular go-to bra and compare it to our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra:

The Comfort: No woman should stand for an uncomfortable bra and that’s even truer when you’re nursing. On this bra, the wirefree design with padded cups ensures your upmost comfort. It is made of soft, smooth fabrics with just a bit of stretch to move with your body all day, every day.

The Fit: With adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye back closures, this bra will fit your postpartum curves beautifully. Plus the spandex blend will accommodate size fluctuations along with your milk supply.

The Support: An inner sling helps keep your breasts lifted and supported throughout the day, even with the ebb and flow of your milk supply. Plus the quality fabric and adjustability features allow you to find just the right level of support when and where you need it.

The Shape: Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra is the ideal t-shirt bra for a nursing mom. The cups smooth your breasts and look great under any outfit in your wardrobe, giving you a beautiful silhouette.

The Style: Luxury is not lost when you’re a nursing mom. Lace trim, a lower cut and a sweetheart bow make this nursing bra cute and sexy. It’s the perfect bra for days when you need to feel like your old self again.

Our Wirefree Padded Nursing Bra has all of that PLUS easy-to-use nursing clasps to make breastfeeding a cinch. You deserve everything you had in your pre-baby bra with the convenience for nursing. Now you’ve found it!

Here’s what moms are saying about this bra:

Comfort and style for a new mom…This cute bra gives a little sass to feeding time! It is comfortable and cute, but most importantly is functional…” by BalloonaBudget on Walmart.com

Nursing bras CAN be sexy!…I love this bra! Fits just like a demi. Lightly lined cup has just enough padding to hide nursing pads without being bulky. Wire-free design won’t contribute to plugged ducts. I finally have a nursing bra that is comfortable and makes me feel sexy!” by RedheadedRepunzel on Walmart.com

Pretty and comfortable to nurse my baby…An affordable solution to make me feel pretty and comfortable to nurse.” by MamaM on Walmart.com

Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras – Twice as Nice

At Loving Moments, we know moms want a good value without sacrificing essential comfort and fit. That’s why we offer quality nursing bras at a great price, like our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras. These super soft bras are incredible for nursing while also saving you money.

We get it…you’re working hard to provide the best for your family. That’s why you decided to breastfeed, so you can nurture your baby with the best first food on the planet. Plus, you don’t have tons of time to waste on products that are uncomfortable or play the “game” of price shopping. You want the best deal without the fuss to make your life easier so you can focus on what really matters – your family. Our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bra set is exactly what nursing moms need.

Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras – Twice as Nice

The soft, breathable fabric feels great on your breasts, especially in your early nursing days. The double-lined cups stretch comfortably to accommodate fluctuations in your breast size and the adjustable straps help ensure a great fit. The flirty lace design and color and print options make this bra fun and feminine because we know you want to look as good as you feel in your nursing bras.

And then comes the value. Two for one is only a fabulous buy if the price isn’t inflated per item. With our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bra set, you’re getting a fantastic low price every day. We know babies are expensive and, while you want quality baby care items, cost is a factor. Breastfeeding is an excellent way to save money and there is no need to eat up that savings with expensive nursing bras. Instead, getting a 2-pack helps your bottom line.

Here’s what moms are saying about our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras:

AMAZNG! They are prob the most comfortable bra I have EVER worn…Do not even have my newborn here yet and I am wearing them, because they are THAT comfortable and feels like I am not even wearing anything.” by HCarter09 on Walmart.com

Awesome design, super soft and comfortable. I can finally breathe in these. They are comfortable, stretchable and so so soft.” by Heartsponge on Walmart.com

Never been so comfortable. These bras are so comfortable, I often forget I’m wearing them. I’m a D cup even without milk and they support very well, but are still so flexible and soft. The straps stay put which is a big must for me.” by Mom2Noemie on Walmart.com.

Great fit and comfort. These were great!! They fit perfectly and have the perfect support. I have naturally large breasts anyway and it’s hard to find something that is cute and comfortable. I wear mine everyday!” by kv89 on Walmart.com

With our Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bras, you’re getting exceptional comfort, fit and value. Or as we say, twice as nice and can’t beat the price!

A New Mom’s Everyday Comfort: Loving Moments Seamless Padded Nursing Bra

To your baby, you are everything, including comfort. You deserve that same comfort during pregnancy and while breastfeeding which is why we are thrilled to introduce our new Loving Moments Seamless Padded Nursing Bra. This is your everyday comfort bra that will carry you from maternity to nursing with soft, seamless support.

A New Mom’s Everyday Comfort: Loving Moments Seamless Padded Nursing Bra

When you’re expecting and breastfeeding, stretch is the name of the game. No, we’re not talking about the stretch marks that are a mom’s badge of honor. We’re talking about clothes and intimates made from stretchy materials that will expand with your body and make you feel amazing throughout. Our Seamless Padded Nursing Bra contains just the right touch of spandex to grow with your body without skipping a beat when it comes to support.

During pregnancy your body changes in many ways. Beyond your growing bump, your breasts are getting bigger due to a slew of hormones that are preparing you for breastfeeding. Plus your internal organs are shifting and your body is storing more fat to nurture your developing baby. These changes make your chest larger which not only affects your bra cup size, but also your band size.

New moms know there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting bra, whether your breasts are spilling out of the cups or the band is digging into your ribs. With a bit of stretch and a fabulous design, you can avoid this discomfort by wearing our Seamless Padded Nursing Bra.

Also, throughout breastfeeding your breast size may change as often as hourly. Most moms tend to have more milk in the mornings and less in the evenings. This leads to breast size fluctuations. And in the early stage of breastfeeding after a new mother’s milk comes in, her breasts may be larger and then slowly decrease in size once her body adjusts to the demands of her baby. Flexibility is key in these situations, which is why our Seamless Padded Nursing Bra that ebbs and flows with your body is ideal.

Along with its silky smooth seamless stretchy fabric, this bra features removable modesty pads to avoid embarrassing leaks and to smooth out your look. The nursing clasps could not be easier to use. Simply unclip them and fold the cup down for access to your breasts. The adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit but are thin enough to wear under tank tops or sleeveless dresses. It is available in a rich black color or nude to meet the needs of your wardrobe.

Your baby’s comfort is your priority but yours should be too. Make it so with our Loving Moments Seamless Padded Nursing Bra!

The 4 Best Nursing Bras for Fall

As you are getting your fall wardrobe set, it’s a great time to stock up on the best nursing bras for the season.  Summer was full of fun prints and cool styles, while fall calls for more subtle tones and structured shapes.  Today we’re sharing the 4 best nursing bras for fall.

L346-Nude-prod-page_165x217Your Everyday Nursing Bra

Every woman has a “go to” bra in her lingerie drawer that will never let you down.  It works for almost any occasion and any piece in your wardrobe.  But when you are breastfeeding, you may have to forego that favorite bra for easy access.  Not anymore!  Loving Moment offers your favorite styles in a nursing version.  One of our very favorites for everyday wear is our Molded Wirefree Nursing Bra.  This super versatile bra is made of silky stretch fabric that is a dream for your breasts.  It features a beautiful lace trim along the bustline, easy nursing clasps and a dropdown cup with a comfortable inner sling.  You may find yourself longing for two or three of this fabulous bra – it’s just that awesome!

L358-BLKwithAqua-prod-page_230x303Your Special Occasion Nursing Bra

Nursing moms deserve to look cute and stylish too.  That’s why we offer special occasion nursing bras that make you feel and look fabulous.  One of our hottest numbers is our Padded Nursing Bra available in underwire and wirefree styles.  The sensual black shiny fabric with a feminine turquoise lace trim is sexy and the low cut design lets you show off your feminine curves all day or on date night.  The padded cups give those curves nice structure and support even during daily breast fluctuations and also offer modesty.  Plus, with thinner straps, you can wear this bra with camisoles, sleeveless dresses or any other top in your wardrobe.


L314_Black_fasten_300wYour Workout Nursing Bra

As you and your baby are getting out and about for exercise as the weather cools, you’ve got to check out our unique Sport Nursing Bra.  It can be worn during pregnancy and during nursing because it offers superior support, stretch and adaptability.  Unlike most bras, this bra has adjustable bands on both sides so it can grow with you as your size changes during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  For maximum workout effectiveness, it features a mess racer back design and breathable, absorbable cotton fabric.  Plus, the drop down cups make taking your baby for a hike, bike ride or jog simple for breastfeeding whenever necessary.  Our Sport nursing bra is available in both white with black trim and black with white trim.

316Your Leisure Nursing Bra

You’ve probably discovered that when you and your baby are home together, and even while you are sleeping, you need the upmost support and comfort.  That’s what you get in our Leisure Sleep Bra, ideal for maternity or nursing wear.  First of all, the pullover design means no back closures to bother you during the night.  Rather than nursing clasps and drop down cups, this bra offers crossover slide cups that give easy access to your breasts day or night.  Our Leisure Sleep Bra also comes with washable nursing pads that can be removed.  It is available in 4 prints and colors:  black, grey, blue floral and leopard.  When at home, we know you’ll be living in this bra!

If you’re not enjoying your fall nursing bras, head to Walmart or Walmart.com for the best nursing bras of the season!

The Best Summer Nursing Bras

Every season has an ideal wardrobe and that also includes your intimates wardrobe. Even when you are breastfeeding, certain bras are more conducive to the weather and your seasonal wardrobe.  That’s why Loving Moments features a variety of styles that will meet every nursing mom’s personal style and comfort level so she can look and feel great while nourishing her baby.

During the warm summer months, soft, breathable nursing bras are crucial to keep mom comfortable and baby satisfied.  Today we’re sharing the best summer nursing bras from our Loving Moments collection.  Available only at Walmart and Walmart.com, these bras should be your go-to choices for summer breastfeeding:

The Best Summer Nursing BrasSeamless Bralette Nursing Bra

This nursing bra is the ultimate in comfort and softness.  Made of the softest, stretchy santoni fabric, this bra breathes and moves with you throughout your day.  The bralette style fits comfortably around the back and over tender breasts, while the nursing clasps make breastfeeding easy at any time.  As a leisure bra, our seamless bralette is terrific during pregnancy and throughout your breastfeeding experience.  Your breasts will go through many changes during this time as your milk comes in and milk production eventually stabilizes.  A stretchable fabric like santoni is the best choice to mold to your breasts for amazing comfort at every stage.  Plus, you’ll look great in our traditional nude, calming blue or sassy peony pink options.

L347-PinkGingham-165x218Cotton Softcup 2-Pack Nursing Bra

Finally, an adorable nursing bra that offers great support at a phenomenal value!  Our cotton softcup nursing bra 2-pack offers double the value without skimping on any of the necessities: comfort, style and fit.  With an inner sling that supports breasts all day long and simple nursing clasps, this bra is tailor-made for the needs of every nursing mom.  The double layered uber soft cups offer modesty and a smooth contour for breasts.  The color selections and patterns range from classic white and lacy white, to gingham pink and blue and pink polka dots.  This summer, you’ll be nursing in style with our cotton softcup 2-pack nursing bra.

The Best Summer Nursing BrasActive Wirefree Nursing Bra

Summer is the time to be active and nursing moms are no exception.  For breastfeeding on-the-go, our active wirefree nursing bra is essential for easy feedings and firm support.  The broad padded straps help keep breasts lifted and weight dispersed evenly across the shoulders and back.  The cotton fabric is soft yet firmly keeps breasts in place for less bounce during light to moderate activities.  Our signature inner sling also supports breasts, even during feedings.  Available in bra neutrals including black, white, nude and grey, this bra is a must-have for active nursing moms this summer.

Happy summer and happy breastfeeding!!

Spring Nursing Bras

Spring is the time for fun prints, lots of color and flirty styles.  As you’re putting together your spring wardrobe, you’ll want to carry these playful trends throughout your intimates as well.  At Loving Moments our philosophy is that moms deserve the same great comfort and style in their nursing bras as they enjoyed in their regular bras.  With our vast nursing bra collection, every new mom has that opportunity.  Whether you prefer basic designs in classic colors or sassy and loud colors and prints, we’ve got everything you need to complete your nursing bra wardrobe this spring.


L347-PinkGingham-165x218The hot prints and colors for this spring include gingham, polka dots, florals and pastels.  Loving Moments offers each of these in our cotton softcup two-pack nursing bra.  This comfortable cotton bra could not be cuter and more functional.  The one-handed nursing clasps easily unfold for simple breastfeeding, and the inner sling gives you all day breast support.  Available in pink gingham, blue floral, pink dot and blue dot, each is sold as a two-pack with a matching complimentary solid color bra.  This unprecedented value, along with comfort and style, makes our cotton softcup nursing bra a double must-have piece in your spring nursing bra wardrobe.


L348Still looking for more fun colors and patterns?  We’ve got them in our shirred front bralette nursing bra.  This uber comfy bra is designed for day and night wear, which is essential for those middle-of-the-night feedings.  This bralette offers full coverage for your breasts with lots of support as milk fluctuates.  Breathable cotton with a dab of spandex gives it a slight stretch while remaining soft on your skin.  And the shirred front feature brings a fun and form-fitting twist.  This bralette-style nursing bra is available in springtime patterns such as orange daisy, rose gold and wine medallion, plus trendy neutrals including black with tan dots, black zebra and heather grey stripes.


L346If you prefer just the basics, Loving Moments has three perfect bras for you this spring.  First, our molded wirefree nursing bra in nude is adorable, sexy, lightweight and just what you need under your spring nursing wardrobe.  The thin straps pair nicely with tank tops and sleeveless shirts and the lace trim gives it a beautiful feminine touch.  If you are used to an underwire bra, our molded underwire nursing bra is a great choice for you, especially if you need more support and structure for your breasts.  With the right fit, underwire can help lift and protect heavy breasts from sagging and becoming uncomfortable throughout the day.  Last, but not least, our active nursing bra is terrific for enjoying more dynamic activities this season.  Walking, hiking and biking are all fun outdoor experiences you can share with your baby.  Make sure you are prepared to breastfeed on-the-go in our super supportive active nursing bra in nude, black, grey or white.


Make sure your entire wardrobe, including intimates, is ready for the season.  With a few playful prints and colors, you can be dressed from head to toe in fun spring nursing attire.  Your spring nursing bras are waiting for you at Walmart and Walmart.com.  We’ll see you there!