Delicious Baby Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! We hope you and your little ones are enjoying the Halloween season and preparing for the big night. We’re getting very excited and we just HAVE to share some of our favorite delicious baby Halloween costumes. Because, if you’re like us, sometimes you just want to eat up your adorable little baby!

If you’re still looking for a last minute idea and you’ve got food in mind, check out these yummy baby Halloween costumes:

Adorably Ripe

Keep your little one warm and nutritious wrapped in one of these fun fruit and veggie costumes. Your crispy carrot, juicy strawberry, ear of corn or pea in the pod will be a welcome sight among all of the candy. Bunting costumes are especially great for newborns who want to join in the festivities.


Sweet and Scrumptious

While your little one may not be enjoying candy quite yet, he can dress up like it. These playful baby Halloween costumes look good enough to eat! (junior mints, sugar babies, tootsie roll)










Family Faves

Incorporate your family’s favorite meals into your baby Halloween costume. Pizza and hot dogs, peanuts and tacos, and don’t forget the sushi! Or if you have a baby who rules the roost, a chef’s costume may be most appropriate. (pizza, hot dogs, peanuts, tacos, sushi, chef)













Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest Winners

Wow, your lil’ pumpkins are downright adorable! Thanks to everyone who entered our Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest for a chance to win a new Loving Moments nursing bra. We absolutely loved seeing your nurslings dressed in their Halloween costumes and we’re so glad you shared your #LovingMoments with us!

The five winners of our Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest are:


Ewok submitted by Jennifer Vogel on Facebook


Mermaid submitted by greenbay_allday on Instagram


Lobster submitted by Jamie Atencio on Facebook


Tin Man submitted by Silverawalker on Instagram


Jackolantern submitted by Sarah Magwood on Facebook

Again, thanks to all who entered. Your babies looked amazing. Check them out here or see our gallery on Facebook.




Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest – Nursing Bra Giveaway

Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest – Nursing Bra Giveaway

Halloween always brings out the shutterbugs because, honestly, who can resist babies in costumes? We’re hoping you’ll share your adorable photos with us this year as part of our Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest. When you do, you’ll be entered to win a new Loving Moments nursing bra of your choice.

Whether you have a pirate, a strawberry, a bumblebee, or a flower, we’re excited to see your little ones all dressed up for Halloween. Starting October 24 through November 1, we’re calling for photos of your nurslings in costume. You can submit photos of your lil’ pumpkin on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #LovingMoments.  See below for more details.

Lil’ Pumpkin Photo Contest

Dates: Monday, October 24 – Tuesday, November 1

How to Enter:  Share a photo of your lil’ pumpkin, a.k.a. your nursling, on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram + tag Loving Moments + use the hashtag #LovingMoments. (Only entries tagged using the # will be considered.)

Tag Loving Moments on Facebook: @LovingMomentsBras.

Tag Loving Moments on Twitter @LovingMomentsBr.

Tag Loving Moments on Instagram @LovingMomentsBras.

What You’ll Win: 5 winners will be selected and announced on November 2. These lucky mamas will receive the nursing bra of her choice from the Loving Moments by Leading Lady collection.

Additional Information: Photos submitted may be shared by Loving Moments on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instragram) and our Mommy Moments blog regardless of where they were originally posted. By submitting a photo, you agree to allow us to use it across channels.

Giveaway Rules & Regulations:

  • Entries will be accepted during the specified timeframe only. Entries submitted outside the contest window will not be considered.
  • Winners are selected at the discretion of Loving Moments by Leading Lady.
  • 5 winners will be selected to receive one prize each.
  • Failure to claim prize within 10 days of notification will result in forfeiture of prize.
  • Prizes subject to availability based on winner’s size, color and product selection. If the preferred prize is not available, the winner can make another selection.
  • May not be combined with any other coupon code offers.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Please allow up to 21 days for shipping after a prize has been selected.
  • Not valid with previous or future purchases.
  • Giveaway may be discontinued at anytime without notice.

Good luck!

Swaddle Baby Halloween Costumes

Swaddle Baby Halloween CostumesIf you have a newborn, you’re probably excited for your baby’s first Halloween. As fun as it is dressing your baby daily in adorable clothes, it’s even cuter to dress your little one in a baby Halloween costume. For the newest and tiniest additions, it may be easiest to keep your baby swaddled snugly during your Halloween festivities. Today we’re sharing colorful ideas for swaddle baby Halloween costumes that you can make yourself.  And no matter what shade strikes your fancy, we’ve got an idea for every color of the rainbow:

RED – Ladybug

Draw black circular dots all over a red swaddle. Fasten pipe-cleaner antennae and eyes to a black baby hat. Your lucky ladybug is ready for her Halloween debut.

ORANGE – Jack-o-lantern

We’re going with the gourd of the season for our orange pick. Simply draw or iron on a jack-o-lantern face include triangle eyes and nose and a jagged grin.  Secure a green stem from an orange baby hat and your lil’ pumpkin is prime for picking.

YELLOW – Burrito

You’ve probably felt your baby looked a lot like a burrito when swaddled. You can make it so by using a yellowish gold swaddle and adding some tissue paper accents such as green for lettuce, red for tomato and brown for meat. You can even add a little sticker identifying your favorite local Mexican restaurant where your baby burrito came from.

GREEN – Caterpillar

Using a green swaddle, adhere strips of green painters tape or ribbon about 4-5 inches apart from each other. Put your baby in a green baby hat with antennae and bug eyes. Your little crawling critter will be cozy and cute for the big day.

BLUE – Superhero

On a blue swaddle place a cut out or print out of the first letter of your baby’s name. Use a piece of fabric or a small towel as a cape and place the same letter on the back. Fasten the cape to your baby’s swaddle. Your little one is ready to save the day.

PURPLE – Butterfly

With a purple swaddle center, simply fasten butterfly wings to the back of your baby’s blanket. Then add a baby hat with antennae and your beautiful butterfly will look spectacular for Halloween.

WHITE – Sushi

Wrap your baby in a plain white swaddle. Using a black strip of fabric, gently fasten a small orange or pinkish pillow to your baby’s front or back. The pillow is for the fish and the white is the rice. Your baby will surely look delicious enough to eat.

BROWN – Football

Swaddled in brown, add white painters tape in the pattern of football stitching. Do the same for a brown baby hat and you’re ready for game day.

Swaddle baby Halloween costumes are a fun way to keep your little love warm, snuggly and comfy during baby’s first Halloween.

Baby Halloween Costumes: Dressing your Baby as a Costume Accessory

Baby Halloween costumes are a fun and adorable way to get into the festive Halloween spirit.  As long as the costume is comfortable, your baby probably will not even realize she’s wearing it.  At this young age, you have the opportunity to dress your baby as anything that reflects your own creativity and interests.  One way families choose to celebrate is with group costumes, allowing baby to be the accessory that makes the perfect finishing touch.  Today we’re sharing baby Halloween costumes that are perfect accessories for your family costumes.

olaf-costumesThe Littlest One

If your family is going as a classic “group” of characters, babies are terrific at dressing as the littlest in the clan.  After all, they are naturally small and adorable, and they probably won’t complain about being dressed as the runt of the litter.  Some examples of this use of baby Halloween costumes as accessories are dressing your baby as Toto from Wizard of Oz, Yoda from Star Wars, piglet from Winnie the Pooh, Olaf from Frozen, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid or Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.


dalmationoutfitSide Kicks Rock

Babies also make excellent side kicks for your older kids’ costumes or even your own.  Do you have a superhero big brother or a pirate big sister?  Add a Robin to your older Batman or a parrot for your budding pirate.  If the big kid in your family is going to be a firefighter, let your baby be the Dalmatian helping sniff out fires.  Your older children will love having their little bro or sis as part of their selected costume.


885494-Baby-Football-Bunting-Costume-mainHave a Ball

Babies are rolly and polly, so why not dress them as a ball?  The rest of your family can dress as a sports team – whether it’s a football, baseball or soccer team is up to you.  Your baby can be the adorable football, baseball or soccer ball that ties the team together.


download (1)Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhyme costumes are classic and right at your baby’s level.  Every good Mary needs her little lamb (or Little Bo Peep with her sheep), and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater needs a good pumpkin by his side.  Other great examples include mice from Hickory Dickory Dock, a spider with Little Miss Muffet, and Humpty Dumpty with his horsemen.


Two for One

If you have twins, babies within two years of each other or want to dress up with another baby friend, look for baby friendly double costumes like Thing One and Thing Two, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Raggedy Ann and Andy or Mario and Luigi.  Other twosie ideas include Peanut Butter and Jelly, Sushi and Soy Sauce, Milk and Cookies or Salt and Pepper shakers.


Stuck on You

Here’s another clever idea:  carry your baby in a baby carrier and use the attachment to your advantage.  You can be a kangaroo with a little baby joey in your pouch (using a front carrier) or the Hunchback of Notre Dame (using a back carrier).  Another idea is a two headed clown, monster or alien using your face and your baby’s.


Have a blast with your baby Halloween costumes!  Happy Halloween!


Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Halloween Costumes Sweater weather, hay rides, pumpkin picking, falling leaves, cookouts and spooky costumes. What does this all add up to? Only the coziest month of the year: October! Yes, fall is here and that means a lot of wonderful things. But most importantly, Halloween is just around the corner!

You’re probably used to going through the costume picking process and, if you’re a new mom, things are about to change. No longer are you focusing around pretty, witty, or even sexy. Now? You want a mom and baby costume to photograph and document for years to come! (And perhaps embarrass them with when they’re older!)

So get out the cameras and sewing supplies because we’ve collected some of the most creative ideas yet, from the almost too adorable to wildly hilarious!

Baby Costume Ideas

If you’re not into dressing up but would still like your little one to participate in the festivities, get excited! Without the fuss of your own costume you are free to focus completely on the lovable hilarity of your baby’s! DIY baby costumes are key this Halloween and below are a few options that always please the crowd!

The Burrito Baby

 Are you a Chipotle fan? If so, ask for an extra bag on your next burrito run and let the merriment begin! Simple, funny and warm, this cheap and easy infant costume will have you cheerful all night – and perhaps a little hungry, as well…

The Timeless Classic

We’re sure you’ve seen it and loved it every time. Why? Because a baby dressed as an elderly person is just too funny! And if your little one is learning to walk, it is the perfect chance for some outdoor practice!

Biker Baby

Looking to be cutting edge this holiday? The quick and easy biker baby costume is perfect! And HALARIOUS! A little eyeliner beard and I LOVE MOM tattoo, dollar store bandana and baby biker shirt and jeans will make this Halloween the edgiest yet! Oh, did we say edgiest? We meant cutest!

Mom and Baby Costume Ideas

Looking to dress up with your little one? Well, toss out the heels and grab the baby carrier because it is time to focus on cute and comfortable! And while many costumes are expensive, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a matching outfit. Instead, take advantage of the things you have around the house. DIY mom and baby costumes never get old! Below are a few moms who have outdone themselves! We hope this Halloween you do the same!

Baby Lion & Mama Lion Tamer


Get a roaring applause this Halloween as the loveable lion & lion tamer duo! A little eyeliner mustache, a cheap costume shop top hat and a classy outfit of your own will make for a flawless lion tamer! And if you know how to sew, put this adorable lion costume together yourself! If not, there are plenty of cheap, well-made options that you can purchase online. Either way, you’ll trick or treat your way into pocketfuls of candy with a costume this cute!

Little Popped Corn & Mommy Attendant!

Who needs candy when you can have popcorn? Easily dress up as a mama movie attendant and bag of popcorn with a few easy materials: for the attendant you’ll need a white button up, black slacks, and a red bow tie! For the baby bag of popcorn, simply glue together pieces of white and red felt around your baby carrier. If it’s chilly, hot glue some pieces of popcorn to your baby’s white beanie! With a costume this sweet, you’ll want to eat your little one up!

Rainbow Brite and Sprite

From the beloved children’s TV show, Rainbow Brite and Sprite is the ideal costume to add a little love and color to this traditionally eerie holiday! Focus your costume around rainbows and, for your baby, lots of cozy fluff! Lovely and sweet, this costume is perfect for a new mom to portray the love and warmth she feels for her baby.

Family Costumes:

If you and your husband want the fun and charm of a matching costume, make sure to include the kids! Group costumes are both wonderful and entertaining and they allow the whole family to play a part. From a favorite movie to a favorite food group, family costumes are always the way to go!

The Beehive

A little pricy to create but, the outcome? TOTALLY worth it! Consider, as a practical costume alternative, using a bee beanie for your baby and dress up the carrier as a hive. No matter what you decide, dressing up as a beehive with your little honey and hubby will make everyone agree: your costume is the bee’s knees!

The Safari

Comfy, cozy, and cute, this family costume is to die over! While keeping your newborn soft and warm in their lion snuggy, pull on your hiking boots and high socks for a real safari adventure! Include some aviators and binoculars to spot all the jealous onlookers!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you have two little ones and your husband wants to be a part of the family costume, but not enough to wear the makeup and clothes, go for a simple and cute alternative! With the purchase of snuggly animal costumes and a simple ‘Oh my.’ t-shirt, you can still achieve an adorable Halloween pun while pleasing everyone.

With inspiration like this we’re sure you’re ready to get started on your own! So break out the camera and sewing supplies and remember: you’ll be mummy of the year with costumes like these!

Baby Halloween Costumes: Tricks for Making Halloween a Treat for Baby and You

Baby Halloween costumes might be the most exciting part of Halloween for any family with a new little pumpkin.  It’s practically a new parent’s right of passage to dress their baby in the most adorable costume imaginable, and take oodles of pictures, too. But keep in mind that, unlike a baby doll, your baby is quiet sensitive and may not always cooperate with your best laid plans.

We’re breaking down some of the most important parts of baby’s first Halloween to help get your creative juices flowing, and to keep baby – and you – happy and festive.

Baby Halloween Costumes

Stuck on which precious costume to choose?  Why not pick something you can use again, such as a baby t-shirt featuring your favorite sports team.  Your baby can be a player or a cheerleader with just a few reusable accessories.  Or keep it simple and let the t-shirt do the talking by selecting a top with a character, graphic or funny slogan printed on it.

If you’re headed to a party with family or friends, dress the little ones up together for awesome pictures.  Pick a theme, such as Old MacDonald’s Farm, and let each baby be a different farm animal – cow, horse, chicken, pig, etc…  And all the adults can be farmers!  Another fun theme can be a fruits and vegetables, with the babies dressed as strawberries, bananas, watermelon, carrots and pea pods.  They will look deliciously adorable!

Whichever way you go, be sure baby is comfortable in soft fabrics and dressed appropriately for the weather.  And if baby rejects the costume altogether, it probably isn’t worth a power struggle.  There will be many more Halloween costumes in the future.

Spook-Free Environment

While your baby may not be able to tell you, babies are aware of new environments, sights and sounds.  Baby can easily get spooked if something feels awry, so be conscious of exploring your Halloween scenery together, showing baby that it is all for fun.  Babies want to feel safe so don’t take your little one into a space that is extremely dark, with frightful decorations and scary noises.  Save the ghosts and goblins for the older kids and make Halloween a sweet holiday this year.

Taking in the new and interesting environment requires a lot of energy for processing, and baby may get fussy or tire easily.  Try to stick to baby’s sleep schedule so your baby isn’t crabby the day after Halloween.

Breastfeeding on Halloween

Loving Moments Nursing BrasPlan when and where you’ll breastfeed in advance.  It’s ok to adjust feeding schedules by a few minutes throughout the day to make it convenient to go out later.  If you’re headed to a gathering, ask for a quiet spot away from the excitement to nurse so baby can get a good feeding without being distracted.  As we all know, a well-fed baby is always happier!  Be sure to wear your Loving Moments nursing bras or our super-simple nursing tank under your costume to make nursing on-the-go easy.

Limit alcohol intake this year while you are nursing.  Get a recommendation from your pediatrician as to whether or not you can drink and how much is safe.  Also be conscious of your sugar intake on Halloween.  What you eat is passed along to your baby through your breast milk.  If you get a sugar high, baby may be bouncing off the walls too.

Have a wonderful and sweet Halloween!   We hope you’ll share your “Loving Moments” Halloween pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!