Swaddle Baby Halloween Costumes

Swaddle Baby Halloween CostumesIf you have a newborn, you’re probably excited for your baby’s first Halloween. As fun as it is dressing your baby daily in adorable clothes, it’s even cuter to dress your little one in a baby Halloween costume. For the newest and tiniest additions, it may be easiest to keep your baby swaddled snugly during your Halloween festivities. Today we’re sharing colorful ideas for swaddle baby Halloween costumes that you can make yourself.  And no matter what shade strikes your fancy, we’ve got an idea for every color of the rainbow:

RED – Ladybug

Draw black circular dots all over a red swaddle. Fasten pipe-cleaner antennae and eyes to a black baby hat. Your lucky ladybug is ready for her Halloween debut.

ORANGE – Jack-o-lantern

We’re going with the gourd of the season for our orange pick. Simply draw or iron on a jack-o-lantern face include triangle eyes and nose and a jagged grin.  Secure a green stem from an orange baby hat and your lil’ pumpkin is prime for picking.

YELLOW – Burrito

You’ve probably felt your baby looked a lot like a burrito when swaddled. You can make it so by using a yellowish gold swaddle and adding some tissue paper accents such as green for lettuce, red for tomato and brown for meat. You can even add a little sticker identifying your favorite local Mexican restaurant where your baby burrito came from.

GREEN – Caterpillar

Using a green swaddle, adhere strips of green painters tape or ribbon about 4-5 inches apart from each other. Put your baby in a green baby hat with antennae and bug eyes. Your little crawling critter will be cozy and cute for the big day.

BLUE – Superhero

On a blue swaddle place a cut out or print out of the first letter of your baby’s name. Use a piece of fabric or a small towel as a cape and place the same letter on the back. Fasten the cape to your baby’s swaddle. Your little one is ready to save the day.

PURPLE – Butterfly

With a purple swaddle center, simply fasten butterfly wings to the back of your baby’s blanket. Then add a baby hat with antennae and your beautiful butterfly will look spectacular for Halloween.

WHITE – Sushi

Wrap your baby in a plain white swaddle. Using a black strip of fabric, gently fasten a small orange or pinkish pillow to your baby’s front or back. The pillow is for the fish and the white is the rice. Your baby will surely look delicious enough to eat.

BROWN – Football

Swaddled in brown, add white painters tape in the pattern of football stitching. Do the same for a brown baby hat and you’re ready for game day.

Swaddle baby Halloween costumes are a fun way to keep your little love warm, snuggly and comfy during baby’s first Halloween.