Snacks for Santa

Snacks for SantaSharing the magic of Christmas with little ones is often the highlight of the holiday season for many parents. The values of believing and dreaming dance across your children’s faces as they experience the wonders of the holidays. If one of your family’s traditions is to leave snacks for Santa, then you know the joy that making a tasty treat brings to your kids.

Today we’re sharing ideas for snacks for Santa so you can leave a scrumptious offering for jolly old St. Nick…or whoever may end up eating it in your house.

Cookies & Milk

The classic plate of cookies and milk is an oldie and a goodie. Traditionally gingerbread cookies with personal decorating touches are served but ornamental sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies or any other flavor your family enjoys will also work beautifully.

Cheese & Crackers

For a saltier take on the bread and dairy combo, go for a nice cheese and cracker platter. Santa may enjoy a break from the sweets by the time he reaches your house.


Perhaps Santa will be in need of a more sustainable meal at some point along his journey. A hearty sandwich will do the trick. Encourage your kids to make it themselves and include something from every food group.

Hot Cocoa

Warm Santa with a delicious cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows of course.

Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Dipping and decorating pretzels is a fun family activity and something beautiful to leave for Santa Claus. Have a blast using colorful icing, sprinkles and candies on your creation.

Reindeer Snacks

Don’t forget to leave something for the reindeer too. Carrots, oats, water and reindeer chow (also known as puppy chow) are among the most popular foods to give reindeer energy to haul loads of toys all night long.

Across the Globe

Check out what children around the world traditionally leave for Santa on Christmas Eve:

  • France: biscuits
  • Australia: beer
  • Denmark: rice pudding
  • Chili: Viejo Pascuero (sponge cake)
  • England: mince pie
  • Sweden: coffee

Sources: Mother Nature Network, Cooking Light and Fox News