Pumping When Away from Baby Worth It

Pumping When Away from Baby Worth ItPumping When Away from Baby Worth It

It was my first overnight trip away from Taylor. I had a golf tournament only a car drive away so thankfully I didn’t have to fly this time. It was tough leaving her but I also knew she would be in the best hands–grandma and grandpa (daddy was out of town too). I left enough expressed milk for 4 days.

For those of you not familiar with golf, a typical round takes 4 hours. With warming up, then playing, and a little practice afterward, there’s not an opportunity to express for 7 hours. Ouch! Keeping my milk supply up was a must. I was able to freeze it then travel home with it.

It is all worth it! The look on Taylor’s face when I returned home from my tournament was priceless and it made me melt!

Danah Bordner
New Mom, LPGA Professional Golfer and Loving Moments Spokesmom

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