Probiotics May Ease Colic in Babies

Probiotics May Ease Colic in BabiesColic may not afflict many babies (it is reported that only 8 to 15% of babies have colic), but the symptomatic persistent, howling crying is enough to shatter any parent’s world. While there is no known cause for colic, new research suggests that some probiotics might ease a colicky baby’s symptoms. There is also evidence that taking certain probiotics during pregnancy reduce the risk of an infant developing colic as well. Though researchers are only reporting the preliminary findings, medical and parent groups are hopeful that colic will be reduced or eliminated with probiotic use.

Probiotics, which are strains of “good bacteria,” have long been known to ease digestive issues with adults. Colic is thought to disrupt a baby’s digestive system, so researchers have hypothesized that probiotics may be able to soothe a colicky baby’s digestive system just like an adult’s. Even though a large percentage of the infant population is not affected by colic, the condition is highly disruptive and emotionally hard for many new parents to deal with. Even though the study notes that much more research has to be conducted before probiotic supplements become the new regimen for colicky babies, it is encouraging for parents to have another alternative that may ease colic.

Did you have a colicky baby? What tips do you have for other mothers who may be dealing with their baby’s colic? Share in our comments below.


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  1. For the longest time, I’ve had my doubts about probiotics. However, after reading this, I now hold a different view of them. I’ve never had a colicky baby, so I have no tips to offer on the subject, but I did feel the need to leave a comment to let you know that this article was interesting to me and very informative. Thanks.