Pregnancy Travel Checklist: The Essentials for a Stress-Free Vacation

Pregnancy Travel Checklist: The Essentials for a Stress-Free VacationSqueezing in one more summer vacation before baby’s due date? Make sure you don’t hit the road with some of these pregnancy travel essentials listed by Pregnancy and Newborn magazine. Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or boat, this list will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable despite layovers and hot, humid weather. Pack your bags accordingly, moms-to-be!

Travel days can be the most trying on pregnant moms. Waiting in security lines, coasting down the high way with countless hours ahead—these travel scenarios are hard on anyone, but pregnant moms especially! Dress for comfort and breezy, casual style for your travel days. Start with a Loving Moments bralette (either the seamless bralette or the cotton bralette will be comfy and supportive) to minimize any excessive sweating or irritation from your regular bras. The rest of your outfit should be casual too: pair our Maternity Leggings with your favorite lightweight summer top. If you’re flying to your destination, remember that airports can be unexpectedly chilly from air conditioning, so don’t forget a light sweater in your travel tote.

Feeling queasy? Pack your bag with ginger chews or other nausea-relieving candies made just for pregnant women. You’ll also want a pack of sugar free gum to refresh your breath if you’re experiencing morning sickness. A mini tooth brushing kit and mouth wash will be lifesavers if you find yourself unable to cope with a rocky flight. Make sure everything you pack in your carry-on follows your airline’s liquids policy, so double-check before you head out.

Want a midday refresher? Cool down with a pack of sensitive skin baby wipes and a bottle of mineral water spray. These easy-to-carry items will keep you feeling fresh while in motion. The mineral water spray will keep your face hydrated and smooth despite sun, salt, and other harsh conditions. Don’t forget to sip water too—even though it means more bathroom breaks, staying hydrated is very important for expecting moms.

Hair ties, comfortable flats you can walk in, and extra panty liners round out P&N’s recommended list of travel items. We’d recommend a pack of washable nursing pads for those unexpected breast milk leaks while on the road as well. Don’t forget to pack a camera, too—some of your best vacation memories might occur before you make it to your final destination, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.

Happy vacationing, moms-to-be!