Pregnancy Exercise Modifications: Surfing and Ballet Spotlight

Pregnancy Exercise Modifications: Surfing and Ballet SpotlightSurf’s up! One mom recently documented her pregnancy in an unusual fashion—she recorded surf videos that featured each stage of her pregnancy. Australian mom Kristi Olivares surfs almost every day, and when she found out she was pregnant she saw no reason to stop her routine.

Exercise modification for pregnant women has made headlines recently; Ballet Beautiful founder Mary Helen Bowers danced pointe through her entire pregnancy. Ballet Beautiful, a New York City ballet studio known for its celebrity clientele, added prenatal ballet classes to its current workout schedule. Expecting moms around the globe can enjoy Bowers’ “Ballet Baby” web classes available for purchase. While Olivares is not a professional surfer (Bowers was a professional ballerina with a long history of experience and training), the new mom did stress that she took precautions while pregnant surfing.


Pregnancy Exercise Modifications: Surfing and Ballet SpotlightFor instance, Olivares eschewed traditional surfing technique once she passed her 14 week mark. She no longer lay flat on her stomach while paddling out to catch a wave. Instead, Olivares rested on her knees and steered clear of any waves over waist height. Also, she only surfed in the company of friends. Most importantly though, Olivares noted that she ran her surfing habit by her doctor before continuing her 4-day surfing schedule.

In a piece for She Surfs, Olivares describes a morning in the ocean, which speaks to why she decided to surf while pregnant: “I wait for a wave with my hand on my belly and know that my growing baby can feel the magic too.” Surfing became an important experience Olivares could share with her unborn son.

Whatever activity you feel committed to, make sure to have a clear conversation with your doctor before continuing it through your pregnancy. Your doctor knows your medical history and should advise you before you pick up your pre-pregnancy exercises. Well-meaning family members and friends may advise you against certain types of exercise, but don’t feel discouraged by their advice. As long as you have the go-ahead from your doctor, pursue your activity with modifications and limits that keep you comfortable and safe.

What activities did you continue while pregnant? Let us know in the comments.