Pregnancy Cravings Revealed: More than Pickles and Ice Cream

Pregnancy Cravings Revealed: More than Pickles and Ice CreamWe’ve all heard the story of a pregnant wife asking her husband to pick up pickles and ice cream to satisfy a craving, but did you know that some pregnant women have reported feeling cravings for tennis balls, rubber, and shoe polish?

In a recent survey, pregnant women shared what kinds of pregnancy cravings they felt and how often their cravings struck them. A surprising 11 percent of women admitted a craving for soap while 6 percent reported pregnancy cravings for chalk. What about these household items draws pregnant women to them? Toothpaste, tennis balls, shoe polish, and rubber were among other items moms-to-be admitted to craving during pregnancy.

Where do you fall on the pregnancy cravings reported list? The most common pregnancy craving was dessert (25 percent) and there are plenty of sweet tooth options available to help satisfy a pregnant mom’s hunger! After sweets, 18 percent of women admitted to craving red meat and 13 percent stated that they wanted more veggies than anything other food item.

It’s good to know that partners and family members are accommodating of pregnancy cravings—36 percent of women surveyed dispatched their partners out for a food item to fulfill a pregnancy craving in the middle of the night! And husbands are not the only ones helping pregnant women get what they want; 32 percent of pregnant women have called close friends and family members for help getting food they crave.


What have you been pulling out of the fridge at midnight, moms-to-be?