Pregnancy and Your Feet

Shoe lovers everywhere may want to avert their eyes! This will be tough to read…

Pregnancy is a time of wonderful, natural and slightly bizarre new experiences. Not only are expecting mothers undergoing peculiar cravings, out of control hormones, and growing bellies but, even stranger, growing feet! Soon enough those adorable little Louis Vuitton’s will be too tight to wear and cushiony, less attractive flats will take their place.

But my feet stopped growing years ago, you say. How could they possibly start to grow now?

Pregnancy and Your FeetWell, as most pregnant women come to realize, walking around with an extra 25-40 pounds can be hard on a woman’s legs and feet. The extra weight can lead to edema, a very ordinary condition in which the superfluous fluid your body retains will be collected in your tissue. Edema will cause your feet to swell and can make getting around difficult and, sometimes, even painful.

However, there is a second, more predominant reasoning behind the apparent growth of pregnancy feet. Relaxin, a hormone that loosens up your pelvis joints to make room for your baby, causes the bones in your feet to spread by loosening your ligaments. So despite what it may seem, don’t think of your feet as growing. Think of them as relaxing, by way of relaxin.

Most women will notice their shoes feeling tight around their second trimester, with a steady increase towards the end of their pregnancy. Although the swelling of your feet will most likely lessen around a month following delivery, the foot spreading of your loosened ligaments will not. The majority of women will usually go up a foot size and remain that way, so be prepared!

If you’re an adamant shoe lover, relax with the knowledge that at least you’ll have to buy a few pairs during your pregnancy. They may focus a little more on comfort rather than style, but with all that swelling the latter won’t seem to matter nearly as much as it used to. No matter what, do not simply squeeze into your old shoes. This can cause numerous issues, such as bunions and corns.

In the end, just remember that it may be best to hold off splurging on those designer heels until you’re done having children. Because no matter how gorgeous they appear on your feet right now, if you intend on having another baby, experienced moms will tell you: your feet will only continue to grow. So, honestly, maybe it’s best to just start focusing on all the adorable shoes you’re going to buy your little one instead!