Our Favorite Newborn Apps

Modern parenting is an amazing thing.  With the thousands of inventions designed to help meet our baby’s needs, keep our baby happy and maintain our own sanity, it makes us wonder how anyone survived without modern parenting luxuries.  And with the mobile age fully in swing, some of the best gadgets to help us care for babies come in the form of apps.  These ingenious inventions add no bulk to your diaper bag, are completely portable, make us smarter and better parents and are often the difference between total chaos and “I’m supermom.”

Today we’re sharing our favorite newborn apps to help you keep your new life with baby on track:

Our Favorite Newborn Apps

Courtesy of Baby Tracker Nursing App

Nursing App – Baby Tracker Nursing App

Put away the nursing journal and pull out this simple app for breastfeeding tracking.  This priceless invention records feeding times, how long your baby nurses and which breast is used during feedings.  It keeps a record of your breastfeeding sessions that you can easily share with a pediatrician or lactation consultant.  Plus, it works for multiples because it allows you to track up to 6 babies at a time.

Growth App – Growth App

This aptly named app is an easy-peasy way of keeping up with your baby’s growth patterns.  After each pediatrician visit, you can enter your baby’s weight, height and head circumference, and let the app graph it for you the same way your doctor does in the office.  The app will show your baby’s growth curve, and also show you templates from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control to see where your baby falls in comparison to other babies around the country and the world.

Shushing App – Baby Shusher

It’s shocking for babies to leave the warm comforts of your womb where they are used to the constant rhythmic sounds of your heartbeat and body.  Now that they are in the real world, they may long for the sounds of home.  Using the Baby Shusher app, you can provide them with a calming shushing sound that adjusts to the volume of their cries to help soothe your baby and encourage sleep.

Our Favorite Newborn Apps

Courtesy of Best Baby Monitor

Monitor App – Best Baby Monitor

Without having to purchase a bulky device, this app allows you to use your iphone as your monitor.  Simply put an iOS device or Mac in your baby’s room and the app will pull up a live camera feed.  You can even talk to your baby through the app, and it will log your baby’s cries, laughs and snooze time.  Perhaps the best part is that you can monitor your baby even when you’re not home.  Rather than asking the babysitter for an update on your baby’s sleep, you can watch it yourself via your phone.

Leaving the House App – Baby Pack & Go

Avoiding explosive parenting “landmines” is often dependent on being prepared. This app keeps a list of everything you need to bring to leave the house with your baby (and older children too) to ensure you’re never without a diaper, burp cloth or binkie.  We all know that just getting out of the house with baby is tough enough so this app relieves the need to remember all the little things you need on-the-go.  It also works well if you travel away from home often with your baby.

Our Favorite Newborn Apps

Courtesy of DayOne App

Journaling App – DayOne App

Who has time to write in a baby book when you’re busy taking care of a baby and the rest of your family?  Use this intuitive app to jot down milestones, exciting adventures and record memories.  You can even include photos from your day.  This precious journal will be a keepsake that won’t eat up your time or cause you lots of anxiety and frustration along the way.

Restroom Finder App – Sit or Squat Restroom Finder

Whether you are about to burst or you need a clean place to change your baby’s diaper, this app is invaluable when you’re out-and-about looking for a restroom.  Not only will you be able to review a map of the closest restrooms, you may also get photos and a “sit or squat” review on the cleanliness of the space.  This is also great when potty training, as toddlers often don’t have the capacity or understanding for holding their bladders for too long.

We hope you find these modern parenting newborn apps helpful.  Happy Apping!