Nursing Essentials for Summer

Nursing Essentials for Summer

Whether you typically feed your baby at home or on-the-go like Danah during a tournament, you need a wardrobe with quick and easy access for nursing and pumping. That does not, however, mean that you have to give up on style. The Loving Moments by Leading Lady style team has put together what we call the stylish mom’s nursing essentials – key pieces that look great, and won’t take 10 minutes to get out of when your baby wants to eat.

Nursing Bras: It is vital to wear a supportive nursing bra at all times, and it can be pretty. Be sure to consider your daily activities when selecting your nursing bras. Various bras are designed for different functions, from everyday, sport, leisure and special occasions. Not only are nursing bras easy and functional, most quality nursing bras are made of breathable, soft fabrics that are comfortable to sensitive breasts.

nursing essentials for summerNursing Cami: While most tops specifically designed for nursing are no simpler than regular shirts, a nursing cami is the exception. Much like a nursing bra, the straps feature clasps that collapse the front, allowing easy access to your breasts and also keeping your belly covered. Nursing camis are terrific as stand-alone tops for day or night, or undershirts for sweaters and cardigans.

Button-Front Tops: Button down shirts are an easy nursing choice because you can access just the area that needs exposure. Pair one of this season’s button down looks with a Loving Moments nursing bralette to add a hint of lace, and you’re in business.

T-Shirts and Sweaters: If you plan to nurse in a regular tee or sweater, select something that is not too tight. If your shirt is loose and has some stretch, you can easily lift it for nursing and drape it over your breast and the baby for discretion. Pair it with a great t-shirt nursing bra.

Wrap Dresses and Tops: If you like to “dress” it up, select wrap dresses. You can easily slip down each side of the top of the dress for nursing without having to remove the entire garment as you would for back or side zip dresses. Wrap tops with a nursing tank underneath are another great option.

Flowing Blouses: This season’s airy styles make great nursing tops because they can be easily lifted up for nursing access.

Have a wonderful and fashionable spring & summer!