Nursery Ideas

Nursery Ideas

Every practiced, new, or soon-to-be mom knows the seemingly un-accomplishable list of preparing for a new baby. There are books to read, classes to take, food to eat, things to buy. And on top of everything there is the planning, preparation and creation of the little one’s future nursery!

Instead of focusing on cute animals, princesses, sports, trains, etc. concentrating on a specific color scheme can make the job a lot easier. If you’re waiting till their birth to know if you’re having a little guy or gal, there are a multitude of unisex outlines to choose from.


For Your Little Lady

While there are numerous baby girl color options, one particular scheme seems to stand out from the rest: grey, blue, yellow, and pink.

Without forcing the traditional baby girl pink onto your little lady, it combines a creative scheme to allow her to grow using her own imagination, with promise for a future pink princess or a sporty little tomboy!


For Your Little Guy

Growing boys are pushed to choose their future course early on in life. Instead of stuffing their room with sports, sciences, and the like, try an American theme! Your little patriot can choose their own path later on. For now? Focus on our simple, much-loved colors!


For Your Little Surprise

If you are waiting to know the gender of your baby, but still wish to prepare their nursery early on, don’t fret! Simply decorate with the colors lime green, navy and citron and your little one’s room will come flawlessly together. These colors are not only unisex, but universally loved!


No matter what colors, prints, or patterns you choose, never stress out over the creation of your child’s nursery. It’s your love and affection that they truly need and will always remember.

Nonetheless, consider adding a loving quote canvas to their wall. It may not mean much to them now, but it will always reveal how you truly feel.