New Year’s Resolution for Moms: Deep Breaths

New Year’s Resolution for Moms: Deep BreathsThis New Year, rather than a list of resolutions that, statistically speaking, you’re probably not going to live up to, why not make one meaningful resolution that you can probably keep, or at least remember it. Deep Breaths. That’s it, that’s the New Year’s resolution for moms that may actually improve your year.

Here’s why the New Year’s resolution for moms to take deep breaths is so important:

Taking deep breaths actually makes your body better and when that happens, you’re a stronger mom. Breathing deeply – the kind that fills and empties your lunges and makes your belly rise – promotes a full exchange of oxygen, which our bodies need for survival, with carbon dioxide, a waste product we want to release.

As blood becomes oxygenated, it energizes every ounce of your body, allowing your cells, tissues, organs and systems to work better for you. Deep breaths especially encourage detoxification through the lymphatic system thereby reducing toxic burden within your body. Of course the natural rhythm of your heartbeat and blood pressure levels stabilize through deep breathing too.

Beyond these incredible biological benefits, there’s another reason you feel better after taking a few deep breaths. You’re releasing endorphins, those incredible “feel good” neurotransmitters that have a positive effect on mental health and emotional well-being. You can trigger endorphins in many ways – exercise, sex, chocolate, music, laughter – but breathing deeply is about as easy as it gets.

Deep breaths also help you stay calm. You’ve heard the advice to take deep breaths and count to five before responding to something stressful. That’s because allowing your body to cool off, even for this short amount of time, will help you better cope with the situation. Whether it’s a fussy baby, diaper blow-out, unruly toddler, frustration with your spouse, traffic, work problem or anything else, a few deep breaths can keep you level-headed and ready to face the issue with clarity and patience.

New Year’s Resolution for Moms: Deep BreathsWomen in particular have trouble taking deep breaths. It may be because women are trained to suck-in to look thinner with flat stomachs. Short chest breathing then becomes a trained behavior and increases tension and anxiety.  As a mom, it’s time to let go of your perfect belly body image and breathe deeply for a more peaceful state.

As if all of these scientific reasons for deep breaths aren’t enough, take this one to heart: now is the time to breathe in your baby. She will grow up so fast – too fast according to most parents. Wherever you are – a happy stage or a frustrating one – breathe in the moment and let it fill you up so you never forget it. These are the memories you’ll want to savor forever.

Happy New Year! We wish you one filled with many deep breaths!

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