My Baby Registry is Driving Me Crazy

Registering for baby gear can give a mom-to-be as much heartburn as, well, anything she eats! But, it doesn’t have to. Take a step back and eliminate the stress with a few easy steps.

First, ask the experts: other new moms. They’ll know of the best simple, yet essential must haves – such as hooks to attach your diaper bag & shopping bags to the stroller – and those items you can do without – wipe warmers, for example.  If your mom friends are too busy changing diapers to weigh in, sites like WeeSpring and Criket’s Cirlce give feedback from lots of moms.  Or turn to those in your Facebook network for advice.

My Baby Registry is Driving Me Crazy   When you’re ready to build your registry list, divide it into the items you need now and those you can wait to receive or purchase later. High chairs are great, but they just take up space for a baby who can’t yet hold her head up. Crib sheets, a diaper bag & a baby bathtub on the other hand, you’ll use right away.

Next, stock up on nursing essentials. A boppy pillow or BreastFriend help mom & baby get into an ideal breastfeeding position, while a great selection of nursing bras and nursing tank tops keep mom comfy & supported. If you’re planning to pump in addition to nurse, don’t forget bottles, a bottle brush and an all-natural, baby-friendly dish soap.

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Adding select layette items to your registry is a great idea, but remember that you’re not the only one who will be buying those adorable teeny clothes. You’re sure to get many onesies, blankets and hooded towels as gifts.  Stick to scanning the items people may not think to buy but you really need like a diaper pail and changing table staples including diapers, wipes and a grooming kit.

Lastly, keep it simple. You may be tempted to register for ever gizmo, swing, bouncy seat & swaddle you see, but wait a beat. Every baby likes different things an you won’t know what yours fancies right away. See if you can borrow or “test drive” the big ticket items from friends before you add them to your list.

Happy registering & happy mommying!