Millennial Moms

Millennial moms are officially taking over motherhood and it’s pretty exciting stuff! Millennials (sometimes called GenY or Next Gen) are those who were born between 1980 and 2005. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that nearly 90% of new moms in 2015 were Millennials. We’re sharing facts about the new wave of moms to see how they are embracing and advancing motherhood.

Millennial moms are having kids at an older age. In 1970, the average age of a new mom was around 22. In 2000 most new moms were approximately 25 years old. Now the average age of new moms is over 26. This may be due to higher educational goals, postponing marriage, rejecting marriage altogether and a greater focus on career.

Millennial moms care more about health and breastfeeding. Fast food and junk food are on the decline now that millennial moms are in charge, but healthy well-balanced meals and breastfeeding are on the rise.

Millennial MomsMillennial moms take pride in parenthood, find it rewarding and think they’re good at it. Perhaps not surprising, this generation of moms who were always given a pat on their backs give themselves kudos about their parenting. They find it to be a big part of their identity – even more important than their marriages – and they enjoy motherhood.

Millennial moms are not afraid of screen time for themselves or their kids. This group of women grew up using email and the internet and social media is a daily part of their lives. In fact, millennial moms spend on average over 17 hours per week on social media. And they also allow their kids to use media more freely than previous generations.

Millennial moms have a variety of parenting influences. Because they are social and online, millennial moms have seemingly endless resources for parenting advice. Moms from all cultures and walks of life exchange tips and ideas regularly over the internet. Also, millennial moms are more likely to incorporate moral causes into their lifestyles – such as green living or buying fair trade products. These alternative ways of parenting diversify the tools that moms have at their disposal and make moms open to a variety of parenting styles.

Millennial moms work differently. Unlike Gen X that strived hard to forge new paths for women in the workforce and challenged male authority at every turn, millennial moms are more satisfied with their jobs. It’s not that they are less smart – more millennial moms are college graduates than any other generation. It’s just that they would rather achieve more work-life balance and enjoy a healthier corporate culture than be paid more. And many millennial moms are choosing more traditional roles by staying home. Others are becoming their own bosses by starting businesses or monetizing hobbies.

Millennial moms like to engage and then disengage. They’re engaging with their kids on new levels due to the vast resources the internet has to offer. Technology is a big part of family life now. Also, millennial moms expect dads to be present and involved. This allows moms some “me time” that is sacred to this generation.

Each new generation brings fresh perspective to parenting and we love what we see from millennial moms!

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