Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a few days away and for expectant moms, you may feel a bit restricted by the little monster, ghost or pumpkin in your belly.  But don’t let your bump trip you up.  In fact, let your belly be a fun part of your costume.  You can still dress in your personal Halloween style, whether that’s sarcastic and ironic, or simple and creative.

We have a ton of easy maternity Halloween ideas that will bring a smile to everyone’s face and keep you in the Halloween spirit.

Maternity Bra:  We love this clever maternity bra costume, but then again, we are partial to bras.  It may look complicated, but with the fabric of your choice, scissors, fabric glue and Velcro, you can easily design and produce your very own maternity bra.  Grab your partner and stuff his belly to match yours.  Then, let your bumps fill the cups.  We guarantee lots of laughs on Halloween night.

Snowman:  When coming up with a maternity Halloween costume, consider options that are naturally round.  A snowman or snow-woman in this case, fits the bill perfectly.  Between your naturally round head, growing breasts and your plump belly, you’ve got the three parts of this costume without much effort.  Wear all white, paint your face (complete with a carrot nose, of course) and fasten some buttons.  Don’t forget the scarf and top hat too!


Bun in the Oven:  From figuratively to literally, this costume is a hilarious way to make a maternity statement.  Bun in the Oven costumes can be purchased or you can make one yourself from a cardboard box.  Just make sure you can get it on and off easily for those non-stop bathroom breaks.

Road Signs:  Sometimes road signs say it best.  We love these two simple yet truthful road sign costume ideas.  For “dangerous curves ahead,” cut the shape out of yellow cardboard.  Then use black marker or adhesive letters for the words and sign outline.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, go for the painted belly “bump” sign.  Just as a road sign should, we bet you’ll attract a lot of attention.

Painted Belly:  Speaking of painted bellies, we have a few more cute maternity Halloween ideas for you to adorn your bump.  The sky’s the limit when having your belly painted but some of our favorites are these two: A pumpkin on the outside covering your pumpkin on the inside is sweet and festive, or pay tribute to your favorite sport or team by dressing your bump as a ball.  Be sure to use non-toxic paint so no unsafe chemicals are absorbed into your skin and you do not inhale any harmful fumes.

Maternity Halloween T-shirt:  If you’re just not in the mood for a full-out maternity Halloween costume, go for a festive t-shirt instead.  You can purchase these online (rush order to get them by Friday!) or you can easily make these yourself using markers, stickers, felt or other fabric cutouts.


Happy Halloween, Moms-to-Be!