Maternity Clothes and Nursing Bras: Loving Moments New Maternity to Nursing Collection

Maternity clothes and nursing bras are now more comfortable, stylish and affordable than ever!

Leisure Sleep BraLoving Moments by Leading Lady recently launched our Maternity to Nursing collection, which features maternity and nursing intimates designed just for an expectant and new mom’s changing shape.  Comfort is the #1 priority in our new line, and we’ve baked in support and style because every new mom, whether she’s still proudly showing off her bump or has recently welcomed her bundle of joy, should look and feel amazing.

Shopping for comfortable maternity clothes that are flexible and functional throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding may have been a less than beautiful in the past.  Well not anymore!  Loving Moments by Leading Lady’s Maternity to Nursing collection is available where moms shop, at Wal-Mart and  This line is not only convenient, but we’re making maternity fashion and nursing bras affordable for all moms, too!

We’ve designed the Maternity to Nursing collection with five essential wardrobe pieces that are simple perfection during pregnancy and breastfeeding:  maternity leggings, a nursing sports bra, a sleep and leisure bra, an active-wear maternity and nursing top and an adjustable maternity support band.  Each piece is made from soft, breathable fabrics that will expand and adjust as you enter each stage of pregnancy and then begin nursing.  Much like your own body is adapting to many changes, our Maternity to Nursing line will follow your lead to help you nurture your baby every step of the way.

As you are preparing for your baby to arrive, you’re probably banking tons of information about breastfeeding to put to good use after your baby arrives.  So you already know that nursing bras are vital for convenient nursing.  But your breasts change throughout pregnancy, too.  It is common for breasts to be extremely sensitive as your hormone levels increase and for breasts expand as they are making room for milk production.  This is just one reason why we’ve designed Maternity to Nursing bras that adjust with you, in the most comfortable way possible.

Maternity TopWe recommend switching to versatile maternity and nursing bras as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable in your regular bras.  Our nursing sports bra and sleep leisure nursing bra, as well as our active-wear top with built-in nursing bra, are perfect transitional pieces because they offer extra space for the most comfortable fit during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  They can also help you stay active and supported as your breasts get heavier.  The maternity and nursing top can be paired with any bottoms, from your favorite maternity jeans, to your coziest pajama bottoms.  We’re positive our leisure bra will be your go-to choice day and night when you need support and relief.  And our innovative nursing sports bra will make getting dressed, working out and nursing a cinch.

Maternity LeggingsWhen it comes to maternity clothes, maternity leggings should be the staple pant in every expectant mom’s wardrobe.  Unlike other brands, our leggings have a no-slip design crucial for moms on-the-go.  These leggings expand beautifully as your belly grows, and adjust as your tummy shrinks post-partum.  Pair these leggings with almost any top – T-shirts, sweaters, dresses and our active-wear Maternity to Nursing top – to be the stylish mom on the block.  We also recommend our adjustable maternity support band with our leggings or any other maternity-wear to support your belly and back during pregnancy and post-partum.

If you’re looking for comfort and style, Loving Moments by Leading Lady is your new destination for maternity clothes and nursing bras.  Join us in simplifying your life by purchasing at your local WalMart or buy online at

Congratulations, new mamas!