Love your Postpartum Body

Love your Postpartum BodyYour body has just been through one of the most amazing phenomena of the human experience: growing a baby and giving birth. It is nothing short of incredible and something that is awe-inspiring to the entire universe.

When you start feeling down about some ideal you may or may not have realized with your postpartum body, remember the extraordinary powers you have of being a mother. And then, pick yourself up and embrace the body that created another life.

We challenge you to love your postpartum body and here are some tips on how you can do it:



Buy New Bras

You’re breastfeeding now so your bras should reflect that in size and functionality. Most moms go up at least one size while they are breastfeeding so it’s essential to buy nursing bras that fit your new breasts. Just like your regular bras, you should select styles that make you feel amazing, whether that’s cute patterns, sexy lace or unbeatable comfort. It’s so hard to love your postpartum body if you’re stuffing yourself into bras that don’t fit and then struggling to remove them every time you feed your baby.

Buy New Clothes

Stop the tear-fest in you closet every morning. You deserve to have clothes that fit your new body. Just because you buy jeans that fit now that you’re a mom doesn’t mean they are “mom jeans.” Even if you size out of the clothes in a few months, you will feel so much better right now and that’s what you need.

Wear a Smidge of Makeup

If you’re terrified of your reflection when you see yourself in the mirror, take 2 minutes to put on a dab of makeup. Even if the only other people seeing you that day are your baby and your husband, do it for yourself.

Wear Postpartum Shapewear

If the flab hanging over your yoga pants bothers you, check out our line of postpartum shapewear including briefs, boyshorts and a nursing tank. These will help smooth your look and wrap you in comfort so you can go about your day with confidence.

Go for a Walk

Getting some fresh air and moving your body can help refresh your attitude. Your brain releases wonderful feel-good chemicals when you exercise, even if it is a stroll. So let your body chemistry work to your advantage while you and your baby enjoy some time outdoors.

Get Some Sleep

This is such as hard one for new moms but sometimes you have to hand the baby to a loved one and take a nap. Your perspective on EVERYTHING, including your postpartum body, will change after you get some zzz’s.

Breastfeed Your Baby

The whole miracle of life thing is never so evident than when you’re breastfeeding. It is the most glorious feeling to hold your baby close and nourish her every need. If your body had to go through all those changes and you spend a few moments resenting it, look down at your baby while she is nursing and know that it was totally worth it.

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