I don’t typically have a fussy baby but she seems to get very cranky in the evening. Is this normal and what should I do?

Mom & BabyHaving a fussy baby in the evening is very common! Not to worry; nothing is out of the ordinary if your otherwise joyful, cooing little bundle of joy has an entirely different temperament later in the day.

Most babies are more irritable in the evenings and may want to nurse more often around that time.  That is called “bunch feeding” because your baby will be nursing every hour late in the day, but then sleeps for a four to six hour stretch.. Extra feedings does not mean your milk supply is low.

If you have a fussy baby in the evenings, try to comfort her using the 5 S’s developed by Dr. Harvey Karp.  He’s the author of the book The Happiest Baby on the Block and advocates Swinging, Swaddling, Shushing sounds, Sucking and placing baby on her Side to calm and soothe.  These S’s replicate baby’s experience in the womb, offering a sense of familiarity and security in what may seem like a great big scary world.

Evening fussiness tends to dissipate when babies are around three months old.  So hang in there and keep in mind that this difficult time is usually very short-lived.

Amy Berry
Amy is a lactation consultant and proud momma of 7 (yep seven!) wonderful children all breastfed and a Loving Moments fan!


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