How to Use a Breast Pump

So you have decided to give breast pumping a try.

This can be an emotional time for a mother, as many believe it to sever the bond that natural breastfeeding has made with their child. But don’t panic – this is one of the most traditional steps of nursing.

For many women, the idea of using a breast pump can seem incredibly foreign. In some cases, even unnatural. Yet, more often than not, it becomes a necessity. Whether your maternity leave is ending, you would like a steady supply of your milk, or your husband simply wants a chance at feeding, having a contained supply of breast milk will definitely come in handy.

But, before you begin, we recommend going through some of the breast pumping steps to have a better idea of the experience you will soon have.


How to Use a Breast PumpHow to use a breast pump

When preparing to use a breast pump, find a quiet, comfortable place and allow yourself a twenty to thirty minute undisturbed time range.



  • Softly massage breasts.
  • Choose the appropriate size of plastic phalange.
  • Position and center the nipple on the plastic phalange.
  • Begin on the breast pump’s lowest setting and slowly increase speed until comfortable. (If your nipples become sore, try a lower suction setting).
  • While wearing your favorite Loving Moments Nursing Bra, pump each breast until breast milk no longer flows.
  • When the milk flow ends, release suction at the breast.
  • Gently rub your nipples and areola with unused breast milk.
  • Transfer the collected breast milk into a clean container or bottle.
  • Label and date the container and refrigerate immediately if you are not planning to use right away.

Make sure to speak with your lactation consultant so they can help to choose the best course of action for you. Every woman is unique and certain nursing pumps and steps may be recommended.

Whatever is decided, it is always important to remember that you should feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe. Find an area where you will not be disturbed or rushed and remember that the best milk production comes from a peaceful environment and a calm mother.