How to Take a Selfie with Your Baby

You’re probably all about taking pictures of your little one these days.  As you’re trying to capture her most adorable expressions, why not jump in a few of them yourself?  You’ll get to show her off plus you’ll have a sweet keepsake image of the two of you together.  It’s a win-win!

Today we’re giving tips on how to take a selfie with your baby:

How to Take a Selfie with Your Baby

Whether your baby is in a happy-go-lucky mood or oh-so-sad one, taking a selfie can be fun and engaging for your baby.  Plus you’ll have a cool pic to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If your baby is happy, emulate her with a big smile of your own.  If she’s making her famous funny face – perhaps roaring like a lion or looking completely surprised – give that pose your best shot.  If she’s pouty or crying, play off her mood with a frown or other humorous reaction to what all your friends and family know is a trying moment.  It actually may reduce your frustration if you can make light of the situation.  And the calmer you are, the better you’ll be able to handle even the fussiest times.

While you may be concerned about your hair, makeup and wardrobe, don’t worry about these hang-ups for your baby.  What could be cuter than a little drool on your baby’s onesie and a disheveled “yeh, I just woke up” hairdo?  When you’re under three, it’s completely acceptable!

A great time to take a selfie is during “first moments.”  First trip to the zoo, first time on an airplane, first time standing on her own – these are awesome opportunities to commemorate with a selfie.  Be sure to get some indication of where you are or what’s happening in the background so the picture will be as meaningful to others as it is to you.

When you’re ready to snap the photo, show your baby the camera or your phone briefly and then extend it out.  She’ll probably be interested in the device, which will make her look in its direction.  Try to position yourselves in a well-lit area so you do not need the flash; it may startle your baby and cause some scared tears.  Remember, a baby’s attention span is pretty short so after a few moments she may get bored of looking towards the camera and release her gaze elsewhere.  If you are using a smart phone camera, try reversing the camera screen so your baby can see herself while you’re taking the picture.  That will engage her attention longer and give you a second shot at the picture.  And if you have a very tech savvy little tot, see if she can press the button herself.  Now that will be a shot to remember!

Some of the best selfies with babies are the most tender, loving moments.  A kiss from mommy to baby, or better yet a kiss from baby to mommy, makes a very sweet picture to share with family and friends.  Or take a picture of yourself breastfeeding your baby as a reminder of the special bond you share during these early years of life.

What to do with all these selfies?  After you share them online, make a collage of the images and hang them in your baby’s room.  She’ll love looking at the two of you together now, and especially as she gets older.  You can also make a photo book to “read” to your baby to remind her of the many fun things you’ve done together.

We can’t wait to see how you take a selfie with your baby!  Share them with us on Facebook!