How to Choose a Breast Pump

How to Choose a Breast PumpFor some mothers, the idea of using a breast pump can seem unnatural and distant. And while there is nothing more beautiful than breastfeeding your child naturally, occasionally time is short and a nursing pump becomes necessary. So whether you are deciding to return to work and would like to leave the babysitter a supply of your milk for feedings, or your husband wants a chance to feed his child, a breast pump will make it possible.

Every mother’s life is different and, in certain cases, a breast pump isn’t needed. But, if the time comes and it is, there are a few key things to know before moving forward.


Breast Pump Options:

There are two main types of breast pumps for a mother to choose from: electric or manual. Both use a phalange that is attached to the nipple to mimic an infant extracting their mother’s milk. It is essential to choose the phalange size that best fits your nipple and place it correctly to prevent any irritation.

For an electric breast pump, the machine does all the work. You simply attach the phalange to your nipple, turn it on, sit back and wait. We recommend purchasing a hands-free pump so you won’t have to maintain the phalange and can read a magazine or book instead. However, it is always wise to have a manual pump in case of a situation where your electrical power source is unavailable.

For a manual breast pump, a squeezing or plunging mechanism is required to extract your breast milk which is then collected in the attached container. It will usually take much longer than an electric pump, although the situation will be completely controlled by the mother.

Either way, make sure to set up a meeting to speak with your lactation consultant prior to purchasing. Every nursing mother is different and specific breast pumps and steps may be suggested that would be best for you.


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