How to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

How to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s DayBaby’s first Valentine’s Day can be just about the most adorable experience in your baby’s first year. From precious outfits and clever crafts, to new traditions and surprising loved ones, you can make this special day one you and your baby will enjoy together spreading happiness and love, of course.

Celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day with big love and some of these fun ideas:

Dress it Up

It’s quite possibly an unspoken parenting rule that you must dress your little one in an adorable outfit on your baby’s first Valentine’s Day. And there are just so many to choose from. In fact, we shared ideas on this very topic yesterday on our blog so check them out and pick something super cute for your baby to wear on the big day.

Decorate your House

From a few touches of red accents here and there, to wall-to-wall decorations, you can get in the festive Valentine’s Day spirit by decorating your house with your baby. Be sure to leave out a few romantic touches for your partner and tidy up the bedroom. Valentine’s Day may not include the glamorous night on the town that it used to but you can bring romanticism into your home with small gestures of love.

Send E-Cards

Getting e-cards warms anyone’s heart but receiving one from a new little baby is the perfect way to show your family’s love. Snap a photo of your bundle of joy and upload it into a sweet Valentine’s Day e-card to send to family and friends.

Bake a Smash Cake

Baking with your baby can be a real blast. Help your little one pour ingredients into a mixing bowl and work together to stir your batter. By making your own cake, you can not only ensure it is healthy for your baby’s delicate body, but also super moist enough for her to smash with delight.

Make a Keepsake Craft

Handprints and footprints are the ideal tools for Valentine’s Day crafts. Make cute heart-prints using your baby’s very own paws on canvas, poster board, cardstock or paper. Your baby will love this sensory experience and you can get your own creative juices flowing with a keepsake craft you can use to decorate your home for years to come.

Surprise Someone with a Visit

Although we’re celebrating a big value – love – Valentine’s Day isn’t actually a day off for most. If you have the opportunity, you and your baby can surprise someone you love with a visit. Perhaps you can deliver chocolates to a neighbor, bake cookies for grandparents or take Daddy to lunch.

Do a Photo Shoot

The traditional holiday photo shoot season may have passed you by but Valentine’s Day is an awesome time for a photo session. What better way to celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day and your family’s love than with a professional or amateur photo shoot so you can make the memories last forever. Be sure to dress in your V-day best and feel free to bring props like oversized hearts, cupid arrows and lots of red lipstick for smooches.

We hope you have a wonderful time as you celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day!

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