Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Baby

Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Baby

Holiday traditions are a wonderful way to add meaning and joy to the season. You probably grew up with a few and so did your hubby. Now that you have your own family there are tons of special holiday traditions to start with your baby. We’re sharing a few of our favorite ideas to get you in the spirit:



Share a Keepsake

Each year of your baby’s life brings new and exciting milestones. Commemorate the years with a keepsake collection that will grow along with your baby. Items may include ornaments, snow globes, angels, stuffed animals, dolls or other collectables. Be sure to date each one so you and your little one can look back at the treasures in years to come.

Cruise Holiday Lights

Babies, children and adults alike enjoy beautiful holiday lights. Take a scenic joy ride to view some of the best light displays in your area. Bright and colorful twinkles along with elaborate scenes will surely dazzle your little one.

Bake Together

Even the littlest family members can help bake delicious holiday treats if you prepare in advance. Pre-measure ingredients and let your baby help you pour them into a big bowl. Then let her stir up the mixture. While you’re putting on the finishing touches and popping your scrumptious dessert in the oven, secure your baby in her high chair with some fun cooking scraps and utensils.

Read a Holiday Story

Select a book that is meaningful to your family’s holiday season and make a point to read it each year. At the beginning it may be too advanced for your baby and by the time your kids are teenagers they may roll their eyes at it. But this tradition of reading together symbolizes togetherness and enrichment for your family.

Build a Gingerbread House

Engineering and food meet when you engage the entire family in a gingerbread house construction project. Consider non-traditional designs that allow your baby to get creative with icing and candies. But do be careful about small pieces that may be choking hazards.

Send a Holiday Card

Surely you’re not shy about sharing photos of your adorable baby. Sending a holiday card is one of the most acceptable ways to show off your baby’s undeniable cuteness while also sharing holiday greetings with loved ones.

Deliver Holiday Cheer

Involve your baby in delivering holiday cheer to friends, family, neighbors and community helpers. Little ones are excellent at sorting and putting items into bags or containers. This is an early stage of teaching your children the value of giving.

Incorporate Your Family Traditions

You and your husband likely each have fond memories of holiday traditions from your childhoods. Select one or two from each of your families and incorporate them into your holiday season, especially if they have historical or cultural significance to your heritage.

Holiday traditions to start with your baby should be personal and meaningful. We wish you a warm, festive and special holiday season!

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