Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas Does your child have an October birthday? With ghostly ghouls and creepy crawlies, a traditional Halloween party can be frightening for certain kids, especially with games that include a haunted basement or a backyard zombie hunt.

Instead of focusing on a spooky Halloween theme, plan a kid-friendly party! With fun, easy participation games and delicious treats, your guests will leave with smiles and goody bags instead of wide eyes and Halloween frights!

Halloween Party Games

Costume Contest

Encourage guests to let their imaginations shine in their costumes with the promise of a contest and plenty of exciting prizes! Wait till the end of the evening to line up the kids and give out prizes. But, instead of focusing on a first, second, and third place, plan ahead and create a prize for each child such as: funniest costume, prettiest costume, more creative costume, etc. Let everyone go home with a fun prize, whether they include goody bags with their title inside or little trophies you can purchase online!

Mummy Wrap

Have each child partner up with another and allow them to choose who gets to be the mummy! The other will be given a roll of toilet paper to wrap their partner in; have everyone line up and see who can use up all of their toilet paper first! This can be a dizzying game so make sure to stand by and keep watch!

Bobbing for Apples

This October classic is a necessity for any Halloween party, whether it be planned for kids or adults! Fill up a few tubs full of water and apples and time your guests for two minutes! See how many apples they can pull out with their teeth! Make sure to keep towels at the ready: you’ll need them!

**With extra time, consider letting each child pick out one of the apples they pulled to create a caramel apple treat!

Halloween Crafts & Treats

Caramel Apple Craft

Have each child choose one of the apples they bobbed for earlier in the day to create a treat all their own!


Granny Smith Apples

Wooden apple sticks (can be found at most craft stores)


Toppings, such as M&M’s, Sprinkles and Reese’s Pieces

Wax paper

Cookie Sheet


Wash each child’s apple before allowing them to decorate! Microwave the caramel in a large, microwave-safe bowl in short intervals (stirring in between) until it is melted and soft. While the caramel is melting, assist your guests with inserting the wooden sticks into their apples. Next, allow each child to dip their apple in the caramel until it is well-coated and then encourage them to press as many toppings on as they can fit! The caramel will harden quickly so once the toppings are on, place each apple on a parchment lined baking sheet to harden. (Always check with parents about food allergies before creating a caramel apple station.)

Paper Plate Spiders

Do you have an ever growing pile of paper plates? Consider using them for a fun Halloween craft that the kids can take and hang at home!


Children’s activity paint

2 paper plates per child (preferably small sized)

Pipe cleaners to match the colors of paint (4 per child)

Different sizes of googly eyes

Elmer’s glue

Hole Punch

Children’s scissors

String, yarn or ribbon


Paint brushes


Have the kids paint the bottoms of their two paper plates completely and allow them time to dry. Once dry, have them safely cut their pipe cleaners in half to make eight. (Make sure to always supervise while using scissors.) Next, have them bend down all of their pipe cleaners to create spidery legs! Help to staple each pipe cleaner half to the inside of their paper plate, 4 on each side. Then staple the plates together on the top and bottom to hold the spider body together. From there, have each child glue googly eyes all over the front, as many as they like! If you’re looking to include some interactive learning, explain that most spiders have eight eyes and eight legs. Finally, punch a hole at the top and attach about a 12 inch string for them to hang up at home!

Goody Bags:

What’s a Halloween party without candy? Make sure to end the festivities by sending all of your guests home with goody bags full of sweets and treats!

What you’ll need:

Any candy you like!

Directions: Whether you would like to purchase premade goody bags or create your own, make sure to write each child’s name on their specific bag. Always check with parents about food allergies and stock each goody bag accordingly.

Don’t scare your guests away with spooky games and creepy treats! Plan ahead and entertain your young guests with the kid-friendly games and crafts you know they’ll love!