Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

Tomorrow is Halloween and the festivities are sure to be nothing short of spooktacular! The neighborhood kids will be running about, the eerie fog machines will be hazing the street, and the old sidewalk will be littered with new and delicious candy!

But what about your yard?

The kids’ costumes may be ready and a few bags of candy may be spilled into the bowl, yes, but without a few spooky decorations your house will look like a boring black shadow compared to the rest.

Don’t worry! Luckily there are a few quick and easy Halloween decorations that will bewitch the crowds and light up the night!


Halloween Decoration Ideas


The Hanging Lights

Eerie and bright, these cheap and easy decorations will sure to cause pause to every trick-or-treater that rings your doorbell!


You will need:


Water Balloons


Stockings (Nylons)



Simply fill each water balloon with a few 9pre-cracked and glowing) glowsticks and water and tie the end tight! Slip each balloon into a stocking and hang from any tree branches in your yard! Cheap, quick, and easy, the Hanging Lights are always a crowd pleaser!



The Glowing Eyes

Creepy critters are all through the night on Halloween! Frightfully fun, these DIY glowing eyes will add an unnerving edge to your Halloween decorations!


You will need:


Toilet Paper Rolls






Using either a stencil or your own creativity, draw cut-out eyes on one side of your numerous toilet paper rolls. Cut out the eyes and discard. Next, crack each glow stick until it is glowing bright! Tape each glowstick inside the various rolls. And that’s it! Stick them in your bushes and watch your trick-or-treaters scream with delight!



The Bright Little Pumpkin

Cute, bright, and smiling, these glowing pumpkin cups are a must have for any Halloween yard! Line them up down your driveway to lighten each trick-or-treaters way!


You will need:

Orang plastic cups

Black permanent marker

Battery operated tea lights



Perhaps the easiest of all Halloween decorations, simply draw a pumpkin face on each cup with the permanent marker, turn on tea lights, and stick underneath! Caution: do not use real candles or cups will melt.


We’re sure you can’t wait to get started! With such quick and easy décor options, your house will be glowing with personality tomorrow night!