Hair Tips for New Moms

Hair Tips for New MomsIf you’re like most new moms, you’re pulling out clumps of hair every time your brush or shampoo. What’s that all about? Your hair was in a major growth period during pregnancy but now your hormones have triggered a release of the strands that made your hair look so full and lustrous just a few months ago. Between hair loss and general exhaustion, bad hair days may feel like the norm with a baby.

Check out these hair tips for new moms to help you look top notch in your new role as mom:

Cut Wisely

The emotions of pregnancy can make you want to do drastic things to your hair like cut it all off or get a super trendy do. But after your baby arrives you may regret the decision, especially if it requires a lot of styling to look halfway decent. Keep changes to a minimum until you see what motherhood will be like for you. As you decide on the right cut for you, ask your stylist for some ideas that will work with your natural hair texture so you don’t always need to blow and style it.

Long is OK

Many new moms think they should have shorter hair to make it easier to manage. But being able to wear a pony tail or throw your hair into an up-do with a claw clip quickly is a major advantage.

Wash Less

Washing your hair every day is probably not necessary (unless it got doused in major spit-up). You can train your hair to become less oily by gradually extending the days between washes. And on days when you need a boost, try dry shampoo.

Wisp Away

It’s normal for new moms to have baby wisps in the front as hair begins to grow back, but you may not enjoy the way it looks. Slick back the wisps with serums or gel, or wear a headband to keep them down.

Take your Prenatal Vitamins

Your OBGYN probably advised you to continue taking prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding to support the nutritional needs of you and your baby but they are also great for your hair. Along with a wholesome diet, you can nourish your hair with vitamins and minerals through supplements.

Invest in a Great Hairdryer

It may seem absurd to spend hundreds on a hairdryer but if you really want to save time and reduce damage on your hair, you can get a salon-quality hairdryer. It will work faster and help maintain moisture in your hair. Holiday gift, anyone?

Keratin Treatment

For easier blowouts you may want to consider a keratin treatment that will nourish and straighten your hair.

To Color or Not

While color may add some va-va-voom back into your hair, maintaining it every 6-8 weeks may be too much of a commitment. If you do decide to color your hair, don’t stray too far from your natural color to give yourself a little wiggle room if you can’t get to the salon as often as you’d like.

Wishing all our new mom friends excellent hair days to come!

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